In This Nightmare

I looked at her with an raised eyebrow.
"And if I don't let you go?" She starred back, furious.
"You will die." I laughed, before my eyes became serious.
"No. You will." I was glad I just had the knife sharpened. It would have been a lot messier to cut her throat with a dull one.


8. Chapter seven (Laelynn)



“So my dear Laelynn, you claim that I am not charming?” the young prince asked confused with an innocent tilt of the head when he finally made his way through the crowd and reached me.

“Yes prince Duarcán, in fact I have the insolence to claim that you are the exact opposite of charming,” I cheerfully agreed all the while nodding eagerly to show him how very much I meant every word I said.

“Brave words dear,”

Since when was I dear to him?

I smiled at him through gridded teeth and clinched my hands. “They do say that I am brave your highness,” I giggled girlishly. How did girls do that? It was sickening honestly.

“That voice of yours must be very dangerous My Lady, one second it is sharp and cold then seconds later it is as sweet as the smell of roses in summer. Tell me how do I know if I can trust you?” he asked, his voice was silky and smooth. Like water before it drowns you.

“You cannot, I apologies deeply Your Majesty,” I snapped rolling my eyes slightly. Could he stop being so gods damn persistent about talking to me maybe? That would be much appreciated.

Instead he put a hand on my shoulder and I had to restrain myself from making a scene and pulling away….or maybe just….you know casually chop his hand off.

However as you may have noticed that would make the other nobles feel very weird so I had to find another way to go about all of this.

“I think I know why you snap at people so much and have an easy time changing your personality that way,” he stated suddenly.

“Aha, and why may that be?” I said completely neglecting the titles that I in fact had to use when talking to him.

“You are insecure of course, I do not blame you. Who would not be at least a bit insecure with a family like yours and such lack of abilities?” he asked sweetly. WHY WAS HIS HAND AT MY HIP NOW? WHAT WAS HE DOING?

“Excuse me your Highness but I…” in all honesty I was getting a bit worried…or well more than a bit.

I did not get to say anymore before a pair of lip were placed way to close to my ear.

“You could come with me….be queen….my queen to be exact…you won’t have to worry about being a freak anymore. Anyone who calls you that will die,” he assured me playing with a strand of my hair.

Stab him, stab him, stab him my brain repeated over and over again.

“What a flattering offer Your Highness, however I am afraid I have to decline,”

“It was not an offer,” came the flat reply.

“You may be a freak of a powerless child but your position and birth hold power, we do not need to tell anyone how useless you are, if the people can be convinced to believe that I have a powerful sorceress as my queen no one will dare even thinking about harming me in any way. Of course, you would benefit from it too. Live a life in luxury with no responsibilities. In fact the only thing that would be required of you is that you in due time give me a child,”


“Why you are awfully quite all of a sudden flower,” he laughed.

I did not get to reply before his lips had (very impolitely) locked themselves with mine….that this was the first kiss I had ever gotten just served to make it that much worse.

Only when someone tapped his shoulder gently did he finally break away.

There he stood….Vasillios eyes gleaming dangerously a gentle yet cold smile  was as painted onto his face.

“You know when you see a man who enjoys humiliating women, he is really afraid of other men. However when you meet a man who appreciates and respects the women in his life you know that he is strong to the point where he should be feared,” he stated calmly.  Though it was said in a voice almost no louder than a whisper, he had somehow managed to direct the attention of practically everyone in the room towards us. I almost could not help but feel a little grateful for the pale look upon the face of the other prince. Not that I was going to admit it of course.       

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