Black Widow

this story is about a girl who thought she found her true love but she didn't. She was so scared of black widows, but when she found her real true love, was a very surprising thing to her, her family, and to the academy


8. My true form

I started to grow wings, then he said "Ray, what's hap-" he saw the coldness in my eyes, then I said "I wonder if my family saw the light." Everyone was surprised, I looked at the moon I said "It's so beautiful," I left outside, when my brother, my sister, and my father came, my brother said "Long time, no see," my sister hugged me tightly, my father asked "Are you the people who tried to hurt the daughter of the king?!" Carlos was surprised, then his brother said "Your majesty, I'm Alfonso Cortez," I didn't want to cry, then I said "Father, I love Alfonso, may I marry him?" Alfonso asked "May I?" My father said "You have my blessing, let the ceremony take place at the next full moon." In 3 weeks, I married Alfonso, Carlos was with Andrea for the rest of his life. When the wedding was over, Alfonso came in while I was undressing, he came up and said "I love you, Ray," he kissed me then we started to have sex. We had a baby girl, we named her Summer, she was so precious to us, we are the family of the dangerous group called the 'Black Widow'.

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