Maybe I Should

This is a poem I wrote about my step-father.


1. Maybe I Should

I don’t hate you

Despite the names

And the

played games

that linger in my head

as you lay there

in your bed

at night

and i have to fight

to try not to cry

or make a sound

and hope that you

don’t come around

because even though you’re my

main source of pain

i suck it up

but guess what

i really just wanna give up

just leave me alone

stop taking my phone

i need it to stay here

why don’t you just go

drink another beer

and act so


i bet you actually will

and go catch you some more fish

to fry up

while i try to dry up

all my tears

i mean

that’s all you ever do anyways

as my life is spent

in a haze

like this big maze

that i can’t escape

i wish i could just wear a cape

and fly far away

from your ways


don’t call my mom a whore

could you at least

give back my door

stop calling me these things

then acting like you have wings

don’t say i’m the one at fault

i’m sorry

but you just keep pouring salt

into my wounds

and it hurts

even though you

‘don’t mean to’


no i don’t hate you

but maybe i should

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