Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


13. Connor O'Connor

Hey, do you know that guy who was from earlier in the story? Kyle O'Connor? Guess what, I'm his fraternal twin brother, Connor O'Connor. Such a stupid name, like Philip Philips. I'm 16, single with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Unlike my brother, I'm not the player type. Sure he's good at sports, has lots of girls all over him. But I am also good at sports, not that much girls though. I have very good grades, I'm mostly a B+ student. I have muscles like him, biceps and a 4 pack. Some girls i've dated described me as sweet, caring and protective. They dumped me anyway. I'm really ashamed of my brother. He must have taken 20 girls home in the past month. I just roll my eyes and ignore him. He probably got his personality from my dad. He was a real player too. But when he met mom, I guess he changed.
“Hey Connor. Make sure to wash my car before I go out with Elizabeth today.” Kyle told me, running up the stairs. I was on the kitchen counter on my Macbook Air my dad got me for my birthday.
“Why can't you do it?”
“Or else!” He shouted. I sighed and got up from the laptop. I grabbed the car soap, a sponge and a clean towel. I ran outside to the garage and winced at the sun, hitting my eyes. I saw my brother's car parked on the drive-way with the garage door open. I placed the car soap, the sponge and the towel on a table and quickly took off my sweater. I got to work fast. I turned my head as I kept on wiping on the hood. There I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. She was just on the front yard of a huge house beside mine. I paused, looking at her. She was watering her flowers and other plants. Her caramel hair was up on a pony tail and she was wearing a silky white sun-dress. She was silently humming a beautiful tune. Should I talk to her? I don't know. Maybe I should, maybe I have a chance. I dropped what I was doing and rushed over to the girl. “Uh hi!” She looked up and smiled. I smiled back.
“I haven't seen you around here before. What's your name? I'm Connor.”
“I just moved here with my friends. And I'm Calypso.” I stared at her. I was distracted by her beauty. She seemed uncomfortable under my gaze.
“Um. Is there something on my face?” I shook my head.
“N-no. You're just... so beautiful.” She blushed in embarassment.
“Sorry. I have uh-a boyfriend.” I frowned, my heart dropped.
“O-okay.” I replied, “See you later?”
She nodded and continued on with her gardening. I turned my back to her. I stomped up to my house and shut the garage door.
Unfortunately, I ran into Kyle. “Hey loser. You done with my car?”
“Yes.” I grunted. I walked to the stairs, but I could feel Kyle's evil smirk behind my head.
“What's with you?” I turned to face him.
“There is this girl. She's pretty. But she has a boyfriend.” Kyle chuckled.
“Ah, little brother. You know, girls like guys who are tough and sleep with them properly.” I bit my tounge.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah,” He says, crossing his arms, “So what if she has a boyfriend? Take her away from him, sleep with her.” I shook my head.
“Sorry, Kyle. I'm not like you. I don't treat ladies like that. It's not right.” Kyle snickered as I rushed up the stairs.
“That's funny, Connor.” I quickly shut my bedroom door.

The next day at school, I saw my brother with his jock friends and two other girls. I ignore them and went straight to my locker.
“Connor?” I turned my head and saw Calypso with some guy. The guy was 2 inches taller than her, had wild curly black hair and brown eyes. His facial expression was elvish and mischievous. He was holding hands with Calypso, tightly. I guess this was her boyfriend.
“Connor, meet my boyfriend Leo.” See? I fake smiled and held out my hand.
“Hi Leo, it's nice to meet you.”
“Likewise,” he says shaking my hand, “I've heard you and sunshine here met at our front yard.” Calypso playfully punched his arm.
“Wait. Our?”
“Oh! I'm living with him, and my other friends Piper McLean and Jason Grace.” Calypso says in one breath. I mentally gasped.
“Piper McLean? As in the most popular girl here?” Leo smirked.
“Wow, beauty queen is popular?” I looked at him confused.
“That's just a nick-name I came up with when we were.. uh.. kids.” He says. I nodded.
“Alright. I'll see you... maybe?” They both nodded and left, holding hands, and laughing. I stared at them. I sighed and turned.
“WHOA!” Great. I bumped into someone.
“H-hey. I'm sorry. Here let me help-” I bumped into a girl. A pretty girl. I blushed as we both stared into each others eyes.
“Um. Let me help you with that.” I say and grab her books.
“It's okay. Really.”
“I'm Connor. You?”
“Casey Anderson.”

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