Black Widow

this story is about a girl who thought she found her true love but she didn't. She was so scared of black widows, but when she found her real true love, was a very surprising thing to her, her family, and to the academy


6. The truth about Carlos

Headmaster Hellsing and Carlos yelled "Ray, don't!!!" They saw the guy stabbed me from behind, I didn't scream, I howled in pain, Carlos saw the part of wolf was gone forever. I was half immortal, I got up and went after the girls, Carlos grabbed me and we disappeared, we were in a room, I tried to leave then he slapped me, then I stared at me coldly, he said "This is for your own good." He left and locked the door, I stayed in the darkest corner, where the sun doesn't touch, when Carlos came with a plate of food, I didn't touch it, Carlos saw in my eyes that there was fear and no trust. Carlos came close to me, I got on the bed to sleep, then he begged "Please eat for me," I didn't look or answer him, I got up and asked "Can you bring an instument, please?" He look at me, so cheerfully. At dinner time, it was the full moon, Carlos came in with a violin, I started to play a beautiful sad song, Carlos started see how music was my life,  Headmaster heard me playing the violin. I looked at the moon every night, then one night Carlos bought a gift. I looked at the moon, how it was beautiful, I heard him and a girl's voice, when he opened the door. The girl said "So, where is this monster?" I came out of the dark, Carlos said "My love, this is not a monster but a very beautiful creature," I didn't like what was going on, she said "So, tell me miss, do you love my fiancee?" I was shocked, I looked at him, I saw so much hatred. I started to feel something taking over me, when I busted out where he kept me hidden, it was daylight, then the school saw me with big dark wings. I said "It doesn't matter now, I wish you good luck and congratulation," I left somewhere else, Carlos didn't want see to my face ever again. When I saw an old library, I went inside, I felt a presence of someone, I tried to elbowed them in the face, then a man saw my move so he bit my wrist. I looked at him, I fell to my knees, he tried to help me, I said "Please, I don't need help," I got up then fell backward. He said "You're weak," he carried me to a dark velvet room, I saw a bed, he lied me down, I slept nearly for 3 weeks. When he checked up on me, I wasn't in bed, he looked next to the closet, I looked at him, he asked "What's your name?" I didn't answer for couple of minutes then I answered "I'm Ray Sanchez," he picked me up, I tried to get away from his grip.

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