Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


19. Ace Adams Part 1

Ace Adams' POV
“Ace is so cool!”
“He's the best!”
“He's is so cute!”
“Why can't he just date me?”
I strolled along the hallways of McInnis Academy. Red, black and white colors are our school's uniform. Black blazers and red tie for the boys while the girls have black blazers and red bows. They also wear skirts a cm above their knees. I'm Ace Adams with messy dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I'm also very smart and athletic. Boys look up to me like I'm their god or something. Girls annoy the hell out of me and keep asking me out. You could tell I'm the most popular guy in school because of all the attention I get. I just ignore them, wanting to be left alone. As I walked along the hallways filled with blushing school girls and admiring boys, I spot Reyna Arellano. She was beautiful with tan skin, dark eyes and always braided hair. Her obsidian eyes were now glaring at Kai Sims who refused to clean up the mess he made in the locker room. I was standing not too far away from them, but close enough to hear their conversation.
“I asked this chick to do it.” Kai gestured to a girl with short black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Reyna had her arms crossed.
“I can handle this,” She says to the girl, “you go what you have to do.”
The girl nodded and ran away. Reyna turned to Kai with rage.
“You made the mess, you clean it up. Are we clear?” Kai rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, whatever.” Reyna walked off, passing me. I had my hands in my pockets, smiling at the demon girl.

- - - -

The next time I saw Reyna, she was putting up posters for upcoming events in the main hall. She had her black blazer around her waist. Her white linen sleeves were folded up. Her long braided hair followed her head's every move. She had a box of posters beside her. She was on a ladder, her hands reaching up to a high blank space on the board. I just stood there watching her. Suddenly, the ladder started to move. Reyna also noticed and gasped. I quickly ran towards her. She fell into my arms safely. I saw her eyes were closed and a shocked expression on her face. As soon as she opened them, blue and black met. Her cheeks started going pink.
“What the Pluto, Adams?!” She pushed my arms away from her waist and stood up. I rise to my feet and look towards her. She had a red face on.
“I saw you fall.” She rolled her eyes and put her blazer back on.
“Yeah, whatever. Can you leave me alone?”
“Maybe you should go to the infirmary.”
“I'm not hurt.”
“Really?” I grab her arm and gripped it hard. She gasped and winced.

- - - -

“Can you please leave me alone, pervert monkey?” Reyna asked gently as she sat down on the hospital bed. I shook my head.
“Not until you're better.” Reyna groaned. The door opened and a blonde male doctor in his late twenties, probably, came in with a clipboard in his hands.
“Hello, Ms Arellano. Hope you're feeling better. I'm Dr Celestial.” Reyna had her eyes wide open.
“Apo-” She stopped suddenly, looking at me. I looked at her in confusion. Mr Blondie winked at her and left the room after feeding her lemon squares.
“So,” I start, “Do you know Dr Celestial?” Reyna shrugged still chewing on the lemon square.
“You could say that.” I nodded and looked out the window. The sun was about to set. Orange sunlight shot down through the window.
“I think I better go.” I said standing up, “My parents are probably worried.” Reyna nodded.

