How to be a violinist

Amber has been playing the violin for as long as she can remember, her whole life revolves around music and the violin. When she plays the violin she feels like she is transported to a whole other world, until she inherits her grandfathers violin something magical happens


2. Tuesday April 16, 2015

Next week Thursday  is my concert and I have a solo to practice, I wrote this song myself. Unlike other people the way I write a song is way much different, I write a story first. Writing a story helps me figure out what the song is gonna sound like and what notes would be best to play at certain parts. My story is about a fairy that wants to bring good luck to the little village she lives in, but when she looses her powers she becomes sad and resentful then  the fairies friend sacrifices her magic for her.  AMBER!! My mom is calling me I have to go dairy. 

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