In This Nightmare

I looked at her with an raised eyebrow.
"And if I don't let you go?" She starred back, furious.
"You will die." I laughed, before my eyes became serious.
"No. You will." I was glad I just had the knife sharpened. It would have been a lot messier to cut her throat with a dull one.


7. Chapter six (Vasilios)

"How charming you aren't, I'm afaraid I'll pass. Goodnight, sir," Laelynn said in a friendly voice, trying - and failing - to make him drop dead from her glare, before spinning around in the most perfect parody of an offended noblewoman. Oh wait... She was a noblewoman. And the best part of it all? His face. A mix of confusion, confusion and... more confusion. Such an ignorant bag of muscles. 

I followed my sister and the Lady Laelynn outside on the empty hallways. When the door closed they both looked furiously at me.

"What are you doing here?!" my sister asked accusingly. I let the smile dissolve into a confused expression with my head tilted, brow furrowed and mouth slightly opened as I uncertainly looked at Laelynn and back at my sister again.

"I am attending a ball?" I said questionably. My sister sent me one of her rare scowls.

"Don't play games with me, Vasilios." Her voice was calm and did not invite argumentation of any sort. I raised an eyebrow, before looking slightly down and chuckled while a smirk grew on my face, showing of my right, sharpened k-9.

"Thou are truly in a fowl mood this day, my Lady," I told her. Her face went blank and before I even got to figure out what was going on, my head was forced to the side by a singing slap, most likely leaving a read handprint across my face, as Laelynn schrieked surprised.

I quickly moved my own hand to my now burning cheek and closed my mouth, which had fallen open in surprice. Laelynn started laughing, as I shook my head and turned my gaze on my sister. Who did she think she was?

I formed an apologizing smile and tilted my head slightly to the side I had been slapped.

"Dost thee wish striking the other cheek aswell?" I asked. The blank expression on my sisters face dissoleved into a furious glare, brows lowered, teeth and hands clenched.

"How dare you?!" she sneered. I folded my arms and looked at her with a raised eyebrow and an amused smile. She was such a pain. Honeslty, all I wanted was to attend this ball. How dared she?

"Forgive me, sister mine, but the reason for thy displeasure seem to have passed me by," I told her. She looked like she was going to slap me again, but slapping me once was completly out of character, slapping me twice was simply not going to happen. Besides, as she just proved so perfectly, she wouldn't show me anger and then slap me. She knew I would read her.

"I will be happy to spell it out in your own blood for you," Laelyn stated with a voice, that was shaking from the efford of keeping it neutral. I had told her so many times that the best way of scaring someone with a threat, is by delevering it with an amused smile and a neutral voice. That way it wouldn't be taken as a joke or simply somthing you said because you were angry. Unless your voice was shaking, that is.

I smiled indulgently at her.

"Keep working on it, my Lady, and Thou might just come to master it," I told her. My sister smiled and from the look in her eyes, I knew what was coming and took a step back right before her hand swooshed passed mere inches from my face.

"Do not talk to me like that!" she hissed, visibly annoyed that her strike didn't land. I simply shrugged.

"I am perfectly well intiteled to speak in whichever manner I choose. Now, I will return to the ball. Ladies." I smiled and bowed for each of them, before walking back into the ball hall.

The baron looked at me with confusedly furrowed brows when I sat down next to him again.

He was a large man. He was most likely the owner of the most well-trained muscles in the entire kingdom. Which, of course, also made newborns capable of winning against him in a race. His intelligence was doubtfull, but somehow he still managed to make somewhat rational decisions.

The baron's hair was the fastest thing about him, as it was hastily retreating towards his neck, yet his beard somehow managed to grow bigger and bigger each year. Bit like his stomach. Under the bushy eyebrows, his eyes were orange like Laelynn's left eye , his nose way to big for his face and and barely centered, making his mouth look too small with it's thin lips. He looked nothing like his wife, withher petite form, full lips, small nose and higher cheekbones.

"My Prince, what happened?" I smiled at him.

"Thy daughter seemed rather displeased with me, my lord," I told him. The baron confused brow turned into an angered one, as he turned his gaze towards his daughter, without doubt figuring out the best way of punishing her.

"Please forgive me my daughters misdoing, my Prince, I will see to she will be held responsible." I smiled friendly at him.

"Oh no, it is quite alright, tis it was entirely my own doing, my lord." He looked suspeciously at me, but let it go.

My gaze fell on the dispicable prince from where-ever, as he made his way towards Laelynn, as my sister was forced into a longer talk about ethics.

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