Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


25. Oliver Preston Part 2

After that horrible, puke worthy journey, we have finally arrived at our destination. I didn't even know where we are. All I know is, Nico is a badass. He looked so determined and brave during our travel. During the ride, he pulled his hair up to a 'wolf-tail' making him look even hotter. Excuse me, but did I tell you in the last chapter that I'm gay? No? Well this is awkward. Anyway, we arrived at a large place, filled with kids around the ages 17-6. I saw a young boy, about 9 years old, shoot arrows- 5 to be exact- at a target and they all hit right in the  middle. That is not normal.

"Uhh, what is this place?" I asked Nico. He hopped off the large dog. He held his hand out to me. My cheeks heated up. I accepted his hand.

"This is a camp for a demigod; your new home." I looked at him weirdly. This 'camp' was my new home?

"What do you mean?" He glanced at me.

"Do you know about the Greek Gods?" I shook my head. I've heard of them but I never really got to know their story.

"Well, they're real," He continued, "they sometimes come down to earth to..... 'mate' with mortals. Resulting us demigods; half god half human." My eyes widened. So this kid infested place was the gods' children? Wow, the gods have been busy.

"So I'm a demigod?" Nico nodded. After getting off the large dog, it barked loudly, licked Nico and shadow traveled away.

"Yup. Since you know your dad, your mom is probably a goddess." I chuckled, my cheeks still warm.

"Nico!" A cheery voice called. Nico's face froze.

"Oh no," He muttered, "Not him." I saw his cheeks turn red as he took off his wolf tail. A blonde came running towards us. His bright smile seemed to light up the whole camp. He looks cute, but not my type (AN:hmm.. where have we heard this before?). He looked too cheerful. "Hey Nics!" Blondie chirped. Nico grumbled, avoiding eye-contact. The blonde chuckled and wrapped his arm around shoulders Nico. I felt my blood boil, my eyebrows were twitching.

"H-hey Will." I could literally feel Nico's embarrassment. His ears were tinted red and he was still not looking at blondie.

"You look cute when you blush." Will praised.

"Watch it, Solace." Another voice warned Will, "If you hurt him I'll pummel you." I glanced beside me and I saw a girl, with braided black hair and deep black eyes.

Will smirked, "Come on, Reyna. I'm just flirting with this cute guy." He gestured to Nico who buried his face in his hands when Will said 'cute'.

Reyna smirked, "Yeah. That's why I threatened you."

"Aww Reyna, you Sadist. Will was just flirting with his boyfriend," Yet another voice said, "Like how I flirt with you. Though, I felt turned on when you threatened him." Reyna's eyes widened and turned to the person who just arrived. He had long dirty blonde hair. His blue eyes were like the ocean. Reyna's face was bright red and it looked like she was about to kill him.

"YOU PERVERTED SEA-MONKEY, ADAMS." 'Adams' laughed and ran away, with Reyna chasing him.

"Ookay," Will said. Nico rolled his eyes, "Excuse me Will but I have to take Oliver to Chiron." Will frowned when he looked at me. He then held out his hand. I looked at it then back up to his eyes. He was smiling.

"Hello Oliver," He greeted, "I'm Will Solace, son of Apollo." Whoa..... Where did these flowers come from? And the glitter..  "Uh, I'm Oliver Preston... Son of my mom I guess." Will chuckled.

"Don't worry. You'll get claimed soon. Anyways," He turned to Nico,

"Can I join you guys? I just got a new sister who's really good at healing. She's been helping me out in the infirmary. Since she's caring for the patients, can I come?" He gave Nico cute puppy eyes. Nico's eyes widened as he stared deeper into those sky blue eyes.

"Uh sure." He turned around, motioning for me to follow him. Will's face brightened and joined him. I silently trailed behind them, glaring at Will in jealousy as we walked to a big house. Two men were on the porch of the house. They were probably playing a card game.

"Hello Mr di Angelo, Mr Solace. And.. who's this?" A man with a furry beard greeted us.

"Um my name is Oliver Preston, sir." The other man laughed (more like cackled).

"I take one look at him and I already know he's a trouble maker." He looked like one of those baby cupids from Valentine's day cards.

"I'm not-"

"And look, he's talking back." Baby-man growled.

"Listen here, squirt. I'm not here because I wanted to. I'm here because my stupid fa-"

"Mr D?" Nico cut him off, "I think we better get going. We don't wanna ruin your chance to win."

Mr D glared at Nico. "Son of Hades. Actually trying to be kind-"

"Leave him alone will you?" Will growled. Mr D rolled his eyes.

"Just get out of here, show him the orientation or whatever." Will nodded and ran inside the house, with me and Nico behind him.

- - -

Alright so, the Greek gods were real. They come down to earth to have babies with mortals resulting us demigods. We are Greek Demigods while the Roman demigods live in San Francisco (AN:right?), but there is a portal that lets us Greeks teleport to their camp. They also come to this camp to train with us. Nico is one of the Heroes of Olympus (Which makes him 20x hotter) and Will is his boyfriend. How do I know this? Well, the two also showed me a video made by Aphrodite's children. It was about the 'ships' and 'otps' of the camps. #1 Percabeth, #2 Solangelo, #3 Frazel, #4 Jiper, #5 Caleo. I don't know what those are but they showed pictures of couples... kissing. I especially didn't like the one of Nico and Will. It made me want to rip the chairs apart. Will waved his hand saying good-bye and left. Not before kissing Nico's cheek. As we walked to the camp store, Nico turned crimson. I mistook him for a rose for a sec. As I waited outside the store, Nico bought me two camp shirts, a toothbrush, comfortable pants and pj's. They were all in a purple and orange plastic bag. 

"People think Children of Hades are selfish, " Nico told me, "I want to be an exception." He gave me a warm smile. I blushed as I held unto the things he bought me.

"Uh, th-thanks." I stuttered. He nodded.

"Let's go to the Hermes cabin. That's where all the unclaimed go." I nodded. We headed towards an area filled with big buildings that look like cabins. They were all designed, probably by the gods. I saw one that shone brighter than any of the cabins; Apollo. One looked like a garden shop; Demeter. Nico brought me to a normal looking cabin.

"Connor, Travis." He called. Two boys exited the cabin. They both were identical. The only difference was the height.

"Yes Nics?" Nico pointed at me. "This is Oliver Preston, he's un-"

"Ohh, a new brother?" The shorter one suggested.

"Awesome!," The taller one piped up, "We'll take him under our wing, we'll-"

"GUYS!" Nico shouted. The two flinched, looking around like they were expecting zombies popping out from the ground (like that would happen).

"He's not your brother," He said quietly this time, "He's unclaimed. Plus, he knows his father so it should be his mom who's a goddess." The twins pouted. I blinked. They actually wanted me to be their brother? What is this place? They both cracked a smile.

"That's okay. I'm Connor," The taller one said, "And this is Travis." He gestured at his twin.

"We are NOT twins." They both said in the same time. Nico face-palmed,

"No. He's Travis," He pointed at the taller one, "and he's Connor."

He pointed at the shorter one. Travis scowled, "Nico you party-pooper."

Nico rolled his eyes. He faced me. "You'll be staying here for a while until you're claimed. And be careful. Hermes is the god of thieves." He shadow-traveled away. I turned to the twins who had mischievous grins on their faces. Well then....


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