The Final Goodbye By: J.L. Jacobs © 2015 (Full Length Book)

Out of sheer desperation, Sophia Lancaster flees her small town of Wellington, Ohio in order to become a mail-order-bride. Naive and full of hope, her world is shattered once again as she is quickly wed to Travis Ewing who seems to despise her from the moment they meet.

Over time, they fall madly in love with each other but Fate has other plans in store for them. This is a suspenseful and very emotional love story that is set in the 1890's where history comes alive. You will laugh and cry over Sophia's journey through hell and back as she fights for the only thing she truly believes in: Love.

*I love to hear your comments and feedback but please DO NOT POST ANY SPOILER ALERTS OR GIVE AWAY STORY INFO. This ruins the reading experience for others.* This is a rough draft version. This book is for mature readers over the age of 17 only. It does contain some profanity and a few graphic love scenes. The synopsis will be re-written, and I will be updating the book with edits.


27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: Renewal

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Renewal



     "Travis Ewing, I am going to positively murder you!" Sophia screamed as she was being assisted while trying to push out the baby. They had arrived at the hospital only two hours before and she was in some serious pain right now. Even the second dosage of laudanum she had been given wasn't doing a damned thing to help with her intense contractions. Travis had the gall to start laughing at her. Sophia groaned out loud and let go of one of the bed railings that she had been holding in order to lean over on her left side where he was standing to swat at him viciously. Her hand only met with empty air though as Travis keenly stepped backwards in order to avoid her assault, which only made him chuckle even more. Sophia began to yell at him even louder, "Oh so you think this is so funny huh? Well I will tell you what TRAVIS EWING, you try dealing with these pains! How's about you try being pregnant for nine months as your body gets fat and a baby kicks you in your ribs all the time? How's about you try needing to use the commode all the time because you need to pee fifty hundred million times a day! Or perhaps you would love having to deal with the constant back pains, the swollen feet and ankles, and the sore feet that hurts to walk on. I dunno, maybe it would be great if you were always hungry and craving weird foods all the time! You see me, I am as big as a cockamanie whale! Oh HELLS FIRE! You are working my last nerve! I swear, you will never, ever, ever touch me again mister! No more babies for you. No siree! This shop is closed ahhhhhhhhhhh ouch! Oh holy moly, this hurts. So. Bad!" Sophia cried out in a desperate wail of pain as she was seized by a contraction. Her hands once again grabbed a hold of the wooden bed rails on both sides of her as she began panting and bearing down to push some more. The more she screamed at Travis, the more he became infected with laughter. Then of course when her contraction ended, she was back to ranting at him. She glared at him through narrowed eyes while he kept on chuckling at her. "Why don't you come and lay in this bed and try pushing a baby out! No, instead you just stand there watching me as I do ALL the damned work over here! You think that's fair? Huh? Well, I'll tell you what Travis Ewing, this is no picnic! How's about you switch places with me? You think this is so funny? Come closer so I can strangle yo---- OH HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD!!!!!" Sophia closed her eyes tight and bore down as another contraction invaded her body. Tears of pain streamed down her face. Travis put his arm around her neck and he held her as she dealt with the pain while pushing down hard. If truth be told, there was no way he could ever do what she was doing. He could tell by the look on her face just how much pain she was really in. "You're doing wonderfully darlin'. That's a girl. Push harder." When the contraction ended Sophia looked over at her husband and began glaring daggers at him. "So help me God if you ever get me pregnant again I will... I will... I will castrate you! Oh, and another thing! Leaving me to fend for myself all those months! I'll tell you what Travis Ewing, you're in deep manure for that one! Just you wait until I get my hands on you! I will do more than just give you a swift kick in the bollocks over that! How DARE you leave me like that! I needed you!" Then she grabbed him roughly by the collar of his shirt and continued on with her ranting so that his face was mere inches from her own, "If you ever pull a stunt like that again, well, I won't come hunting you down! Do you hear me mister? I have put up with so much manure from you! Let's talk about that wedding of ours. You didn't even look at me one single time during that entire ceremony TRAVIS EWING! Not even once! That was our wedding! Then you refused to even kiss me when the judge said to. I felt so awful! Not that I wanted you to, but it was part of the ceremony! That was supposed to be our special day and you acted like you hated me! Then, THEN, the very next morning you were already telling me you wanted to dissolve our marriage! You hadn't even given me a fair chance! What in the hell is your problem? Do you know how many stinkin' tears I have cried because of you! I should just finish delivering this baby and go back to Wellington. I don't even know why I came back here! I am stupid, stupid, stupid for chasing after you like I have done!" She still had a firm hold of his collar when another contraction came. She was squeezing the shirt material so hard that it was cutting off his breathing. "Owwwwww! It HURTS! Ahhhhhh!" she screamed which hurt his ears. Not only was she cutting off his breathing but now she was damaging his ear drums but Travis was still grinning. When the contraction stopped she finally released him. It took him a minute before he could fully catch his breath again. She plopped her head back against the pillow. She was so damned tired. And hungry. This baby sure was taking its sweet 'ol time coming out! Then another thought hit her, "Oh! And by the way. Jeremy is dead. Yep. Dead. He went and hung himself last month. And guess what? I feel nothing! Nothing! You wanna know why? Because I am in love with you Travis Ewing! Did you hear me? I am in love with you!" Her hair fell over into her face and she used one hand to annoyingly whip it away. Once again Travis was hit with a bout of the giggles thinking what a little spitfire she was. This was his wife. Delivering their child. And she was acting like a crazy woman! Sophia grabbed the glass of water on the small table to her right while he was laughing and threw the water right into his face. Dr. May about peed himself over seeing the reaction on Travis's face. This was surely one delivery that he was going to remember for the rest of his days. Travis stopped laughing briefly to look at Sophia as she was glaring him down. He grabbed the glass out of her hands and then threw the little bit of water that was left in it back at her face. She took on a look of utter shock before another wave of annoyance and anger besieged her. She sat straight up and took her pillow from behind her. Travis quickly darted over to the foot of the bed where Dr. May was sitting on a wooden stool and just as she threw the pillow at Travis, he ducked causing the pillow to hit Dr. May square in the face. Travis, who was hunched down on his knees, took a cautious look over at Sophia to see the look of shock on her face. Then he looked over at Dr. May who also had a look of shock on his face. Dr. May bent over to grab the pillow and threw it at Sophia. Travis lost it at that point. He fell over onto the floor dying from the hilarity of the moment. Even Dr. May gave in.

