Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


15. Jon Eusack

Hi I'm Jon Eusauck. And that's pronounced you-suck. My name f*ucking sucks. One day, when I'm old enough to live on my own, I will change my name. Maybe even my whole appearance. But I can't change these drop-dead good looks. I have wavy black hair and bright blue eyes covered by squared black glasses. The glasses don't bother the ladies, they just want me for my body and beautiful face. I'm the captain of the West Wander Knights Basketball Team and also the hottest guy of this school. I'm nice, un-like Aomine Highman. (AN: AH-OH-MEE-NEH) He's the player, and the main bully. Although, Aomine's the player and the person who has slept with more girls than you can count, I'm still more popular.
“Hey Jon.” A random girl says, winking at me I smirked at her as I gripped onto my bag. She blushed, giggled and walked away. I rolled my eyes and head to my Greek class. I entered the class room and smelt the fresh pine scent. My teacher loves this kind of air-freshener. She says it helps the mind to learn. I sat on my seat while students were filing in. Katie Gardner caught my eye. She flipped her hair as she turned to her seat. Her grass green eyes shone when she looked at the board.
Greek Olympians:
I adjusted my glasses right when Ms Rudy stood up.
“Alright class,” She started as she opened her binder, “Today we'll learn about Demeter. Now who can tell me what she rules over.”
Two arms shot up. Blake Mark's and Katie's.
“Blake?” Blake sighed and put his arms down. “Um. Sp-spring time?”
Ms Rudy shook her head.
“Sorry Blake. Anyone else?” Again, Katie raised her arm. “Katie?”
“Demeter is the Goddess of the Harvest.” Ms Rudy nodded, smiling.
“Correct.” She added more words on the board.
Greek Olympians:
Goddess of the Harvest
I grinned at Katie. Suddenly, someone's phone rang. The sound of One Direction's 'Steal my Girl' pierced my ears. Katie quickly took out her bag and pulled out a weird looking phone.
“MS GARDNER!” Katie flinched and looked at Ms Rudy. Ms Rudy stared at Katie with rage.
“Remember the rules.” She says glaring at her. Katie nodded, pressing a speaker button.
“Katie-Kat!” A voice shouted. Katie blushed in embarrasment. Well, I thought it was embarrasment.
“Travis! I'm in the middle of a class.” She yells.
“Oh. Sorry Katie-Kat. I'm still picking you up though right?”
“Yes Travis.” I heard a crash in the background. “Whoa!”
“Travis. What's going on there?”
“Connor accidentally splashed Annabeth with water. Now she's trying to kill him. Alright, she almost choked Connor. Now Percy's taking Annabeth off Connor.” Katie rolled her eyes.
“Okay. I'm hanging up.”
“Love you Kate.” He says seductively. Katie turned into a deep shade of red.
“Love you too, Travis.” She hung up, and placed her phone back in her bag. She looked up, seeing everyone's eyes on her.
“What?” Ms Rudy had her mouth open.
“Alright, let's continue.” I ignored Ms Rudy's attempt to teach us Greek. I just stared at Katie, confused. Who's Travis? What was he? Why did Katie say 'I love you' back?

