In This Nightmare

I looked at her with an raised eyebrow.
"And if I don't let you go?" She starred back, furious.
"You will die." I laughed, before my eyes became serious.
"No. You will." I was glad I just had the knife sharpened. It would have been a lot messier to cut her throat with a dull one.


5. Chapter four (Laelynn)

 "Did you hear how he spoke to us?" I asked quietly closer to Caristíne so she could hear me. The queen eyed her brother.
"I did," she whispered back, "but I'm afraid he doesn't care much." 
"I want to whip that smile off his face and kick him between the legs," I mumbled angrily eying the younger boy who was once my friend as he made his way around places, and most likely charmed all the guests. They saw nothing….they saw NOTHING. Just as I had not seen anything in the past. Their ignorance still made me want to scream. 
Caristíne smiled halfhearted. 
"I'd gladly hold him for you," she said and I saw the pain in her gaze and the tiny laughter I had tried putting in my words was lost in concern. Concern and hatred. He deserved death for this. 
"You know, as the new regent you could technically have him sterilized," I suggested. 
"Would you have me kill him for breathing too?" she replied.
"Sounds about right." 

“He is talking to your father,” Caristíne warned me. I must have dazed off in my thoughts of how disappointing these nobles were.

“What’s that slimeball up to now?” I hissed out from between gridded teeth, knowing very easily that it could not be good. Vasillios never did anything good EVER.

However, I could not just run up grab, him by the hand and challenge him to a death duel or something so instead I made my way past the many guests standing in small crowds laughing or whispering together, golden liquor bobbling in crystal drinking-goblets.

However before I got very far (I was nowhere near reaching my goal and punching said goal in the face) I was stopped by….who the hell was that again?

A boy….probably a year or two older than me. His grey eyes twinkled in the light of the diamond chandeliers and a smile flashed across his tan face.

I did not like that smile much….one of the reasons being because it was clearly not meant as a “I’ll just pass you by and I’m just being polite by smiling at you”-kind of smile. This was clearly a smile that wanted….something….I was not sure what.

Luckily, Caristíne seemed to know.

“Laelynn, this is the crown prince of Welweth, Your Higness I trust that you have heard of the Lady Laelynn,”

“Course I have Your Royal Highness, she is as…..fair as the rumours say…..she sure does have a lovely….eye,” he said clearly quite desperate to sound nice.

Some people actually said I was pretty but….I….was never exactly seen as the very answer to what beauty was….Too flat and hipless you know. And to be honest to be reminded of that….hurt.

I was not about to let him know that though. Instead, I sent the prince my most mischievous smile.

“Oh as far as I know, I have two eyes. But I would be delighted to know which you like best Your Highness,” I said, my voice having grown poisonously sweet in a matter of seconds.

Sadly he did not at all seem uncomfortable by it. His smile just brightened as he ran a hand through his hair. It shined in the light like ink, and if it went dripping from his head and unto the marble floor it would not have surprised me much.

“Why both of your eyes are beautiful My Lady, though the left is more personal would you not say?” he asked.

Smooth….way too smooth. If I let myself seem offended now everyone would flip their shit. So instead I just blinked at him leaving only my right eye open. The blue one….not the mysterious orange eye that all magicians for some odd reason had. The one that I only had one of where everyone else with magical powers had two.

The gods had decided to mock me in every way possible it would seem.

“Of course Your Highness, however I have matters  to attend to so if I ma…” I did not get to finish my sentence before the apparently lackwitt prince had grabbed my hands and dragged me onto the dancefloor.

Only a few other couples were dancing. Which only served to make this more embarrassing.

“If his royal highness would be as kind as to let go of me, I would be very grateful,” I snapped. He was wearing such pretty and well-polished shoes….it would be a shame of something….happened to them. With that in mind….I of course decided to step on his foot.

Which….made him let go of me even faster than I had imagined at first. I guess these heels were good for something. Caristíne seemed to have a hard time holding back her laughter as I casually strolled over and walked by her side again.

“No more dancing,” I concluded with a solemn nod….I had been so focused on getting away from the dancefloor that is was by now I finally realised that our walking had taken us to my father’s seat….and Vasillios next to him of course.

Marriage? I would show him marriage I would?....No no no no not in that way….I just rah…..He turned his head and flashed us one of those despicable pointed smirks….that boy needed death and he needed it swiftly. I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at him sternly. “You are a dead man walking your royal highness,” I hissed.




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