Fire and Light


1. school

"Sailor! Get up for school!" My mom yelled from below. I threw a pillow at my door and slid out of bed. After talking a shower, I pulled my long golden hair into a sporty pony tail. Mascara surrounded my bluish-grayish eyes, and I put lip balm on my red lips. I pulled on some skinny jeans, put on a T-shirt, and ran out the door. "Honey, your bag!" My mom yelled from the door way, I groaned and ran back in the house. By the time I made it to school, I was twenty minutes late, I shouldn't have stayed up reading till midnight... I thought as I walked into class.

Being in eighth grade wasn't that bad, at least I lived five minutes walking distance from the school. I spotted Zack across the room, I blushed and sat in my seat, "negative three point eight nine 'X'..." My math teacher blabbed on.

"Allie," I whispered to my best friend. Allie was messing with her shoulder length blonde hair, she looked at me. "When did you-know-who transfer to our class?" I asked her referring to Zach.

"When you were gone on Friday, besides, I think he transferred here because-"

"Girls!" My teacher said sharply interrupting Allie, "what have I told you about talking in class?" She glared at us for a moment, then went on. After class, Allie and I went to our separate classes. When lunch came around, we walked to her house, and started to make food. "Did you hear about the camping trip?" I asked Allie while chewing my sandwich.

"What trip?" She replied.

"My dad is taking you and me to a beautiful forest! And we are going to spend the night, my dad will go home, then pick us up in the morning!"

"That will be awesome! Are sleeping in a tent?"

"This is the best part, we are sleeping on sleeping bags outside!"

"Are you telling me that we are going to be sleeping exposed in a forest?!"

"Why is that so bad?"

"What if a bear eats us?!?!"

"Come on, you aren't being realistic! Please, just do it for me? It's my birthday trip." I looked at her pleading.

"Fine, but just this once." She stood up, and we walked back to school.

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