I sat under the tree near the school, winking at girls when they walked by. I saw Katie exit the school building, rushing down the stairs and stopping. She looked around and sighed, annoyed. I stood up and walked towards her.
“Hey Katie.” She smiled at me.
“Hey Jon.”
I smirked. “So who was that guy you were talking to in Greek?” She blushed. “Travis. My boyfriend.
I heart fell and I scowled. “Oh. So when do I get to meet him-”
“KATIE-KAT!” Katie smiled and turned to the parking lot. “Now.” A
tall guy with curly, long brown hair and mischievous blue eyes walked towards us. I was a little shorter than him, about 1 inch. He grinned at her. “Hey Katie.” He greets her kissing her cheek. He then faced me.
“Hello random dude who I don't know.” I frowned. This must be Travis.
“Actually, I prefer Jon.”
“Hi I prefer Jon. How are you doing today?” I glared at him hard. This guy was pissing me off. And not because he made fun of my name. Katie playfully slapped him.
“Travis! Be nice.” Travis rubbed the spot where she hit him.
“Ow Katie-Kat. That hurt.”
“It was suppose to.” Travis chuckled.
“Anyway ready to go-” I heard something growl behind me. Travis perked up and looked behind me. I turned around, seeing a giant dog with bloody red eyes staring at me. Katie looked alarmed. She looked towards me.
“Jon. Go find somewhere to hide now.” She told me. I couldn't. My feet were stuck to ground. My eyes were wide open. Travis growled and lifted me up.
“Stupid person. When Katie says go, GO!” He settled me down far away from the thing.
“What the hell was that!?” I asked. He ignored me and ran off towards the huge monster. I watched in shock as Katie and Travis fought off the large monster. They fought in such grace and bravery. They looked like they have trained for years. Katie held on to a dagger, slashing and stabbing the monster. Travis had quick speed and a hunting knife. He stabbed the monster in various placed at once. I just stood there looking like a wimp. Travis then stabbed it's eye and golden dust replaced it. Katie was breathing heavily with golden dust on her clothes. Same as Travis. They both smiled and high-fived each other. I just jaw-dropped. Both of them came rushing towards me. Travis stared at me with a serious face.
“Jon. Who's your mom?”
“My mom is a fashion designer in Paris. I live with my uncle.”
“Alright, who's your dad?”
“I never knew my dad.” Katie sighed. “Jon. You have to come with us.” I glared at her. I didn't care if she was hot, I just needed to live.
“Come with you?! I just saw you two fight a huge monster and you expect me to trust you?” Travis glared at me.
“It's important Jon. It's about your father. Come with us, or you die.” I winced. I sighed and nodded.

“Welcome to Camp Half Blood, I prefer Jon.” Travis says gesturing to the beautiful view in front of me. I smiled, seeing children with orange shirts about 10 ten years old running around. “What is this place?” Katie walked towards a huge house followed by Travis and I. “Camp Half Blood. A place for demigods like you and me.” I stared at her confused.
“Demigods? Like the children of the gods Ms Ryder taught us?” Katie smiled.
“So you were listening.” Well yeah. I wanted to impress you, I thought.
“But aren't they myths?” Thunder rumbled. Like someone was angry. Travis flinched.
“You shouldn't have said that Jon. The Gods could hear you.” I looked up, seeing gray clouds dance around the sky. Travis groaned seeing the clouds.
“Great. Now you made Zeus angry.” Rain started to pour from the sky, luckily the three of us were in the huge house. Katie rolled her eyes and started to search for something in a cupboard.
“Now you just have to watch the orientation.” I nodded and sat down on a comfortable couch. After I watched the video, I stood up.
“Wow. So the Greek Gods are real?” Travis nodded, chewing on gum and sitting on the patio chair.
“Yeah. You just have to stay in the Hermes Cabin for a while until your godly parent claims you.” I looked around and noticed Katie was gone.
“Where's Katie?” I asked Travis. Travis shrugged and put his legs up the table.
“She's getting you some clothes.” I blushed. Okay, that seemed awkward. I heard some laughing. I looked up and saw Katie and some other teens. One had wind-swept black hair and sea-green eyes. The other had princess curled blonde hair and beautiful grey eyes. Katie stopped laughing when she saw me.
“Oh I see you're finished the orientation Jon. This is Percy,” She pointed to the black haired guy, “And Annabeth.” She pointed to the blonde.
“Hi Jon.” Blondie greets me.
“Sup dude.” Percy says.
“Glad to meet you guys.” I say to them. Wait a minute. Weren't they under the rain when they walked towards the Big House?
“Um. Why aren't you guys wet?” I asked them. Percy smirked.
“Well Jon. I'm a son of Poseidon. And children of Poseidon could control water. Therefore, I controlled the water not to make us wet.” Annabeth stared at Percy in surprise.
“Wow Seaweed Brain. You just said something smart. Percy laughed.
“Guess I'm not much of a Seaweed Brain right?”
“You'll always be my Seaweed Brain.” They both giggled and walked out towards the cabins. Katie squealed when we saw them kiss.
“Aren't they so cute?” Travis nodded.
“Well then Jon. Here are some shorts, jeans, shirts and other toiletries.” She handed me a bag filled with stuff. I grabbed it and thanked her.

“So where's the Hermes cabin?”

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