Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


24. Lia Truman


I grabbed my bag as soon as the bell rang. Let me begin this story by introducing and describing myself. Hey I'm Lia Truman. I'm a sophomore in Hufflepuff high. I have dirty blonde hair that was choppy and straight, and hazel eyes. Some people say whenever sunlight hits my eyes, it turns colorful like a rainbow. Back to the story.

"HEY!" Mr Graceffa yelled making the whole class flinch, "I DISMISS YOU, NOT THE BELL!"

He shouted, his face going red in rage. What the hell is the bell for then? We all groaned and went back to our seats. Mr Graceffa calmed down a bit (like that was possible. This guy made Simon Cowell look like an angel).

"Now your homework for the weekend is-" I zoned off after that. My eyes wandered at the seat beside me. There, Zach Jackson had his head on his desk. A stream of saliva was pouring out of the corner of his mouth. I sighed dreamily. Even if he was drooling, he still looked like an angel.

"Ms Truman," my eyes snapped to the front where Mr Graceffa was, "Are we studying Mr Jackson #2 now?" The class snickered as I bit my lip in embarrassment.

"Sorry." I apologized quietly. He nodded and proceeded to wake Zach.

"Zachary!" Zach woke up, shaking and shouting, "TRUE! FALSE! GEORGE WASHINGTON!"

The class erupted in laughter. Luke, Zach's twin, calmed Zach down while chuckling. Mr Graceffa sighed.

"Alright class dismissed. I expect your homework assignment to be finished by Monday." My heart raced. What the hell was the homework assignment about? The Titans? Minor Gods? The class started to get up and exit the classroom. At the corner of my left eye, I saw Mr Graceffa give us the finger.


It was free period. I run towards the soccer fields and call to my best friend, Tris Darwin. Her blonde hair was tied up as she scored a goal with one powerful kick of her left leg. She wiped the bead of sweat that was trailing down her neck with her soccer jersey. Can't believe she could still play sports in the winter. That girl is a monster.

"Tris!" I shout. She turns her head to me and smiles.

"Hey Lia." I motion for her to get off the field. "What is it?" She says as she stepped off the frozen field.

"Do you know what the assignment in Greek is?"

"Mr Graceffa chose partners for us to do the project with. I got Tobias," Insert blushing Tris here, "Isabelle got Luke and you got Zach." I paled. I had to work with Zach Jackson? One of the hottest and sweetest guys in the school?

"Uh Lia?" Tris says, waving her hand in front of my face, "you should stop blushing before your face erupts." I coughed awkwardly.

"Right, sorry. I-"

"Hey Lia!"

I turn around, finding Tobias and Zach walking towards us. Zach had his signature smirk planted on his handsome face. Tobias' blue eyes twinkled as he grinned at Tris. I wiped my sweaty hands on my jeans and pushed a strand of blonde hair behind my ear.

"Hi Zach." I say shyly.

"So," he starts, shoving his hands in his pockets, "should we go to your house or mine?" I froze. Literally.

"Uhhhh, my house is fine I guess." I replied. He nods.

"Alright," He walks off, with Tobias right behind him who was waving to a red Tris, "see you later!"


I ran around my house, preparing for Zach's visit. I wore my normal house clothes; a white tank top that says 'I'm STILL waiting for my Hogwarts letter.' And Hufflepuff sweatpants. My room was tidy, my baby brother is asleep, my parents are out and my older brother is out partying. Good, no disturbance. I placed a bowl of potato chips on my desk in my room, a glass of water and my Greek mythology textbook. Now I'm just waiting for the bell to ring. I sighed. What am I suppose to do while- DING. My eyes brightened. I scurried down the stairs almost tripping over my black labrador retriever, Padfoot. Padfoot snorted and walked off. I grabbed the knob and turned it, expecting to see a sea green eyed and raven black hair hot boy.

"Hi Lia!" I frowned. This definitely wasn't Zach.

"H-hi. Tris..... And Tobias." Tris stood there with Tobias. They both had books in their arms. The strange thing was that they were holding hands. Tris' cheeks were flushed as she tightened her grip on her books. I smirked.

"Come on in!" The both stepped in and made themselves comfortable on the sofa. I prepared 2 cups of hot chocolate and brought them over.

