Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


23. Kevin Davin

This chapter was written on May 11

Lol Late mother's day chapter X3

This day couldn't get any worse. First it's mother's day. Where's my mother? Dead. What day is it today? Her death anniversary. I have never been close to my mom yet her death hit me like a truck. I was just 10 when she
passed. My dad tried to cheer me up by taking me to placed that was dear to my mother. That only made it worst. I pushed everyone away, not out of sadness, but because I want to. I want to reflect on the words she told me the day before we found out that she was diagnosed with cancer. "Wait till I die, Kevin, then you won't be your cheerful self again. Without me, you're nothing."
So here I am, 25 years have passed. I grew up to be a secretery of a school in California. Life hasn't been nice to me. My dad joined my mom, leaving me parentless, no one to look up to. I still managed to crack a smile now and then. Of course, I try to find happiness. The only happiness now is playing with girls. What? A 35 year old man can't date hot ladies? With these good looks, I can get any girl I want. Not to brag or anything but I have been with almost 12 girls in the past year.
The starbucks I've been hanging out in was crowded. Behind me, a small family of 4 was happily eating and bonding. Sudden laughter would sometimes erupt behind me. I glanced at the large window beside me. It was almost dark, the moon peeking from the side and shining on the people walking passed. From afar, beside a small flower shop, I saw a girl; probably around her early twenties, giving a flower to an old woman. The woman accepted the flower and hugged the girl, who hugged back. I scowled in disgust. Everything outside was beautiful. The flowers, the people, the girl. Heck even the old woman was beautiful. But my parents were gone, away from this cruel world. Nothing should be beautiful. I gave out a depressing sigh. I stood up and left the warm place. I put my hand in my hoodie pocket and cross the street towards wal-mart (AN: Or whatever). I checked my watch,7:43, it said. I should probably go home 15 minutes from now. But, let me see if there are any cute girls I could play with. I entered the place. Hm, not much people.
"Mommy!" I heard a high squeak. I turned around and saw a young girl hugging a woman. I didn't see her face at first but when she pulled away, she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her golden blonde locks reached up to her shoulders, gracefully cascading down. Her eyes were gray; beautiful, but also intimidating. The young girl who embraced her also had blonde hair, but she had green eyes that were staring lovingly at her mother. Darn it, she has a kid. Maybe I could get rid of her-
"This is for you mommy. Auntie Katie helped me pick." She handed the older woman a blue tulip.
"Thank you, my little warrior princess." The hottie responded, taking the flower from her daughter's hand. The young girl giggled. I smirked. I guess it's time to make my move.
"Hello." I greeted the woman. She turned to me, her eyes morphed from caring into- Holy sh** that's scary. It looks like I'm staring at an alpha wolf trying to figure out how to attack me; slice or stab? I cleared my throat, trying to hide my nervousness.
"Uh, I just came here to tell the young girl that she's very sweet." The woman softened her glare.
"Alright," She turned to her daughter and whispered something in her ear. The girl looked up to me and gave me a crooked grin. Hmm. I feel like I have seen that grin before.
"Thank you, Mr Stranger!" I almost laughed. She was adorable! I knelt down and looked at her straight in the eyes,
"I'm Kevin. What's your name?"
"Selina!" She replied. I chuckled. At the corner of my eye, the woman narrowed her eyes at me.
"Well, I'll leave you two now." I said. I got up and entered deeper into the store, but not before I see the woman staring at her daughter in concern. I heard part of their conversation. "Now, Selina," The woman started, "If any stranger looks at you wierdly, do not hesitate to kick his 'part'."
- - -
"That would be $7.35, sir." I handed the cashier my $8.
"Keep the change." I say, winking at her. She turned red, avoiding eye-contact. What? She's kind of cute. I walked out, checking the time again, 8:05.
"Selina, please be quiet." I heard a familiar voice.
"But mommy, I'm tried and hungry. And I don't DO tired and hungry!" A younger voice whined. I turned my head, gazing at a dark corner, outside the building.
"Don't worry, daddy's gonna be here soon." The woman assured Selina.
Then I heard her mutter, "If that Seaweed brain doesn't arrive in 10 minutes he's dead." I walked towards them, a fake smile planted on my face.
"We meet again!" I chirped. Selina quickly faced me.
"Hi Mr Kevin!" She says sweetly. I chuckled and ruffled her hair. I looked at the hottie who was glaring at me.
"Uh, I don't think you have told me your name." I say nervously. Damn she's scary.
"Annabeth." She replied coldy. I nodded.
"So Annabeth. You going anywhere tonight?" I asked her. She nodded,
"Yes. I'll be going to your funeral if you don't leave me and my daughter alone." Ouch. I smirked, trying to make her red.
"Come on babe-"
"My mommy isn't a baby!" Selina cried. I glared at her.
"Shut it, squirt." Selina widened her eyes and hugged her mom's leg.
"Anyways Annabeth-" Annabeth's eyes were flaming, glaring furiously at me.
"What did you-"
"-call my litte sister?!" Oh. A new voice. I turned my head over my shoulder. A teenage boy, about 18 probably, stood there glaring at me. His spiky long, blonde hair covered his familiar sea-green eyes which seemed to be glaring. At me.
"I asked you a question sir," He grabbed my coat. My eyes widened. Fear was building up. "what did you call my sister?!"
"I- um, she was. Uh-"
"Yeah. That's enough, Achilles." Uh these voices just keep popping up, Behind 'Achilles' was a brunnette with tan skin and electric blue eyes. He had a hand on Achilles' shoulders.
"But Trevor-"
"Dude. Look, the poor guy just wet his pants." I did? I felt water trail down my thighs. How embarrarsing.
"Finally! Archie, why are you late?!" Selina yelled, her hands on her hips. Achilles seemed to calm down at the sight of her. He let go of my collar, leaving me coughing on the ground.
"Selina, are you okay?" He asked, with concern in his eyes.
"I'm fine, dummy!" Selina growled, "I would've chopped his fingers off if he hurt mummy!"
Achilles chuckled, ruffiling her curly hair. I groaned in pain, holding on to my neck.
"I-I'll call the police!" I cried, "I'll get you arrested and locked up!" Achilles stood up tall. He was 4 inches taller than me.
"For what? Trying to save my mother and younger sister? I think I should get YOU locked up, Mr Davin." H-how did he know my name?
"You're the secratary in Lockhart High? That's my high school." How did he read my mind?
"It's written all over your face, idiot," His green eyes were intimidating, almost like his mother's eyes.
"Where's that Seaweed Brain?" Annabeth asked her son.
"Dad? Oh he's back at the car. He doesn't want to get judo-flipped again." Annabeth grabbed Selina's hand walking over to a grey car muttering things like 'seaweed' and 'dead'.
"Should we call the police?" Trevor asked his friend. Achilles shooked his head.
"Nah," He knelt down, facing me(yes, I still on the ground. His hands really choked me), "but if I see you try to harrass anyone again, I will personally send you to Hades." With a swing of his right hand, he hit me with extreme force. I groaned. He got up and walked away, his back facing mine.
"W-wait." He stopped walking. I try to get up, but failed horribly, "Wh-what's your name? Y-your full name."
He didn't say anything at first. "Achilles Ethan Jackson."
Jackson. No wonder. Selina's smile, his sea-green eyes. They all belonged to Percy Jackson. That kid I tormented during my high-school days. The last day of school, man I can't forget that. He had beaten the air out of me. He was protecting a nerd that I was beating up. Achilles used the same line as his father did at the last day.
"If I see you harass anyone again, I will personally send you to Hades."

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