Chained and Insecure

I wrote this poem when I was feeling down. It was a way of getting out my emotions.


1. Written on 5th November 2012...

Please break my chains.
Fill my heart with joy.
Hear me cry for help.
Heal me please heal me.

I am going to explode.
I need to go, the,
Earth trembles, and,
The mountain shakes.

I find it hard,
I'm all by myself,
How am I supposed to cope, 
When I feel insecure.

Don't know if I'm strong enough,
To face the world alone,
Don't know how I'd cope without,
The place that I call home.

I could wait forever for bad,
To become good,
I could wait forever to be heard,
Listened to, understood.

I find it hard,
I’m all by myself,
How am I supposed to cope,
When I feel insecure.

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