Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


16. Tobias Jones

I walked into my Greek Mythology Class just after the bell rang. Students started filing in. I noticed my two best friends, Luke and Zach at the back to the class room, talking quietly.

"Hey Luke. Sup, Zach." Luke turned to me and smiled.

"Hi Tobias." Luke and Zach Jackson were twins, co-captains of the Goode High Swim team. They both had midnight black hair, Zach's hair style was short and was pulled up while Luke's were messy and looked like it hasn't been combed for days. They both had sea-green eyes, like different colors of blue and green mixed together in a circular bucket. I sat down beside Zach and placed my back-pack under the desk. The teacher, Mr Graceffa barged in.

"Alright. Turn to page 53 of your text book." He demanded, glaring at the class. I got out my 'Greek Myths' book and turned to the right page.

"Do you guys wanna go to the movies today? Maybe we could watch the Avengers." I asked them quietly Luke chuckled while Zach rolled his eyes. I smirked and turned to look at my book.

"Mr Jones!" I flinched, looking up. Mr Graceffa was right in front of me, glaring. Man, this guy needs to take a chill pill.

“Yes, sir?”

“Who is the God of the Seas?! What other things does he rule over?!” My mind turned blank. My blue eyes were red.

“Uhhh.” Zach and Luke decided to jump in, protecting me from the evil teacher.

“Poseidon, sir-” “-he is the God of the Seas-” “-Horses-” “-Water disasters-” “- And Earthquakes.”

You get use to this. They always do this. They say it's their twin thing. Mr Graceffa turns to the two, still glaring. He growls and walks towards the board. Mr Graceffa hates the twins. They always outsmart him and they speak Greek fluently. Lilly Stoll giggles at the two, along with Bianca di Angelo and Jasper Grace, my other friends. I blushed. I have a crush on Lilly since 8th grade. It's very obvious actually. You could see me blushing and staring at her dreamily during lunch. I can't help it. Brown hair and bright blue eyes? Seriously how can you not like her? I think she likes Luke though.

After school, I walked home whistling happily. I un-locked the front door of my house and called out,

“I'M HOME!” I shouted loudly. My voice echoed back. I live in a huge house designed by Annabeth Jackson, the mother of my best friends. I saw my mother walk out of the kitchen wearing her #KisstheFangirl apron. Don't ask.

“Hey Four.” My mom greets me. I rolled my eyes.

“Mom. I don't like being called Four!” Mom chuckles and goes back into the kitchen. I follow her.

“Luke and Zach's parent's called. They asked if you wanna go to the Neptune WaterLand with them.” I thought for a moment, sitting on one of the high chairs in the kitchen.

“Sure. I'll call them back.” My mom hands me the phone.

“Let's just hope that it isn't Achilles who answers.” Achilles Jackson. Probably the most scariest guy I have ever met. He's 18 years old, with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He's slightly buff with a full six-pack. I heard from Zach that he got accepted into Hogwarts University, only for the brightest students. God, my generation's parents are real weirdos. He's strong AND smart. He's also going to the Olympics next year. I nodded and dialled the Jackson's home phone. Before I press the call button, my mom does a three-finger salute.

“May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour.” Yup, this is the life of a child of a fangirl. Ah-hem, I mean, FanWOMAN. I rolled my eyes and pressed call.

“Hello?” Someone answers after the third ring.

“Hi can I speak to Mrs Annabeth Jackson?”

“Okay. Who's this.”

“Sophia. You already know me. It's Tobias.”

“I'll go get her.” I waited for a while until she yelled.

“MOM! IT'S FOUR!” I face-palmed. I hate my name.

“Hello?” Mrs Jackson's voice rang.

“Hi Mrs Jackson-”

“Four, it's Annabeth. You don't have to call me Mrs Jackson.”

“Uh. You too?”

“What? That's what your mom named you.”

“Whatever. Anyways. I would like to go with you to the WaterLand thing.”

“Great! We'll be leaving on the first day of spring break.”

-4 hours later-

I sat on the swings, looking (ahem stalking) Lilly and Luke at the playground. I saw them both on a picnic table. I glared at Luke in jealousy. I watched them feed each other food, laughing... And kissing. Why am I even best friends with him?

“Hi.” A voice says beside me. I looked up seeing a blonde girl with blue eyes.

“Is anybody sitting here?” She asks pointing to another swing beside me. I shook my head.

“No.” She smiles and sits down.

“What's your name?”

“Tobias.” She giggles. I glared slightly at her.

“What? What's wrong with my name?”

“Nothing. I'm Tris.” I blinked.

“Is your mom a fangirl?” She sighed. “Eeyup.”

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