Always In My Heart

This poem was written about my little brother Jamie who was stillborn.


1. Written on 14th October 2013...

Jamie Lee White,
You are so bright,
Shining in the sky,
Like a firefly.

God chose you,
And he has a plan,
I believe him,
So it must be true.

We lost a prince,
10 years ago,
But heaven gained an,
Amazing little boy.

Your spirit Jamie,
Is alive in me,
I love you so much,
I think everyone will agree.

Physically I never met you,
But you have always been in my heart,
Since that day when you came to the world,
But were physically gone.

God told me,
He set you free,
So you let go of that pain,
And you still remain,
In my heart, forever,
And ever Jamie.

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