Black Widow

this story is about a girl who thought she found her true love but she didn't. She was so scared of black widows, but when she found her real true love, was a very surprising thing to her, her family, and to the academy


7. Am I falling in love with him?

Then he kissed me, I tried to get away from him, he lead me to a room with a grand piano, and I looked at him, then went to sit on the stool. He asked "Do you play?" I nodded, I started to play a song that I made and started to sing, I stop, he saw a tear, he look so worry I started to cry, he hugged me and I apologized to him. He said "Don't apologize," when I started where I left on, he look so happy then Carlos came in and said "Who's pla-" He choked on his words when he saw me, I started to back away from the piano, he said "Ray, brother, why is she here?" I hid myself behind him, when he saw how scared I was, he said "Because I let her stay," Carlos saw how his own brother was attached to me, then he said "You know that this girl almost tries to make someone who I was engaged with, hate me." His brother didn't believe it, when I felt a sharp pain in my heart, he said "What the hell is wrong with you, Andrea?!" I saw the woman who was very pissed, I started to screamed "STOP PLEASE!!" Then Andrea said "I don't want you near him," I started to look at Carlos' brother, then I started to said "I'm tired of this bullshit!" Andrea back away a little bit, then I transformed into something I kept inside for a very long time.

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