"Sad stuff makes beautiful poetry, but it's not so pretty to live with." [-Merecat]
*For the Dear Diary Competition*
(I recommend anything beyond 'Tumbling Ash' for the rest is a mess of nonsense words that hold no character, no story and absently fill the page)


47. Echoing Happiness


I haven't feel this way in such a long time,

this weird swirling pool of gliding happiness that causes

a blissful giddiness.


When those small smiles just lift the corners of your lips

in the most random of places,

at the most strangest of times.


yet waiting,

your brain rolling the constant film clip of

rolling basketballs and muddy shirts and it just makes you



I feel like today has been quite a big step.

I've managed to join together two groups,

to unite people

and also I'm beginning to realise how irrelevant school drama is.


It makes me laugh that people get so worked up about

snide comments, idle gossip, rude snaps


as soon as you leave that cement block

none of those things will ever apply to you again.


The fake girls with hair extensions dangling over their bags,

that act like they own the school and the boys,

who say things when you aren't there

will disappear as soon as you that last bell chimes through the

sweet summer air.


I'm just waiting on that day,

when the chaotic mess of economic crisis and crumbling society

drops upon my shoulders.

Knowing that the looming weight of the actual world is now ready

to snatch my frantic body in it's skeleton fingers

but at the same time knowing

that this petty drama which seems to wrench my gut,

those lies that circulated,

will vanish into the lifeless breeze of the polluted air.


Because school is just a miniature chapter,

a few words on a giant page,

and people forget that this will just go.

It won't linger,

it won't follow you because reality doesn't have time

for all this nonsense.

It will crush those who act horrible

within a few seconds.


This world is full of much worse things than school lies,

my dear,

and that should always be known.


-Monday 13th July

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