"Congratulations guys. When did it happen?" She turned pink. Tobais smirked and started playing with Tris' hair. Tris sipped on her coco and leaned over to me.

"I think we should save this for girl talks." She whispered in my ear so Tobais couldn't hear. I nodded. The bell suddenly rang. Tobias was the first one up,

"I volunteer as tribute!" He started laughing as we stared at him weirdly.

"Hahahaha, I've been hanging out with my mom too much." He then ran off. He opened the door and Zach appeared with... a girl. What? Please be a relative. He greeted Tobias with a 'bro hug'.

"Heard what happened. Congrats bro." Tobias chuckled and gave Tris a wink. Zach's head turned to the sofa, to me.

"Sup, Lia?" I nodded, saying hi. The girl was pretty, I had to admit. She had straight black hair and chocolate brown eyes.

"Lia, this is Jess." Jess smiled sweetly and extended her hand.

"Hi!" I obliged. "Nice to meet you, Jess..."

"Lovart," She added, "I'll be helping you guys with your project."

I nodded. She clapped her hands together. "Lets get started shall we?"


"So we have to pick a god or goddess and answer these questions on them?" Tobias asked. Tris nodded. "Yes. Let's pick Apollo."

"What about Ares?"

"Ares is a doofus. Let's do Apollo."

"Yeah but Ares is cool. I mean, the war god?"

"Apollo is way more interesting."

"Yes but-" The couple kept on arguing. Zach and I had textbooks out, papers and other mythology books.

"So. Want to do it on Iris?" Zach shook his head as he chewed on his gum.

"Let's do Poseidon."

"Alright. Okay then so Poseidon is the God of-"

--The next day--

After we handed in our Greek Gods project, we were forced to read a book Mr Graceffa gave us. It was called 'The Golden Age'. It was a story about the Titans' time where Kronos was ruling. It was really funny and interesting.

"Alright, losers. While you were reading, I marked your stupid projects." The class sat down patiently on their desks. I rubbed my hands together, feeling it wet. My hands were sweating. Why? I really wanted to get a good grade on this. I had a C- on my last Greek assignment. My mom has my Harry Potter books. She won't give them to me unless I get a grade higher than B+. That cruel muggle.

"Mr Jackson and Ms Truman. You've got an A," After I heard that, my head started to nod but in my head, I was doing a happy dance.

"Now don't get all happy, noobs. I expected an A+. You got 'Chronos' wrong. It's with a C and H. Not K." I saw Zach raise his arm.

"Um sir. It's actually with a K. My grandfather says so. He knows because his family has been passing that down for generations." The class started to snicker. Mr Graceffa glared at Zach with pure hate in his eyes.

"I don't care, Jackson. All I know is that it is with a C."

"Yeah, and thats ALL you know."

I giggled. Zach turned his head to me and winked. I look away, blushing wildly. That did not just happen.


I turn the corner after the school hours were done. The sound of sneakers squeaking in the hallways always pierces my near. I see the football captain flirt with Bianca then getting beat up 5 seconds later. I smiled, just a regular school day. I then stopped. I glared down to the floor hatefully. Ah my old enemy, I thought, stairs (AN: Some may get the reference some may not). I groan. I walked down the stairs, feeling my Hunger Games books move in my book bag. I open the doors and feel the fresh winter air. Damn it's cold. I walked towards the sidewalk, crushing the snow in every step I take. I bring my scarf up to my nose to prevent my nose from freezing off. Some day I'll- AHHHHH. I didn't feel the ground anymore. My feet were up in the air. I had my eyes closed, getting ready to feel pain. THUD. .... I could feel someone's breath on my face. I opened my eyes, seeing bright sea-green ones.

"Hi." F.u.c.k. It was Zach. My face turned red, I could almost feel the snow on my beanie melt.

"H-hi, Z-Z-Zach." No. I'm not that cold. I'm embarrassed. Bet you'd be embarrassed when your crush catches you while falling. In winter. Outside. In the public. Where people can see. He balanced me up to my feet, making sure I don't fall again. He chuckled.

"You should watch out," he says picking up two coffee drinks on the snow. He gave one to me, which I, of course, took. It's Starbucks.

