My story

Hi my name is Red yes it is Red well if you want to know my life then go a head and read, I have a lot of fun with my family oh yeah I forgot I'm a vampire. Shush don't tell anyone my secret it going to be a bloody ride, have fun!


1. Changing

If you really want to know I wasn't born a vampire like everyone else in my family I was the unique one the one that didn't now anything that what sucks about being a little kid. So picture this your sitting on the couch like you usually do and, your whole family comes in to talk to you, think there going to say what are you doing, but no they didn't thyme told me that you been living with vampires your whole life. While not really only since you where two but you know.

I stood there gawked at what my parents just said I started bursting out laughing but they weren't, " you guess are for real I don't believe you is that why you and everyone in always gone at night?"

I was about to go punch my fucking brother in the got damn fucking face but I felt dizzy and I passed out.

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