Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


7. Julie Lanterns

Julie's POV
Hi I'm Julie Lanterns. I'm 17 years old and I go to Goode High School. I have long blonde hair and bluish grey eyes. My friends and I were just entering the school's entrance. We were all talking about school and jobs and all that crap. That is, until the subject of crushes came on.
"Taylor is totally crushing on Steven R. McQueen," Lucas Lee told us wiggling his eyebrows at his twin sister, Taylor Lee. Taylor blushed and looked down at her coffee cup she was holding.
"What? I can have a crush on a celebrity right? Doesn't everyone have one," her eyes then lit up and her frown morphed into an evil green, "like you have with Nina Dobrev."
Lucas turned as red as an apple. I giggled and turned to Percy.
"What about you, Perce?" Pointing my coffee cup at him.
"Huh, what?" His green eyes were all confused and look a little lost, "oh crushes. Well there are some people who I want to crush. Like... Georgia McEvans."
Georgia McEvans is the biggest, sluttiest bitch in the whole wide school and is known as the Queen Bee (AN: no offence to those awesome Georgia's out there! I just wanted this Georgia to sound bitchy and all.) She flirts with a Percy all the time and is currently dating 3 guys. Stewart Jepsen a basketball jock, Lance Markus a cute computer geek and Zach Gillis a mysterious loner.
Lucas scoffed, "Pfft. Everyone wants to destroy Georgie McBitchy." Taylor smiled.
"Here's a thought."
I smirked, "Mmm, I'll help." With that, both of us bumped our coffees together. You see, everyone hates Georgia. I hate her because of her selfish and snobbish attitude and that's not all, it's because she likes Percy. I also like Percy, there I said it. Maybe I also love him. With his beautiful sea-green eyes, ruffled and messy black hair and his gorgeous tan body. His personality is cute too. He's nice, kind, caring and selfless. Alright, I'm in love with this guy.
"Hey Julie?" A finger snap suddenly cut me off of my daydream. I shook my head and noticed two pairs of green eyes staring at me.
"You were day-dreamin. Lucas and Taylor left already," He said, "we better get to class before Mr Boring gives us detention again." I blushed and nodded as both of us ran to the boring teacher's class room
I waited outside at the parking lot for my friends.
"Well, if it isn't Julie Lanters." I turned to find Georgia smirking at me, her face was painted with makeup. I scrunched my eyebrow together.
"It is Julie Lanterns-"
"-of the Readers and Writers group." I paused for a sec and rolled my eyes.
"It is Julie from the Reader and Writers group." Georgie glared at me and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground, rubbing my cheek. Her crew behind her laughed. Georgia then kicked me in the atomic and kicked me again in the head. Her crew continued laughing and one of them was also recording it.
"What are you going to do now, Lanterns?"
"Oh I think.. She will call to her friend and make him beat. You. Up." Georgie turned around and saw 3 teenagers. One girl had raven black hair, bright blue electrical eyes and pale skin with freckles. She also had a circlet on her head which didn't really match her goth look. Another girl beside her hand silky blonde hair and calculating grey eyes which seems to scan your whole body finding your weakness. The last person was a boy who looked emo. He had black hair and eyes that looked like a pit that was staring into your souls.
"Who are you?! Can't you see I'm busy?!" Georgie shrieked. The bright blue yes girl glared at her, her eyes poking daggers into her flesh.
"What are you doing with her?" She asked nicely but almost angrily. Georgie scoffed.
"I-I'm just showing her who's the queen of this school." Georgie walked closer to the girl and tower her like 3 inches, "so if I were you, I'd go back to your little play den, dig a hole and die."
Her crew 'oohed' and laughed at the girl. They both stared at each other for a minute until the blue eyes girl laughed along with the two beside her.
"Oooo I'm so scared," the blue eyed girl exclaimed, "I think I should got get my blanky and cry!"
The other two beside her laughed. I literally saw smoke coming out of Georgie's ears.
"My daddy will her about this!" She stomped off with her crew behind her.
"What?" The blonde shouted after her, "Are you Draco Malfoy?"
The three laughed a bit and looked at me. "Hey, you okay?" The dark eyed guy asked. I nodded.
"Okay. Got a bruise or two, but I'm fine."
"I'm Thalia." The blue eyed girl introduced herself and held out her hand.
"I'm Annabeth Chase."
"I'm Nico di Angelo"
I smiled, "I'm Julie Lanterns. I haven't seen you guys around here. Are you new?" Annabeth shook hear head.
"Nope, we're here to pick someone up." She looked up and smiled. "And here he comes." She pointed behind me, so I turned around and saw a hot figure running. It was Percy.
"Finally!" Annabeth said and walked towards Percy.
"What took you so long Seaweed Brain?" Percy smiled and did the last thing that I was expecting. He kissed her.
"I wanted extra credit so Mr Xavier my History Teacher gave me an essay to do." Annabeth smiled.
"Don't make me do it for you." Percy chuckled and kissed her cheek.
"Don't worry. I think I could handle it." Percy then turned to me.
"Oh hey Julie. Didn't see you there." I nodded.
"Hi Percy, I-"
"Come on let's go," Thalia told looking into a weird phone that I didn't recognize. Her eyes are filled with worry and regret, "Piper just texted me that Leo is gonna do the hula again in about 30 minutes from now!"
Percy's eyes widened and quickly carried Annabeth bridal style.
"Let's go!" They all ran towards a sea green mustang with wavy designs. Annabeth shrieked and giggled.
"Put me down Seaweed Brain!"
Percy grinned, "In your dreams, Wise Girl!" I just watched the two. They seem completely in love. I smiled and wondered if one day I would get an epic love like that.

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