Mortals and Demigods

Snobby cheerleaders, jerky jocks and shy nerds meet (and fall in love) with the demigods of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood


1. William Collins

William's POV
I was sitting on the jocks table in the Saltwaters High school's (AN: can't think of a good high school name..) cafeteria. There she is.
I looked over to the other table near is. I had a crush on one one of the girls there.
Her name is Annabeth Chase, the captain of the Volleyball team, Captain of the Science Geeks and top student of Saltwaters High School.
You see, she's not like other girls. She is quiet and mysterious. Every summer, she goes to a mysterious summer camp which no one knows except Katie Gardiner, who is one of Annie's Best friends.
Whenever I go by, girls would swoon except her and Katie. I'm currently planning on asking her out later after school. I turned to my buddies.
"Hey guys, meet me after school at the parking lot. I'm planning on asking Annabeth Chase out."
My buddies high-fived me and gave me fist bumps. "You go dude! Make her yours! I'm planning on asking Katie out too!" My best friend, Sebastian said. I grinned.
-skip to the parking lot-
I opened the school doors and started running to the parking lot.
I saw Annabeth there, reading a book. I looked behind me to make sure Sebastian and my other buddies are there.
I sighed. This is it Collins. You are gonna find out if Annabeth likes you or not.
I smiled to myself and walked towards her.
"Hey Annie." I called. She looked up and saw me. She smiled. "Oh, hey Will." She said and turned back to her book. I grinned.
Oh she so likes me. I went closer to her and said,
"You know Annie I reall-" But before I could say the next word, two cars comes speeding up. One was a sea-green maserati spyder and the other was a golden ferrari. They both parked near Annabeth and I.
When the door of the spyder opened, a tall guy about 6'3 came out. He had jet-black, untamed hair and sea-green eyes, almost like the car. He was also very muscular and had a tan skin complexion that looks like he lives in a beach.
The other doors opened and a cute girl with spiky raven black hair came out. She, unlike the other guy had electic blue eyes that almost like it had lightning bolts in them.
Another guy came out but he was shorter than the muscular guy. He had silky black hair and dark eyes that almost looks like a pit. His skin complexion was very pale.
The other car's driver door opened up and a mischevious looking guy came out.
That guy was tall but not as tall as the first guy. He had wavy dark brown hair and sky blue eyes.
The door beside the driver opened and out came a guy that looks exactly like the other guy but one inch shorter.
All off them walked towards Katie and Annabeth.
The tall and muscular one walked fast to Annabeth and the driver of the other car walked fast to Katie.
Both of them grabbed them and pulled the in for a hug. My heart slowly broked when I saw the tall guy kissing Annabeth's cheek.
Were they dating? I hope not. I cleared my throat.
Annabeth looked at me and said,"Will, this is my boyfriend Percy. Seaweed-Brain, this is Will." My jaw dropped.
I almost felt tears on my eyes but I managed to hold them back. "Oh." Was my oh so mighty answer. "I-I gotta go."
I ran away from the kissing couple. I wiped my tears with my jacket. That is how I met Annie's boyfriend. And it wasn't me.

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