Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


3. Kyle O'Connor

Kyle's POV
Hi, I'm Kyle O'Connor. Captain of Middletowne High School's Football, Soccer, Basketball and Swimteam. I'm also a ladies' man. Girls would swoon when I walk past them in the hallways. Everyone except for one certain girl. Piper Mclean. Yes, THE Piper Mclean. Oh god she's beautiful, with her choppy brown hair, colorful eyes and dark skin complexion and did I mention her father is a famous movie star? She's easily the most hottest girl in my high school! I've been trying to get her to '{go out with me, but she always refuses and uses her fake boyfriend excuse on me.
So I was outside her lockers, attempting to use my charm on her.
"So Pipes, you doin' anything tonight?" She rolled her eyes.
"Yes, accutally. I'm hanging out with my camp friends and boyfriend." I smirked.
"C'mon babe. I know you're playing hard to get. Drop the fake boyfriend act now." Piper turned red. Not the embarrased red, the furious red.
"My Jason isn't fake!" Heh, so Jason's her fake boyfriend's name eh?
"C'mon Pipes. Every-" But before I could continue, Piper slapped me across the cheek causing me to land on my butt.
"Oow." I moaned. Piper glared at me and left. She so likes me.
So I'm here on the parking lot of Middletowne High School, waiting for Piper. I saw her walking out of the school with a bunch of her friends with her. I grinned and started running over to where they were.
"Hey there Pipes." I said with a flirty smile. She groaned and glared at me.
"What now O'Connor?" I smiled.
"I was wondering if you wanna catch a movie tonight?" She rolled her eyes and faced me.
"No." She looked behind me and smiled a bit. I smirked. "C'mon babe. You know you want to."
"Ahem." Someone said from behind me. I turned and saw a tall guy about 6'3 glaring at me.
"What are you doing with my girlfriend?" I practically choked.
"Y-your girlfriend?" I turned to Piper.
"You're joking. You're not really dating this..Thing, are you not?" Piper glared hard at me and if she hadn't stopped three seconds after, I'd be dead.
"I am and I'm proud of it." She smiled and quickly took her place beside the dude.
"Come on, the others are waiting in the van. " Piper grinned.
"Really? Let's go!"
And that's how I met Piper McLean's boyfriend.

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