     As both men were laughing, Sophia climbed out of her bed while using one hand to cover her engorged stomach and she walked over to where Travis was standing and gave him a swift kick right in his arse. Then she walked back over to the bed, climbed back in, and re-positioned her pillow so that it was once again behind her head. "You two men are insufferable!" she pouted. Sophia had no idea that all the noise coming from her hospital room had caused curious nurses and doctors to stand there watching from the doorway. She only noticed they were there when she heard more laughter coming from that direction. "Oh, so you all think this is funny too, eh? How about you come on in here and deliver this baby for me!" she cried out at them. Dr. May sat there watching the exchange with a twinkle in his eye. Even he was amused with the show that Sophia had been inadvertently putting on for them all. "Travis, you stand back over here so I can reach you! This instant! You did this to me and I am going to hurt you so bad! I feel like---- ahhhhhhh!" Her continued tirade was cut short as she was seized with another contraction. Sweat was dripping from her forehead and it was trickling down the sides of her now reddened face. Her hair was pinned up but many strands of it came loose and was wet from both the profuse sweating and the little bit of water that Travis had thrown at her face. Sophia began panting as she started to push again with Dr. May's directive. That's when Travis stepped back over to her bedside and allowed her to grab a hold of his hand which she did. She was squeezing it so tightly that his circulation was being cut off but he said nothing. He was just so thrilled to even be allowed in the room with her while she delivered the baby. Most fathers are made to wait outside the room until after it was over and done with, but he was very insistent that he wanted to stay in there with Sophia. Especially after how Rebecca had died. Travis couldn't help but to think back on his late wife when she was in labor for the third and final time. As he held Sophia's hand, his mind began to recall the memory of that horrific day.

