In This Nightmare

I looked at her with an raised eyebrow.
"And if I don't let you go?" She starred back, furious.
"You will die." I laughed, before my eyes became serious.
"No. You will." I was glad I just had the knife sharpened. It would have been a lot messier to cut her throat with a dull one.


10. Chapter nine (Vasilios)

"In other words: If you ever lay hands on the lady Laelynn again, I will chop of your head." He stared furiously at me. I simply smiled at him. 

"If I ever hear of you in anyway bothering another woman, I will hunt you down like the pig you are, cut off you pride and feed it to the dogs." A gasp ran through the hall in the pause I let slip in my speach, in order to let it sink in, before i continued: "I may never be king, but I will never be lesser than you. You, sir, are pathetic." He looked at me furiously, probably thinking something along the lines of-

"Who do you think you are?!" the prince of where ever's exclamation cut off my stream of thought. I raised an eyebrow in a calm, collected and questioning expression. Mostly I just wanted to hit him again. Or castrate him. Yup, castration sounded great.

"I am, as a matter of fact, the prince of Rhodon, and though I will never be king, I am still first in line. That, in case you were unaware, allows me to order the guards to arrest you. You, however-" I turned around to the people trying to figure out what was going on. "-Please close thy ears, my ladies-" I turned back to the prince. "Are a great big bag of conciderably short dicks." He starred shocked at me, before his entire face turned red with fury.

"How dare you?!" He asked furiously. "How dare you speak such words at me?!"

"Probably the same manner you force yourself on women. Now get out, Prince Weasel, or I will, as mentioned, personally escort you out, with your pride in a box for the pigs." I didn't wait around for his reaction, as I knew we had already gotten into a neverending loop. Besides, the more times I spoke the threat, the less it would work. 

I grabbed Laelynn's arm and walked her back to her father while all attention was still at the prince.

"Let go of me!" she hissed.

"Laelynn!" Her father snapped. "He just helped you out! What manner of speaking is it you are using towards your saviour, not to mention prince?" I smiled at him.

"No worries, my Lord," I told him, as Laelynn managed to put up a face, so full of fury, it almost looked like the prince's.

I made my way to where my sister was standing.

"What a dispiceable young man, wouldn't thee say, my Queen?" She glared daggers at me.

"So very much alike yourself, brother," she said nicely, before making her way to Laelynn's side.

The rest of the ball was nothing to brag about. The guests had grown awkward because of the unusual and unpleasant events.  Therefore, I decided it was time for me to leave rather than waisting my time. 

"What a delightful ball, lord, though I fear I must go. Greet thy daughter and send her my best of wishes," I told the baron, before standing.


Upon returning to my own castle, I quickly got hit by my most hated feeling: Boredom. So, naturally, I decided to torture someone.

I went down the stairway, which was one of those stairs that goes in spirals to save space. Usually, though, those stairs are curved to the left, so a knight making his way up the stairs would have to reach over to his left side, in order to fight the person coming down the stairs, giving him a severe disadvantage, especially since one wrong step would send him crashing down.
My staircase, how ever, was curved to the right. This would make the knight making his way up the stairs have the advantage, which of course was bad in case of siege, since the attacker usually came from down and wanted to go up where most private quarters were located and where you would put your safe-room, which I found ridicules, as siegers could just burn you out.

The point with my staircase being curved the other way, is that a righthanded knight most likely is a leftfooded knight, which means he will step to the right in order to get further away. On a spiraling staircase, the steps will of course always be conciderably more narrow closest to the middle of the spiral. Point being: In order to fight at their full capacity, they will take a step to the right, and either get very distracted with not falling, or actually falling.

Quite seperately, I worked just as well with my right hand as I did with my left, so which way the staircase spiralled, really didn't bother me at all.

When I opened the door to the basement, sobbing came from various diferent places in the room.

Different victims, different purpose. Although the prince of where-ever's behavior had bothered me, I did not see myself above rape. To me, there was a difference between being disrespectful to and seeing yourself above women and simply breaking their mind apart before following up with their body. The first was being delusional, ignorant and a bastard, the second just being down right cruel.

I looked around at the men and women.

"I am bored," I stated. They looked - if possible - even more terrified than before. "Any suggestions?" No one answered. 

"No? Oh well. Then I suppose I will have to figure something out myself, huh?" I walked further in the room, lighting the lights so it became slightly easier to see.

The sand on the floor had mostly been coloured dark red from dryed blood. A man was hanging upside down at one wall. He was an experient of mine. To see how long a man could survive hanging upside down. The man was the knight whom I had comforted earlier that evening.

On a table in one of the corners, layed a naked woman, bound on hands, feet and neck, keeping her in place. Her, I carved patterns in. At times, if I was really bored or had a hard time concentrating, I would drip some acid on the bundle of nerves found in the female sex organ. Listening to them scream always helped on my concentration.

I had learned many things down here. Things about the human body and mind. And most of all: about their boundaries. For example, at average, one would survive starvation for fourty-two days. Dehydration for a bout seven. Physical pain, however, was a bit harder to measure on. Some died at the mere sight of a knife after all the panic of being tied up, others seemed to survive for seconds after I cut out their hearts. It was al very facinating, really, but most of the time, I just enjoyed inflicting pain.

It is the simplest thing, inflicting more physical pain, than a man can possibly take. So simple. No creater science to it. Just find the most sensitive place on the body, and slam something into it, preferrably a hammer of some sort, a couple of times and there you have it.

Mental pain was not that much harder. I found, that men takes the most psycological damage after rape. More than women. I believed it to be because of all that fuzz about the greatness of the male gender. To be honest I never got that. Men both took damage because of the violation of their body, the shame of being over powered, the shame of being made less than someone else in such intimate and horrible way and their pride and control being stripped away from them. In short: Men took more damage from being raped, because of the destruction of their ego.

Now, the way of getting the greatest impact out rape, was if to make it slow and agonizing. The longer it lasted, the more time the victim would have to feel the pleasure they had no control over and to feel their bodies betray them. Untill they begged for release. Then they would spend time debating with themselves, if they liked it and that way quickly tear down their selfesteem.

When that was done, it was always fun to, for exsample, whip them untill their skin hang in strips from their backs, pour some boiling water over them and roll them in salt. Or slowly drip acid into their eyes, waching them scream out of agony and the fear of going blind, which, of course, they did.

One time, I found asome kind of fungus that, if eaten, made up completely, barking mad. I fed it to one of my victims and when I handed him a knife and told him to eat his face after he complained of being hungry, he simply replied with: "Okay," and started, seemingly unbothered, to cut pieces of his face and eat them.

I looked around in the room, and walked over to one of the young boys in one of the corners.

"Let's see how far we can stretch you before you break, shall we?" I asked him and laughed at his terrified expresion.

The boy was about eight summers old.

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