Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


22. Oliver Preston

Oliver Preston is the loner, emo dude of Evenvalley Highschool, in New York. During his freshman year, he's been bullied and teased at by the whole population of the students in his school, including the teachers. Maybe it's because of his nationality. Oliver is an African-american guy with strange red eyes, and curly short black hair. He's been told that his skin looks like mud covered in sh*t. His dad works in a factory and so he doesn't see him that much. His mother on the other hand, well he's never met her. He is living with his uncle in the poorest part of town. He is the only African in his school so he is mostly the one getting teased at. He sits near the trash at lunch and he camps out in the bathroom for his whole gym class. Jared Kingsman is the most popular guy in school and Oliver's personal bully. He's been punching, kicking and spitting on him for the whole school year.

Oliver's POV

Today, I stroll through the hallways carrying my backpack. Students standing around were whispering and snickering at me. I tried to ignore them and walked to my locker. I put in the combination, opened it up and took off my bag from my back. I quickly got my math book out and walked quietly to my first class-room. I hated math. Not only was it hard and frustrating, but 10 minutes before the class ends, Ms Marian my math teacher makes me come up to class and sit down on a chair. She would tie my hands behind me and let three students slap their rulers on my face. It's horrible. Why am I even in this planet? I would rather cut my tongue with a car door. I sat down at my usual desk at the very back and noticed an un-familiar kid beside me. He had dark hair and olive colored skin. His big brown eyes looked like a pit and if you looked in deeper, you might fall in a very deep sleep. I took my eyes off the new kid and looked towards the teacher, Ms Marian, who got up and clapped her hands together.

"Good morning class. Today we have a new student. Mr di Angelo, stand up, tell us your age and tell us an interesting fact about yourself." The new kid groaned quietly and stood up.

"My name is Nico di Angelo," His voice was deep and smooth. Most girls in the class giggled and sighed dreamily. "I'm 15 years old and I hate hugs."

Ms Marian nodded and told Nico to sit down. She continued on with the class. Her alarm suddenly rang in her phone. 9:15. Oh no. My eyes started to water a bit. She smirked evilly at me. "Mr Preston, come here please."

The other students, except Nico all cheered and clap their hands. I slowly stood up and walk towards Ms Marian. She told me to sit on her chair and put my hands behind my back. I obeyed her and let her tie my hands. Nico looked confused and frowned. Mr Marian stood up and picked three students to... hurt me. I blinked away my tears and tried to ignore the laughing and dirty faces of the class. God, I wished I had just taken my life away this morning. It would have been so much easier.

"Let's see. Mr White, Ms James and Mr di Angelo please come up," Cindy James and Dean White pumped their hands to the air. Nico on the other hand, was still confused and got up.

"Don't forget to bring your rulers." She reminded them. Nico started getting suspicious I bet and got his black ruler out of his bag. Dean and Cindy did the same. The three walked up to the front of the room and stood beside me. Ms Marian smiled sweetly at Nico.

"Nico, you may not know this but Mr Preston here," she tells him gesturing to me, "has been a very bad boy. So his punishment is to be hit with rulers on the face."

Nico's face goes hard and snaps his ruler in half. The students who were sitting down gasped.

"What the Hades are you talking about?! What bad thing has this guy done huh?!" Ms Marian frowned and cleared her throat.

"Um, Mr di Angelo that is no way to ta-"

"Listen here Abby." No one uses a teacher's first name in this school. Boy is this guy in trouble. "This kid here has done NOTHING to you. You just bully and beat him up everyday because he is black! Well listen here, I have lots of awesome African-american friends. One happens to be my half-sister! Another died saving the world! So if you don't stop hurting this kid, I will be the one beating your asses up!"

The class was silent. I took a deep breath and looked at Nico gratefully. Ms Marian scoffed and glared at Nico. "Mr di Angelo, you have a month of detention. Get back to your seat! Mr Dunn, please come up and bring your ruler."

Craig Dunn stood up, holding his green ruler. He was wearing a smirk and it was shot right at Nico. Nico glared hard at Ms Marian and snapped his fingers. My hand were suddenly free from the ropes. I took my hands from behind me with a confused expression. Nico snapped his fingers again and his bag was suddenly behind him.

"Let's go, Oliver." He snapped his fingers one more time and I felt the weight of my back-pack appear on my back.

"Mr di Angelo it's the start of the day," Ms Marian complained walking towards Nico.

"You can't just leave." Nico slowly turned around, giving Ms Marian a glare. His glare suddenly turned into a sassy smirk.

"Bitch, please. I'm Nico di Angelo." He turned around and gestured for me to follow him. I smiled weakly and followed him. I caught up to him just as we were about to exit the school.

"Hey thank you, Nico." Nico nodded.

"Don't mention it. Now we've gotta get you home." I frowned.

"A-alright. I'll write you my address." Nico chuckled and stopped walking.

"No. I have to get you to camp." He suddenly gave out a loud whistle and the shadows of a nearby tree turned darker. A large dog appeared from the tree giving me a minor heart attack. It had razor sharp teeth filled with gooey saliva. It's blood red eyes looked at Nico playfully and it looked like it wanted to play. Nico walked towards the monster and patted her head.

"Hey girl! How ya doin'?" The dog barked loudly, making me cover my ears.

"Wh-what the hell is that?!" I asked pointing my shaking hand towards the huge dog. Nico climbed up the beast and held out his hand.

"This is Mrs O'Leary, my cousin's pet hellhound. She's gonna take us home to Camp Half Blood."

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