Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


4. Zeke Sanders

Zeke Sanders' POV
Hey. I'm Zeke Sanders. Official nerd of Sunnyside High School in Texas.
I have sandy blonde hair that was neatly combed to the right side of my head, hazel brown eyes and pale skin. I'm also scrawny which makes me weaker than the other boys in the school.
"Hey Zekie!" Someone called. I knew that voice anywhere.
It was Joe Brown, jock and king of the school. At least thats what he says.
"Where's my home work, Sanders?" he asked with a smirk on his face.
I gulped and replied shivering. "U-m W-w-well. I-i-i'm done it, Joe. B-but I-"
"So you're not finished it?!" He yelled straight at my face. His friends behind him snickered.
"No-no! I-I'm done it. I-i just ne-" Before I could finished, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.
His punch was so hard it almost made me spit out my guts.
"Hey!" A voice yelled. It looked like Joe heard it too and turned to where the voice came from. A scrawny, yet good looking guy was standing there.
He looked like a latino santa's elf with curly wavy dark brown hair, brownish hazel eyes.
"What do you think you're doing." He said angrily. Joe smirked stood up and walked to the guy.
"What do you want scrawny?"
The guy spit his gum out of his mouth to the ground.
"Pick on somebody your own size." Joe chuckled. "Like you?" He swung an arm to the boy's stomach, but surprisingly he blocked it.
"What?! Let me go!" The boy smirked and punched Joe's face. After listening to Joe's nose crack, he turned to Joe's buddies. "Who's next?" No one said anything. The guy smirked and walked away, whistling a happy tune.
-time lapse-
Rumors spilled quickly about a scrawny kid punching the lights out of Joe.
I learned that the guy's name was Leo Valdez and was almost arrested for burning a car down.
Today, I was walking home from my last period and saw Joe, his friends and Leo alone in the front doors.
"Well if it isn't Lion." Leo smiled. "Thanks. Lions are strong and fierce aren't they? That means I am too."
Joe glared at him. "That's not what I meant loser! What are you doing all alone here? Waiting for your 'friends'?"
"Acctually, yes."
Joe laughed. "Yeah right. Bet you're just making that up."
Leo shooked his head. "Nope. Here they come right now!"
4 cars came rolling up the parking lot. One was a seagreen masersti spyder, the other was a electric blue ferrari, another one was a bloody red mustang and the last one was a pearly white mustang.
Once they parked, out came model-like teenagers.
From the spyder came out a tanned muscular guy with jet black hair and seagreen eyes. The other was a girl with blonde princess hair and stormy grey eyes.
From the blue ferrari was a blonde tanned guy with electric blue eyes, a hot girl with tanned skin and colorful eyes, a girl with raven black hair and electric blue eyes.
From the red mustang was a buff guy with black hairand brown eyes, a girl with dark skin, frizzy dark brown hair and golden eyes. A pale guy with black hair and pale skin.
And from the pearly white mustang was a girl with light brown hair and caramel brown eyes.
Leo smiled and gestured then to come. "Joe these are my friends and girlfriend Calyspo."
Joe's jaws drop. "N-no way," he pointed a finger a Calyspo. "sh-she can't be your girlfriend! How could a scrawny weak kid like you get a girlfriend? !"
Leo shrugged. "All the girls love me." Calyspo punched him playfully. Leo kissed her.
The guy with electric blue eyes glared at Joe. "So you're the guy that keeps on bullying our friend?"
Joe whimpered at the glare. "Y-yeah. So?"
The guy with sea green eyes went forward. "If you do it again, I would rip your head off and feed it to lions." The girl with stormy gray eyes held him back. "Percy. Don't."
Leo went beside Percy and said, "It's okay, man. I survived it. We have to go now. See ya Joe!" Then he noticed me.
"Bye Zeke! " I waved goodbye. That's how I learnt that you don't have to be popular to get friendsn

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