     Rebecca had never allowed him to be in the delivery room with him while she was in labor with their three children. All of his children's births, with the exception of this one, had taken place in his bed back at the ranch. When Mikey and Hope had been born, he was forced to wait in the other room with her parents and Mrs. Cox who had so much nervous energy that she spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking up enough food to feed a small army. When Rebecca had gone into labor with their third baby, he did go in the room a few times to offer her words of encouragement. She kept telling him to go away and made it a point to say that this would be their last baby. Finally her labor pains had increased and were close together so she told Travis to send for Dr. Folsom. Mr. Cox went into Dallas looking for the doctor and when he had showed up at his medical office, another doctor there said he had gone off to the Blue Moon tavern. Mr. Cox was able to find the errant doctor there easily enough and grabbed the man by his suspenders to have him go back to the ranch with him. Once Dr. Folsom had showed up at the house, Travis could smell the alcohol on his breath even from a few feet away. Travis had not liked the fact that Dr. Folsom was obviously inebriated; so after four more hours of Rebecca pushing their baby girl out, he had decided to go in and be with her despite her protests otherwise. When he walked into the bedroom after the fourth hour of her pushing, there had been blood all over the sheets and even all over her legs. Rebecca looked so pale and weak and when he walked over to her side, she barely had the strength to hold his hand. "I'm so tired." she whispered to him feebly. He ran his fingers through her auburn colored hair which was slick with sweat. Her dark green eyes were glazed over and Travis knew immediately that something was terribly wrong with her. He looked over at Dr. Folsom only to see that he was using a very long forceps inside of Rebecca's birthing canal, and the doctor was trying to yank the baby out as blood seeped forth from her womb onto the bed. "What in THE HELL are you doing to her?" Travis roared at the doctor, "You're killing her! You're going to kill the baby!" The doctor, who had been startled from Travis's unexpected yelling, dropped the forceps. Travis watched as they hit the wooden floor below and bounced a couple of times before coming to a complete stop. All the while the blood that covered it had been splattered all over the floor along with the bottom of Dr. Folsom's trousers and shoes. The doctor was oblivious to the mess. In fact, he had seemed pretty oblivious to everything. Hadn't he bothered to notice the severely weakened state that Rebecca was in? "Maybe yoush should wait in the other room Mr. Ewing. You are being no usesh to me right now! Thish here ish why the hushband stay in the other room. Now let me focush pleash!" Dr. Folsom shouted back. The doctor was slurring his words which only made Travis even more panicked. Travis took a few menacing steps towards the doctor and drew his arm back with his hand closed tightly in a fist. Just as he was about to connect the punch to Dr. Folsom's face, Rebecca had cried out ever-so-softly. "Travis. Don't. Please. I need you. I need him too." Immediately he forced himself to control the rage that was boiling within him. He returned to Rebecca's bedside and once again took a hold of her hand. He gave it a reassuring squeeze but she was so weak by that point that she couldn't even muster the strength to reciprocate his gesture.