"Thanks." I say. He nodded.

"Wanna walk home together?" I nodded. I would love that. We awkwardly walked on the side walk, silently kicking snow. CRASH. I looked up. That loud noise sounded pretty close. Looks like Zach knew what it is. He ran towards where the sound came from and took out sharpie marker. Then it OMG TURNED INTO A FREAKING SWORD WHAT THE HELL. He dropped his drink and held his sword like a professional. Right in front of him was a vampire like lady. Her blood red eyes shone mysteriously. I could see her fangs while she smiled.

"Jacksssson blood." I heard Zack growl and gave out a loud battle cry as he attacked.

"PEANUT BUTTER!" He shouted. I just stood there confused. Zach used moves i have never seen before. He sliced and stabbed the monster at the same time. It suddenly turned to golden dust. Oh no, not Zach. He's completely fine. The monster turned into dust not, Zach. I ran towards him, about to fire questions that needed to be answered. Zach looked at me seriously.

"You need to come with me right now."


"Can you please explain to me what we're doing in the middle of the woods?" I asked Zach as he stepped over logs and twigs. He turned his head.

"I'll explain once we get there." There? I felt a rush of energy flowing inside me as we passed a huge pinecone tree. A boy was on one of the pinecone trees that spreaded around the forest. Once he spotted us, he held up a horn and blew. He then jumped off the tree. Dude, you're like 10 feet off the ground. He reached the ground, doing a dramatic flip in mid air. Well, Okay then. I finally get to see him up close. He had dyed teal hair and bright blue eyes. He was really buff, about 6'3.

"Zach! What's up, man?" Beside me, Zach chuckled.

"Archelaus! Still dramatic as ever!" 'Archelaus' rolled his eyes and patted Zach's back. He then glanced down at me.

"New camper?" Zach nodded. "Archie, this is Lia. Lia, Archelaus." Archelaus stared at me, I thought I was about to explode into ashes right at the spot.

"Call me Archie." He says, winking at me. I felt my cheeks heat up. This guy is smooth. Zach laughed and continued walking, followed by Archie and I. As we reached the bottom of the hill. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened in fascination. Kids and teenagers were running around, laughing. Some were in one area and they were fighting with weapons. Cool! We walked through the place passing cabins, forges and people whispering and pointing at us. The three of us walked arrived at a huge blue house. Two men were sitting on chairs on the porch. They look like their playing some sort of card game.

"Chiron." Zach started. The man on a wheelchair turned to us and gave Zach a warm smile.

"Ah, Zach Charles Jackson. How are you my boy?" Charles? Zach nodded.

"I'm doing great Chiron. I found a-" Archie butted in.

"WE! We found a new camper for you Chiron." He smirked at Zach who playfully glared at him. 'Chiron' rolled his eyes. He started getting up his wheelchair. I stared confusingly. The wheelchair suddenly disappeared, replaced by 4 white horse legs. I felt sick. Gosh, what happened?

"Archelaus, why don't you go and annoy the naiads at the lake, hm child?" Archie smiled and ran away. N-naiads? That's it. I want to go home. Chiron ruffled his beard and turned to me.

"Lia Agatha Truman, right?" I blushed in embarrasement. How did he know my middle name?

"Y-yes sir." The other man, still sitting on a porch chair grunted.

"This one has good manners. Tell me, Liam Archery Tootman, how was your trip here?"

"Uhh," My throat was dry. I didn't know how to respond to this man, "It was g-good... Sir." The man's purple eyes shone.

"Much respect indeed. Now then, Ms Tomtato, I don't expect you to be good forever. They get cocky eventually." I turned to Zach mouthing 'What the hell is going on?' He snickered and shrugged his shoulders.

"Well. Zach," Zach glanced up to Chiron.

"Show her the orientation." Zach nodded and led me inside the big house.

- - -

A few announcements:

1) I have got myself co-authors in the Percy Jackson Fanfiction website. Since I'll be busy with my upcoming finals (and stuff) these guys shall help update the story everytime they get a chance to.

2) Also, someone on asked me to do a spin-off story about AcexReyna 'love' story. Should I do it?

From the wise words of the great Perseus; EAT MY PANTS,



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