Black Widow

this story is about a girl who thought she found her true love but she didn't. She was so scared of black widows, but when she found her real true love, was a very surprising thing to her, her family, and to the academy


5. Scarficing my life

I said "Get out now!!" They started to smirking, then one by one, they were coming at me, Carlos was about to stop except my brother said "Don't," they were so shocked, Carlos said "How can you be so cold?!" the girl really thought he was going to let them kill me, then he said "Ray, kill them !!" Then I transformed into a half beast who walks during the full moon and then my other half was a beast who's thirsting for blood. I started to break every bone in their bodies, then I collapsed, I turned a fully beast, a werewolf. Then the whole school especially Carlos was surprised, when a new school year started, I stayed in the darkness in my dorm, since Headmaster Hellsing made the school have roommates. When my roommate came in, I asked "What are you doing here?" She got scared, then she said "I'm Anna Cortez, I'm your roommate," I didn't like having roommate, the girls had sympathy for her, Anna asked "Why are you sorry?" They would say "You poor thing, you're roommates with a monster." Then she asked me "Why do they call you 'monster'," I didn't answer her quickly then I heard footsteps coming down the hall, the girls were going to play a prank on us. When I opened the door, I was covered in blood, I looked at the girls, they started to run, I ran after them, then I saw a guy came out the shadow. It wasn't Carlos, it was a stranger, I saw a gun, so I jumped out of the window. I caught the girls, they started to scream.

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