In This Nightmare

I looked at her with an raised eyebrow.
"And if I don't let you go?" She starred back, furious.
"You will die." I laughed, before my eyes became serious.
"No. You will." I was glad I just had the knife sharpened. It would have been a lot messier to cut her throat with a dull one.


2. Chapter one (Laelynn)


”Are you really doing this again Laelynn?” my mother sighed. The question fell from her lips not like a regular question but more as a “Please not again”.

“Yes I am,” I spoke up defensively as I snapped my fingers and with a little spark of light, my long otherwise brown hair turned a light sky blue.

“He hates this colour,” I informed my mother almost proudly.

“You can’t look like that with the queen coming over”

“I was thinking of sending him a hamster but then I felt sorry for the hamster,” I said completely ignoring my mother’s comments.

“She will be fine anyway, we know each other,” I argued against her as I tried to breathe despite the corset.

“I’m going to go now anyway, what can you loose from going to a ball with bright blue hair,” I asked flashing my mother a grin. That grin from back at school.

The ““Laelynn please turn on the light”

“No, do it yourself asshat””-grin that could drive practically anyone nuts but him. Maybe because he had been nuts already back then. Oh whatever it was not like he wanted to be my friend anymore anyway so if he brought destruction on himself then so be it.

Sighing once again my mother turned and walked out of the room. “Please change your hair back, the feast is about to begin,” she pleaded, one last time, still unheard and unfollowed. Then she was off with yet another headshake and sigh.

That woman was so good at sighing she may as well form a Circle of sighing people. Then there would be two Circle Leaders in the family. Two Circle Leaders and one gigantic disappointment. If you are still confused the disappointment is me…you were not confused? Well I guess it could not hurt to have at least hoped that someone would not see me as one.

Now to clarify, it is not because I was useless. I just….my magic was not very good. My parents had expected better than me changing small parts of my features or turning the slight on and off and so on. Some people said that my abilities might just not have “bloomed” yet. Though after nineteen years it was quite obvious that my parents had given up on me.

To make matters worse they could not have any more children, so they were stuck with me as I with them.

“Time to go ruin a party,” I mumbled with a dry laugh snapping my fingers and turning my hair a bright fiery red before letting it fade back to the blue that actually matched this hell of a dress I had been forced to wear. “Hey mum at least I know fashion,” I giggled girlishly before almost falling down the much too twisting staircase in my way too tall shoes.

It was clear from the many people clad in sparkling clothes that they enjoyed preparing for this feast more than I had.  The chatter of the nobles sounded like a hive of angry bees and I did not really enjoy the thought of disturbing said hive. Not because I was afraid of the other nobles no no. I was really just afraid of being bored to death before the soon-to-be-queen even got here. So before anyone could grab my arm and pull me onto the dancefloor or something equally humiliating I found a chair in one of the corners far away from the other people and sat on it and made sure to sit as improperly as possible. Legs carelessly flung over one arm of the chair arms resting on the other and supporting the back of my head.

The few half worried glances I attracted were quickly turned away by narrowed eyes and teeth barred in a “leave me alone or regret it”-sneer. The fact that the room around me kept going darker as I turned out to torches might have had something to do with as well.

“That’s Laelynn The Disaster,” I could hear them whisper in way too highpitched light voices even from here. I might not have been good at magic but now they seemed to forget that I had ears as well. Lovely.

“Laelynn the Unbloomed?”

I do not want to “bloom” you wet sock, I am in fact not a flower. If it should have escaped your noble notice I thought. These people were stupid. Dry old mages wasting their lives hanging over books so much it probably broke their back, and yet they had the hybris to think themselves better than everyone else. They could stay in their precious “Mage Circles” and have their bloody magic back for all I cared. Fuck them and the horses they rode in on too. I snapped my fingers…more aggressively this time leaving the room in darkness                 


“LAELYNN,” a voice that could only be my father screamed just as the doors opened and the unmistakeable royal anthem started playing.

Well damn looks like I had picked just the right time to go and demonstrate my anger.       



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