     Travis was still holding onto her hand when she had lost consciousness. Panic began to set in. "Rebecca!" he pleaded to her in a hushed whisper, "Honey, you're almost there. Wake up so you can see our new baby." But she didn't wake up. Minutes later Dr. Folsom used both of his hands to reach up inside of her in order to pull the baby out. Travis was handed his bloodied and goopy baby girl while Dr. Folsom cut the umbilical cord. He was still so drunk that it took the doctor a few tries before the cord had finally been severed. The baby was so quiet and still, and her face and body was a dark purple color. Her precious little lips were so blue. His heart raced. Travis brought his new daughter over to Dr. Folsom so that he could help clean her up. While the doctor was busy doing that, Travis started to walk back over to the side of the bed when he noticed the flask sitting on the floor near the wooden stool. He picked up the flask. It smelled of grain alcohol and it was completely empty. So not only did the doctor come there inebriated but he had continued to drink during Rebecca's entire labor! A soft moan came from Rebecca's mouth and he instantly went to her side where Rebecca was lying so still. He could still see the blood oozing out of her and knew instinctively that it wasn't normal. This may have been the first birth he had witnessed but he knew this whole scenario was anything but right. "Mrs. Cox!" Travis screamed at the top of his lungs. Moments later the older woman opened the door cautiously and peeked her head inside, "Yes Mr. Ewing?" she had said. "Rebecca is bleeding pretty badly and that inebriated drunkard of a doctor over there is doing nothing to stop it. I need your help Mrs. Cox. I think Rebecca is losing too much blood!" Travis cried out in alarm. Mrs. Cox entered the room and made sure to close the door behind her. Mikey and Hope were eagerly awaiting to be called in so they could see their new sibling and Mrs. Cox decided to lock the door quickly for safe measure so that the young children couldn't wander inside. Mikey had been four and Hope had just turned two. Neither one of them needed to walk in out of curiosity to see the shocking scene before them. No, it was best if the door was locked. She then walked over to where Rebecca had been lying so quiet and so still. She was shocked to the core. It had looked like a murder scene in there and there was just so much blood everywhere! Without a word, she quickly grabbed some drying cloths off of the nearby writing desk and began to place them in a wad in between Rebecca's birthing canal in hopes that it would help stop the bleeding. Almost instantly they became sopped with bright red blood. She grew panicked herself not knowing what else there was that she could do to help stop her profuse bleeding. Once that was finished she strode over to the doctor who was finally done cleaning off the baby. Mrs. Cox watched very carefully as Dr. Folsom had hastily bundled up the tiny baby girl inside a small cotton blanket, and then Mrs. Cox took the baby into her own arms protectively. Looking down at the newly born baby girl, she could see that the baby was struggling to breathe. Her breathing was very shallow and it made her fear for the worst. "I havesh to deliver the placenta now." Dr. Folsom said while once again slurring his words. Travis looked down upon his wife and kissed the top of her head gently. "We have a baby girl Rebecca. She is perfect. She needs her momma. Please, open your eyes and look at her." Mrs. Cox brought the silent baby over to Travis with tears streaming down her face. The look on it told Travis that his daughter wasn't doing so well. He took his newborn daughter into his arms very carefully and took a moment to observe her. The baby had a weird gurgling sound coming from her chest every time she took a breath which wasn't very often, and when she did, the rise and fall of her chest was so faint that it was nearly imperceptible. Travis held her just above Rebecca's chest while using his elbow to prod her awake. "Rebecca," Travis said in a louder voice as he pleaded with his wife, "Please wake up! We have a baby girl. You need to see her." Rebecca's eyes fluttered open but just barely. She gave a very faint smile and whispered quietly, "Marie." Then her eyes closed once more and her breathing had stopped completely. Travis was still holding his new baby girl when Rebecca had died. He clutched the baby to his chest as big, fat tears fell unnoticed down his face. Baby Marie had died only minutes later while still in Travis's arms. Mrs. Cox began balling her eyes out and then took the dead baby out of his arms as he collapsed on the floor in a heap of raw emotion. Dr. Folsom seemed oblivious to any of what had just occurred. He was too busy starting to doze off in his stool as he waited for the placenta to come out. Mrs. Cox laid the baby down upon Rebecca's chest and wrapped both of Rebecca's lifeless arms around the baby. She then went over and sat on the floor with Travis as he sobbed over the loss of his wife and youngest child. After a short while a loud sound could be heard in the room. The two of them looked up to see that Dr. Folsom had fallen out of the stool and was passed out on the floor. Immediately, Travis jumped up from the ground and began kicking the doctor in his side with the tip of his cowboy boot. The doctor didn't stir. "You killed my wife and baby!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. Travis bent over and started punching the doctor in the face repeatedly until Mrs. Cox had unlocked the door and cried out for help. Travis couldn't even remember what had happened after that as it all became a blur to him.

     Mrs. Cox later told him that he had almost beat the doctor to death. The doctor was taken to the hospital by Mr. Cox. It took over two weeks for him to recover before he was released. But immediately upon his discharge he was taken to the jail in town where he spent time in the sheriff's custody until his trial date. Two days after the death of Rebecca and Marie, a private funeral service had been held. Rebecca had been buried in a mahogany casket with baby Marie tucked lovingly within her arms. After that day, Travis felt as if his world has just ceased to be. He was so full of rage, remorse, and guilt that he could barely function for the first month. After that, he depended highly upon Mrs. Cox for help with the house and children. There was a trial of course and Dr. Folsom had lost his medical license and was forced into retirement. He spent just over one hundred days in the Dallas county jail from the day of Rebecca and Marie's death until just after the jury had found him guilty. Travis had been raging mad over the jury's sentence feeling that the doctor deserved to be in jail for the remainder of his life. Travis also wanted the jury to have ordered the doctor's execution but they decided that since it had been the first time Dr. Folsom had delivered baby while being inebriated, they would give him a lesser sentence and not allow him to practice medicine ever again.. From what the gossip mongers spread around, Dr. Folsom was now living in Southern California.