- - - -

~The next day~

I had a bouquet of flowers that I will give to Reyna today. I walked towards her hospital room. I turned the knob, seeing a group of teens surrounding Reyna. They all turned to look at me.
“You must have the wrong room, boy.” A girl with black choppy hair and blue eyes tells me. I shook my head.
“I'm here to visit Reyna.” A boy with curly brown hair burst into laughter.
“Little Reyna has a boyfriend?” Both Reyna and I blush.
“He's not my boyfriend, Valdez! He's just my stalker and a complete perverted monkey!” 'Leo' calmed down, still chuckling.
“Who would stalk you?” Reyna punched the guy playfully. The girl beside Leo who had cinnamon brown hair and caramel skin also punched him. Soon enough, all the girls started punching the poor guy.
“Ow! Ow! Okay- ow! Ouch that hurts!” I stood there awkwardly, the flowers still in my hand.
“So, who are you?” A guy with squared glasses asks me.
“I'm Ace Adams. Please to meet you.” I held out my hand which Mr Glasses took.
“I'm Jason Grace.”
“Percy Jackson.”
“Annabeth Chase.”
“Piper McLean.”
“Leo Flamin' Valdez!”
“Calypso Ogygia.”
“Frank Zhang.”
“Thalia Grace.”
“Hazel Levesque.”
“Nico di Angelo.” I smiled and nodded. Annabeth's phone began to ring. She answered it and started speaking in a strange language. Greek?
“So,” Percy says trying to start a conversation, “how do you know Reyna, besides the stalker part.”
“I'm in her homeroom,” I replied, “I saved her from falling down a ladder and I'm the only one in school who is her equal in both sports and academics.” Everyone seemed impressed. Annabeth got off her phone and turned to the group.
“That was Chiron. He needed us for something.” All of them nodded and said their goodbyes to Reyna. “It's your turn to entertain her, stalker boy.” Leo says winking at me. I gave him a thumbs up. As soon as they left, I place the vase on the nightstand beside her.
“What are you doing here, Adams?” Reyna asks.
“I'm here to visit you. Le duh.” I tell her smirking. She blushed uncomfortably.
“Ugh. I feel weird.” She placed her hand on her forehead and lied down. She removed her hand from her forehead and touched her cast.
“When the hell am I gonna get out of-”
“Ms Arellano!” Dr Celestial burst in the room.
“You are free to go. You just need a parent or guardian to sign. Oh wait, your mother signed it. Never mind. You could go whenever you feel like it.” Dr Celestial then walked out of the room. Reyna sighed in relief.
“Thank the gods.” Dr Celestial poked his head inside. “Your welcome!”

- - - -

Reyna's POV

It was my turn to be hall monitor. Mitch Faux had the flu so I had to take over. My expression was as cold as ice, my praetor mode was on.
“Reyna! Oh Reyna!” I turned around, seeing my mortal friend Sara Tanner and Celene Gray. Sara had her arms in the air, trying to get my attention. Celene had her arms around her back.
“Hey guys,” I greet them, “What's up?”
Sara dramatically ran into my arms. “It's horrible, Reyna! Michael Drummers and Liam Johns are having a fight near the warehouse! Poor Liam is terrified!” I raise my eyebrows. Liam Johns is a guy from the mathletes club. He was marked as one of the 'nerds' as Michael said. Michael Drummers was the captain of the wrestling team, huge muscles, arrogant attitude.
“I'll see what I can do.” I angrily walk outside the building and head to a crowd of students.
“Alright!” I shout loudly.
“What is going on here?!” Michael had Liam hanging from his beefy hand. Liam was choking on his collar.
“Put him down, Michael.” Michael growled at me and dropped the skinny guy. Liam had a terrified expression, looking fearfully at Michael who glared daggers at him.
“What's going on?” I demand from Michael. “This nerd didn't complete my homework!”
Liam shivered, hiding behind a pole, “I-I-I was about to g-give it to him.” I shook my head and waved Liam off. He ran away quickly, hiding behind a bush with his friends. I turn to Michael who glared hard at me.
“What the hell, bitch?! This is none of your business. Scram!” This guy is really getting on my nerves.
“Listen, buddy. You do your homework, not other people! It's your homework, you have to complete it. Got it? Or was that too much considering your brain is the size of a peanut?” The crowd of students laughed. Michael took a deep breath.
“Alright, bitch. You've done it!” He raised his hand to punch me. A soft breeze suddenly got in his way. Standing right in front of me was Ace Adams. His unruly blonde hair was one with the wind, flying around. Michael still had his hand attacking. He punched Ace square in the jaw. Ace stumbled to the ground, touching his bruise.
“Ace!” I shout.

- - - -

I can't believe he did that. I mean, I could've handled it since I'm a demigod. But for a mere mortal, that would've hurt. Is there some sort of ambrosia for mortals too? I wonder. I'm here sitting on a hospital chair, sitting right beside an un-consious Ace. His blonde hair was extra messy today. I couldn't see his beautiful ocean blue eyes, sadly.
This guy had been annoying me for almost a year since I came to McInnis, but I'm starting to like his company. He's been saving me from falling, from getting hurt by bullies and actually being there for me. Even though he's a huge monkey pervert. He probably already knows about my demigod status. I've seen him during my fights with monsters, peering around the corner with wide eyes. I touch his cheeks with my hands. They were warm and soft.

“Thanks for everything, you idiot.” He shivers, moving, but not waking up. I sighed and grab his hand.

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