"Sad stuff makes beautiful poetry, but it's not so pretty to live with." [-Merecat]
*For the Dear Diary Competition*
(I recommend anything beyond 'Tumbling Ash' for the rest is a mess of nonsense words that hold no character, no story and absently fill the page)


60. Depressive Discussions


To anybody talking to someone suffering with depression:


Be patient.

Act like you have endless amounts of time and that the constant ticks of clock hands do not worry you because

this person's mental state is far more important then lazily checking your social media.


Do not be scared.

I assure you, from the very depth of my heart, that the person having to experience all this mortifying things

is more scared then you will ever be because right now

they are the ones who look up at their curtain rails and picture a noose created from a make-shift scarf,

they are the ones who don't see a pencil sharpener as a creative tool but instead a

blade of mass destruction,

a weapon so small yet so deadly that could satisfy their craving to cause themselves intense pain.


They cannot be cured by your words.

Simply telling them that they will get through it,

that everything will be okay,

sounds like some sort of tiresome lecture you want to fall asleep in because this person has been told this before

by everyone.

Someone told them six months ago it would be okay,

but six months later they still have a grey screen over their eyes as they stumble blindly through each day.

To them,

okay is a fantasy, make-believe,

a shimmering fairy tale that could never possibly be achieved because it seems too much of a myth.


But use your words creatively.

Tell them they are all you care about, that they are the thing that shines through in your life,

tell them that you see they are the darkness but they make your life the brightest and without them you would be

forever in the shadows.

Tell them that they are a flower and people are happily plucking their petals like nothing is wrong,

but they still have a petal left and they are still just as beautiful as ever.

Tell them they are your stars, your sun, your moon,

and you are the sky,

you would be endlessly barren and bare if they weren't there to cover you.

Tell them that you would feel like the echoing pit they feel in your stomach and tell them that

a pencil sharpener should be used to express your imagination,

to draw their fairy tale 'okay' and instead of leaving battle wounds,

let them leave fingerprints smudged in ink and paint splashes on desks.

Let them colour this world and fill it with their ideas because without them, everyone would fall

to grey and we would drift into colourless waste.


Tell them they're mark has not been set on the world and until every inch of this planet is covered

in their masterpieces,

they will not leave.


Tell them you love them.

Because despite love being controversial and mystical,

it can be the greatest gift you could ever give and it only consists of four letters.

Love warms the heart and it can melt the ice that fills their

frozen veins.


-8th September 2015

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