Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


6. Jake Keith

Jack Keith's POV
Hello. I'm Jack Keith. I have brownish auburn hair, bright green eyes and my skin complexion is so pale I look like someone from a horror movie. My friends and I were talking about senior prom in a Starbucks place and also talking about who was taking who.
"Sebastian, would you be my date to Senior Prom?" My best bud Jamie Colts said. Sebastian Roberts smiled and nodded.
"Okay James." Oh I almost forgot to mention that they're both gay but they don't keep it a secret like some other dudes. Lily Lyles beside me looked at her watch and excuse herself and went outside to her care. Tom Miles smiled and looked at Laura Senter beside him.
"Laura, would you be my date to senior prom?" Laura giggled and kissed Tom's cheek.
"Of course, Tommy." Tom smirked and looked at me. I gulped and glanced at the beautiful girl beside me. Annabeth Chase, a beautiful hot nerd with calculating grey eyes, beautiful princess blonde curls and tan skin.
"I- um.. A-Annabeth," Annabeth smiled and looked at. me, "Um would you like to, um-"
Annabeth felt a vibrate on her lap and picked up her phone.
"Sorry guys. I gotta go now. My friend Thalia is at my house now. Bye!" I frowned and watched her run off to her car and driving away. Tom smiled,
"Don't worry, dude. You could ask her to dance tomorrow at prom. I bet she doesn't have a date yet." I nodded and got up and walked over to my car.
Tonight is the night I will confess my feelings to Annabeth. I looked at myself at the mirror and smirked.
"Hello gorgeous." I whispered to myself. I grabbed my car keys and hopped on to my (insert car name here). I drove to prom and got parked my car. I got out and went towards the school gym. I saw lots of beautiful girls there with handsome dates. I sighed and made my way to a certain blonde headed girl. Wow, she looked 100x beautiful as she was before. She wore a floor length sea-green dress that shone in the lights. There was a small amount of makeup on her face and her hair was curly and bounced off her shoulders.
Suddenly the DJ said, "Alright, let's slow things down a bit." A slow song started and I suddenly recognized it. I smiled and walked over to her.
"Hi Annabeth." She pointed her eyes at me and smiled weakly.
"Hey Jake. You look great!" I smiled. Sheepishly and held out my hand.
"Would you like to dance?" I asked. She frowned and shook her head.
"Sorry Jake, I don't feel like dancing." My heart broke.
"Um okay." She nodded and just stood there rubbing her arms. Suddenly, the gym doors opened and in came a drop dead gorgeous guy. No, I'm not gay but I swear if I were a girl I would definitely date his guy. The dude had jet black hair, sea green eyes and a not very fake tan. He also had a smile that made some girls faint. Annabeth was swooning over the guy same with all the other girls. What's so great about a guy that she just saw? The guy looked around the gym and his eyes landed on Annabeth. He grinned and started walking towards her.
"Hello there gorgeous. I'm just wondering, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" Annabeth smirked at the guy.
"No, but it will hurt when I flip you over." Yeah, go Annie. Show him what you can do girl. The guy chuckled which made my face go red in anger.
"Do you believe in love at first sight or do I just have to walk by again?" The nerve of this guy! Don't worry Annabeth, I'll save you.
"Excuse me sir, but who do you think you are trying to seduce miss Chase here?" I asked glaring at the guy with my fist clenched. The guy smirked.
"Oh just leave us alone buddy."
"No. I think you should leave US alone." I was really angry at this guy how. I threw a punch at him but surprisingly he caught my fist and lowered me to the ground.
"Dude, I don't want to hurt you. Annabeth's my date and my girlfriend." I coughed and my eyes widened in surprise. I looked at Annabeth and managed to say, "is it true?"
Annabeth nodded.
"Yes, Jake. It is true. Now Percy, leave him alone." 'Percy' let go of me leaving me clutching my arms on the floor.
"See you later Jake," He held out his hand to Annabeth and smiled, "May I have this dance?"
Annabeth blushed slightly and smiled back. "Of course."
We'll I guess I don't get my happy ending.

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