Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


17. Tony Jones

I am Tony Jones, a sophomore. I have auburn hair and striking blue eyes. I'm not the type you call 'popular'. I'm actually, as the popular kids like to call, low-life, idiotic nerd. I get bullied everyday by my personal bully, Trent Doyle. His huge, buff body and his green selfish and cunning eyes scares me. Being bullied is tough and hard. Yes, I get help from counselors and therapist. They don't really help me. It's hard living this life everyday. You wake up, thinking about all the violence you're gonna face. You just wish it would end. I want it to end. I want it to end now.
I shivered as I hid my pocket knife in my bag. I glanced at everyone around me, making sure they didn't see my knife. I was in a hallway in EastBridge High School. I passed dark blue lockers and students who ignore me. Hopefully, Trent won't see me. I took a right turn, leading me to some stairs that leads to the roof. I open the doors, smelling the fresh air. The school roof, my favourite hiding spot. A place where I can enjoy peace. Where I can avoid my life. I sigh and walk towards a large greenhouse. I opened the doors, seeing all the green plants and feeling the warmth. I took off my jacket, placing it on a table. I also place my bag on the table, grabbing my pocket knife from the inside.
I open it, seeing the sharp blade shine. I roll up my sweater and sigh. I slice my wrist a little. Feeling the pain, I exhaled sharply. I try to ignore it. Besides, I feel more pain living my miserable life. Blood slowly poured out of the cut. I place my 'suicide note' on the table. The blood starts to pile up. Good. I walk outside and pour a bit of blood on the roof, making from the greenhouse to the roof door. I wipe the rest of my blood on my shirt. Tears formed in my eyes. I run to the edge of the roof and looked down. Estimation, about 90-100 meters from the roof to the ground. I climbed on to the edge and sigh. I wait, sitting there, thinking about my choice. Should I really do this? Do I really wanna take my life away? Do I really want to die? These thoughts were running around my mind. A shout comes from the ground. I look down seeing a blue headed girl (she probably dyed it) pointing up to the roof; to me. Other students gather around her pointing, shouting and whispering. Three students caught my eye.
The Big Three. Percy, Thalia and Nico. The three most popular kids in school. I never knew them, but they once saved me from Trent. They say they are related, cousins. They all had black hair, but with different styles. Percy had longish wind-swept black hair, Thalia had her's spiky and Nico's is long and silky. Percy had sea-green eyes, while Thalia had electrifying blue eyes and Nico had dark eyes, looking like a pit. Anyways, I saw them walking towards the crowd. Nico understood what the crowd was saying and looked up. He pointed at me and motioned the other two to look. I could tell Thalia was angry and shocked. Why? She ran towards the building, climbed up (how the hell did she do that?) and pushed me to the roof. I landed with a thud.
“What the f*ck, Tony?!” My eyes were now red, my cheeks were puffy. I was speechless. I heard the roof door open and Nico and Percy came in. They both went beside Thalia, who was glaring at me. Percy stepped forward.
“What the Hades were you doing?” He says. I opened my mouth, no words came out.
“Speak now, Tony.” said Nico, looking concerned.
“I-I-I was just. I-I wasn't. I-I-I wanted to-”
“Were you trying to take your life away?” Percy asks. My mouth closed. I nodded without blinking my eyes. Thalia grabbed my shirt and raised me up to my feet, just one inch taller than her.
“You know your life is precious right?” She starts, “You have a great life ahead of you. So what if Trent calls you a nerd? You know what nerd means to me and my friends? Intelligent and succesful human beings! You are a human, Tony. Trent needs to treat you like one! Trent. HE'S the one who will not be succesful when he grows up. So be proud of who you are! Live your life! Go to college, move to your own place, start a family. And in the end, you won't regret it.” So I did. Now, I'm the Headmaster of the new architecture school in Virginia. I have found my beautiful and perfect match when I was in college. Turns out, cute chicks dig a guy who can cook and read books. I have a beautiful family of six including me. Britanni, my wife, who was a full-time fangirl in her teenage years, had dirty blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes. I have four kids. Tobias my oldest, Dean, Stiles and Hermione my youngest. I was finally happy but I have never forgotten the message Thalia gave me.

| | | | Yes, it's short. I wrote this story for those kids who have suicidal thoughts. May God bless them and wash their bad thoughts from their minds. (I'm Catholic)..
Trisha xoxoxo

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