"Sad stuff makes beautiful poetry, but it's not so pretty to live with." [-Merecat]
*For the Dear Diary Competition*
(I recommend anything beyond 'Tumbling Ash' for the rest is a mess of nonsense words that hold no character, no story and absently fill the page)


54. Friendly Flirts


Okay, I'm mad.

I feel like I'll look down and my arm will be tinged green like muddy lily pads,

and that I'm suddenly gaining muscles the size of five watermelons.


It seems the next big thing,

on Facebook,

for someone to say some absurd thing like:

"Can a boy and girl be best friends and not date?

Like for yes,

Comment for no."


I get that can be harmless and all 'fun and games'

but it's when the amount of comments surpasses the likes that

I get really,

really annoyed.


When, in the culture of today's society,

has it been seen for a girl and a boy

(or a boy and boy or girl and girl, gay people are included too)

to become best friends and because

of their friendship,

they're fate is to date in some months or years time?

When did all the couples become those pairs of people that joked around years

before they felt romantically towards each other?


Just because you like the same thing as your best friend,

just because you have inside jokes or you just joke around anyway,

just because you see them everyday (usually due to school),

just because you're really close



You know what,


it can happen sometimes which is completely fair enough.

A pair of best friends do end up liking each other,

and they begin to date,

or they don't because they don't want to ruin their friendship but they still

like each other.

That is okay,

that's totally fine.


But it's when best friends are expected to date because of the things they share in common

or they're level of friendship,

that is when it isn't okay or fine or acceptable in any way.


It can put pressure on the people,

it can annoy them,

it can make a friendship seem awkward with the constant bombard of

"you guys would look cute together"

"why aren't you guys dating yet"

"you guys should so date, you're like meant for each other"


Maybe they just want to be friends.

Maybe they like each other and don't want to say anything,

so you're just making them panic that someone will say something.

Maybe they just want to people

to shut up

and stop with the stupidity.




-14th August 2015

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