Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


10. Sonja Martin

Hey I'm Sonja Martin! I'm a normal student here in Goode High. Since it's almost time for Halloween, it's time to plan for the dance. The Halloween Dances here are really exciting. Even students from other schools come. Especially if I was the one to plan it. So here I am, in the gym, scolding at jocks who weren't helping with the decorating.
“Tyler! I told you. You and Dylan should attach the streamers to the bleachers.” I demanded the dark headed jock who laughed along with is buddy Dylan. I rolled my eyes and went to check on the food. I walked over to Damon Bennett, the Football captain.
“Hey Bennett, I told you to check on the food.” Damon rolled his eyes and ignored me. “Damon!”
“Fine, Martin. Whatever you say.” He stood up and walked lazily towards the hallways. I groaned. This party isn't gonna be the best.
“Hey Sonja!” A voice rang in my ear. I turned around and saw. Omg. Percy Jackson. He was running towards me, his jet-black hair flying and his sea-green eyes shone with happiness. He was smiling. At me. Holy @#$!.
“Uhhh, hi Percy.” I greeted him, fluttering my eyes a little. He smirked, and I swear my heart fluttered like a butterfly.
“I was wondering if I could help. Oh and my friend Leo too.” He turned his head and shouted, “COME ON LEO!”
A cute looking short guy entered the gym. He had a tool belt around his waist. He had curly black hair, and his brown eyes were jumping with happiness. He ran towards us and waved at me. “Hi! I'm Leo.” I nodded.
“I'm Sonja. So you guys wanna help?” Percy smiled.
“Yeah. That's what I told you.” I blushed a bright pink.
“Oh yeah. Why don't you, Percy, help with the drinks over there?” I pointed towards a table with an un-packed box of about 235 plastic cups, “ And Leo you could help those two dorks.”
I pointed at Tyler and Dylan who were both slapping each other with balloons. Percy chuckled.
“Good. Leo would fit in with those two.” Leo playfully punched Percy who punched him back.

Finally. The decorating was done and the drinks and food were perfect. All because of Leo and Percy. Leo got some pretty wicked decorations for the party. Scary looking balloons, spider-webs that almost looked real and freaky monster faces on the walls. Percy made really tasty punch that was almost heavenly. The only problem was that it was blue. It was okay though. The party will be really successful. I arrived at the Party, 15 minutes early with my witch costume. Pointy hat and an ugly wart? No, I meant a witch of Hogwarts. I was dressed as Hermione. Oh, you. I double checked everything. 20 minutes into the party, the gym was already crowded. I saw lots of great costumes. But I personally liked Matt Crest's Ron Weasley costume. The DJ, Lil' Dino was busting some great music. It got everybody going. I looked around and noticed Percy and a group of kids whom I don't know. He was gripping on a real looking trident. I smiled and made my way to them. Oh my God. Percy was FREAKING shirtless. Holy @#%! Well, he had a dark blue toga on. His beautiful, lean tan body turned me on! I would like to get some of him. I licked my lips seductively and say, “Hi Perce, Leo.”
Percy grinned. “Hi Sonja! Sonja, these are my friends from my camp Jason, my cousin,” He pointed to a blonde headed guy, who wore a superman costume, “Piper, his girlfriend,”
He pointed to a pretty brunette girl who wore a scare-crow costume, “Hazel,”
He pointed to a girl who wore a Hufflepuff robe, “Frank,”
He pointed to a guy who's face was painted green and his toned, buff body made him look like the Hulk, “my two cousins Nico and Thalia,”
He pointed to two kids who looked no older than 17. The guy wore a robe with a fake scythe and a scream mask and the girl wore a Katniss Everdeen costume with a fake bow and arrow. Well, I thought it was fake. “And finally, my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend, Annabeth.”
My heart sunk. It felt like a Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries has ripped my chest open, ripped my heart apart and placed it back in. He pointed to a girl who wore a grey toga. She had a little make up on, her hair was golden and was done perfectly.
“Hey! You forgot me!” A high voice shrieked. I looked beside me and saw Leo, who had an iron-man costume on.
“Hello, Leo.” I managed to squeak out. Leo grinned.
“Hello Sonja! This fish-breath forgot to introduce my beautiful girlfriend,” He gestured to a girl who wore a Tris Prior costume. I knew because of the three birds near her shoulder. I nodded, smiling a bit.
“It was nice meeting you all. I-I have to go check on some things first.” They all nodded at me and continued their conversation. I walked away from them, walking away from Percy who had his arm wrapped around Annabeth's shoulder. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw Matt. His ginger hair was falling to his eyes and his cute smile was crooked.
“Hey Hermione.” He greeted jokingly. I wiped a few tears from my cheeks and smiled.
“Care to dance?” He asks. I nodded and accepted his hand. We both walked to the middle of the gym and danced, slowly to the song. I saw Percy and Annabeth beside us. Annabeth's head was on Percy's chest. Percy's hand was on her waist. Percy gently gave Annabeth a small kiss on her head. I think I knew who they were going as. Percy; Poseidon. Because of the Trident. Annabeth; Athena. Because of the fake owl that was she was holding before. I smiled. I guess I shouldn't be sad. I had my own Ron now. I looked up to Matt's bright blue eyes and gently kissed him on the cheek.
Oh, her name is pronounced as "Son-ia"

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