     Travis was startled out of his reverie from Sophia's screams of pain. Dr. May was saying, "Only one more push Sophia but wait for the next contraction. The baby's head is out. Travis, would you like to see it?" Sophia was still holding on to his hand and released it so that Travis could go over and take a peek. He stood there in utter amazement when he saw the little round head that was covered in dark hair. "Sophia!" he cried out as tears of joy sprung in his eyes, I can see him or her! It has a full head of dark hair just like my own hair color!" Sophia smiled even though she was truly exhausted. Just seeing the look on Travis's face was so precious. Now that this was almost over, she started to feel bad about yelling at him the way she had. Actually, she felt appalled over her behavior. Why on earth did she have to go and mention all the bad stuff he had done to her in the past? Another contraction began and she closed her eyes tight and held her breath while her large stomach tightened horribly. "Okay. One more push Sophia and then you can meet your new son or daughter!" Dr. May pronounced with an excited look on his face. He was squatting down in between her legs with a small cotton blanket that he quickly draped over his outstretched hands. Travis stood there transfixed as his wife bore down and pushed as hard as she possibly could while screaming in pain. The baby seemed to have just slipped itself out and Dr. May quickly caught it. He held the baby upright and as the air began to fill up the lungs of the newly born infant, it had begun to wail. It was still covered up so that Travis could not see the gender. He didn't even think about it. He stood there and looked at his new child who was now crying with a fair amount of gusto. It was covered up in a weird white substance and some spots of blood. Little arms and hands waved back in forth as if it were mad over being pulled out of the warmth of its mother's womb. Dr. May handed Travis a pair of sheers saying, "Would you like to cut the baby's cord?" Sophia laid there in the bed watching her newborn as Travis sucked in a deep breath and cut the umbilical cord. Then Dr. May put the baby on a small cart and began to clean it off properly.


     Travis walked quickly over to the side of her head and leaned in to kiss her full on the mouth. "I love you Sophia. You just gave me the greatest gift a man could ask for. Thank you for that. I know it must not have been easy for you but I am truly amazed at the little blessing we now have in our life and I cannot wait to show Mikey and Hope the newest addition to our family." They were both crying tears of happiness. She reached for his hand, "Travis Ewing, you have also made me so happy. Thank you for blessing me with our baby to begin with. You have also made one of my dreams come true. I love you with all my heart. I am also really sorry for my tantrums. I was just in so much pain and you were annoying me by laughing at me like that." "I want to say sorry for all the hurt and pain I have caused you. We can talk more about it some other time but for now, know that you have my whole heart." He leaned in for another kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss even further. They were so lost in their love and happiness that they barely heard Dr. May. "Hey you two lovebirds, I don't mean to interrupt but I think someone wants to meet their mother and father." Dr. May laughed as he crossed the room. The baby was bundled up tightly in another soft cotton blanket that was like the one it had been in before when it first came out of Sophia. After Dr. May had cleaned the baby up, he had re-wrapped it inside a new and clean blanket. When Dr. May put the newborn in her waiting arms, she became speechless. She looked down at her child who was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. A love so intense that words could not describe it enveloped her from head to toe creating a delicious warmth of delirium from within her. Travis was bent over the bed as he basked in the miracle of a life that he had created with his wife, a woman who stole his heart and was his entire world. He lovingly watched as Sophia gently kissed their child's head several times. "I have never been so happy in my entire life." she said quietly as a bright flash of a smile crossed her face. "What shall we name the baby?" Travis suggested. That caused Dr. May to start chuckling out loud which turned into a full-on laugh. Travis and Sophia peeled their eyes away from the baby to look up at the doctor. He literally had tears forming in his eyes because he was laughing so much. Finally, Sophia spoke up with a look of amusement on her own face, "Doctor May, what may I ask is so funny?" It took the doctor a few moments to calm down his laughter enough to talk. As Travis and Sophia exchanged mutual smiles and looks of curiosity over the doctors fit of laughter, Dr. May said, "In all the years that I have been a doctor, you's two are the first ones to have never even bothered to ask whether the baby was a boy or a girl."


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