In This Nightmare

I looked at her with an raised eyebrow.
"And if I don't let you go?" She starred back, furious.
"You will die." I laughed, before my eyes became serious.
"No. You will." I was glad I just had the knife sharpened. It would have been a lot messier to cut her throat with a dull one.


6. Chapter five (Cairistíne)

In public threatnening a prince was likely one of the stupidest thing you could possibly do. Not because I dissagreed, not a tall, but because I had no choice but to comment on it, especially with the baron within hearing reach of his daughters unwise word, however much deserving they were. I coughed and gave her an elbow in her stomach. 

"I'm sure lady Laelynn was only joking, dear brother," I said smiling, but they never reached my eyes, which I knew he'dbe very much aware of. Unlike us, he was never blind. "Am I not right, Laelynn?" 

Her eyes was burning with rage, but if she was to murder my brother, it would absolutely not be over dessert at a royal feast. I did not want my traitor of a brother to succed in bringing her down with him in the fall.

"I am not joking I will cut of his-" I caught her eyes and for the first time tried playing all my authority all at once. It was that sort of look that would have send the most hardcore of knights begging for mercy at my feet and make the most unloyal women swear to defend their contry with body and soul. But of course it did not work on Laelynn. 

"Laelynn!" I said, raising my voice at first, but then lowering it so the baron and hopefully not my brother either, would be able to hear it. "This is not the time nor the place for threats."

Vasilios was smiling, and it was a smile that reminded me of a summer, that felt like a million years ago...

We were out riding in the mountains and our nanny was somewhere behind us. Suddenly he turned his head to look at me.
"Let's ride from her," and before I could do anything he had made his horse move forward in a horrible speed and I had to do my best to keep up with him. It turned into a race, but soon I had to give up. The smile he sent me afterwards, this insane smile of victory and something else, I couldn't place, I had not forgotten since. It was a smile that promised death and destruction, not for any reason, just because it was pleasant. He enjoyed teasing me. I wondered if his only purpose was to find joy in hurting people. 

"Dear sister, thou needn't worry thee-" I didn't allow him to finish, since I did not feel like allowing him the audience that was the ball attendents, so instead I cut him off: "Thank you, my brother, I would very much like to speak with you in private." He leaned back in his chair, smiling that horrifying halfsmile of his, and looked at me with something, I with everyone else would have catagorized as amusement.

"Why?" No formalities, no feelings, no threats. And yet he could have as good as choked me. And so, with that word, he got himself an audience, and I was left alone to make up a good reason to get him out of here.

"It has been ages, my brother. Six months is way too long a time among friends, and I am sure the lady Laelynn agrees. I merely wish to speak with my younger brother, and hear about his important buisness, since I had not yet had the pleasure of seeing what you have been spending your time with." There was a hiding threat in my words. I did know what he'd been up to. I had seen. But I wanted to see him and if he refused I'd crush him like the filthy bug he was. 

He smiled and apologized to the baron, before rising and bowing infront of us, and I felt a sickning feeling crawl up under my nails. How long would I have to pretend? How long could one person keep the spirit of a nation? How long could I lie to my people. How long could I let my feelings run my head? 

The truth was however long it takes. For me to give up. But that was not going to happen. 

Instead I smiled and gratefully took the arm my brother handed me. He took Laelynn at the other and as we walked through the room, he turned many heads. I heard how they mumbled about the prince, and how devastating the news of my fathers death had had to be for him and his great adventures. They had no idea. 

From behind I heard a coughing and I sighed, before letting my brother know to stop, and I turned around to meet the crownprince I had conversed with earlier. I let go of my brother and send him a dazzling smile. 

"Duarcán!" I exclaimed and ignored the malicious look on Vasilios face.

"I did not know you took princes for late night walks, your majesty," he said playfully. I was close at throwing up. No, I did not. Not him, not my brother. Noone. "I feel rather offended, I have not yet been invited to one." I smiled halfhearted. 

"My dear Duarcán, I assure you, if my schedule is ever open to a moonlight walk for no purpose, you'll be the first to know." I courtezed and smiled, before turning my back to him. 

"What about the lady Laelynn then?" Vasilios was close to laughing now, but he kept his cool. For now. I suppose he felt amused by the akward situation both Laelynn and I were in.

"How charming you aren't, I'm afraid I'll pass. Goodnight, sir." Once again, my best friends way of putting things left me startled and my brother started laughing.

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