My story

Hi my name is Red yes it is Red well if you want to know my life then go a head and read, I have a lot of fun with my family oh yeah I forgot I'm a vampire. Shush don't tell anyone my secret it going to be a bloody ride, have fun!


2. WTF

I can't believe I'm a vampire yeah I been getting dizzy is that explain everything I looked at my parents in shock, trying to read their faces but I couldn't tell if there lying or not. I asked but to me it sounded like I was demanding but oh well, "why haven't you guess told me this before you can't be serious trust me I can't be a vampire no flipping way.'

My parents looked at me if I was just being funny and then something made my day even worse, four big words, "your going to high school."

My day has just got really bad see I'm home school and this is probably why because I'm a vampire but that still doesn't make since so I just screamed, WTF.

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