How to be a violinist

Amber has been playing the violin for as long as she can remember, her whole life revolves around music and the violin. When she plays the violin she feels like she is transported to a whole other world, until she inherits her grandfathers violin something magical happens


1. Monday April 15, 2015

I walk into the front doors of Salmon creek middle school and immediately go to the orchestra room, I put my violin in the pinkish cabinet right next to the entrance. I walk towards the piano and set my backpack down on the wooden floor, behind me is a big mirror. We share this room with the dance class. My name is Amber Williams and I play the violin, I like playing the violin and sometimes it's so frustrating that I want to quit but I don't. Why? Because It is good for me to have a talent like playing the violin. I help set up the room and get my violin out. My violin has tiger like stripes on it in a maple brown color that goes well with my dark cherry red bow as I set the bow down on the A string I play the notes softly like a river flowing through the jungle. The music slowly speeds up as I made my way to playing a high 3 on the D string and some eighth notes, the current of the river speeds up sending the water down a water fall. I start vibrato now as the water rushes through the rocks. I move on to the next song I play on the D string and the G string and surprisingly the A string has made it's way into the song. I vision a calico cat waking up and slowly making it's way into the thick grassy forest, as I  make my way to the D string  the cats sharp senses hear I rustling through the grass and slowly the cat stalks it's prey.  The cat runs through the forest floor slicing through the trees as I swiftly play the eighth notes, here it comes the G string the cat pounces and bites into it's prey. The mouse is caught and with the help of my good vibrato skills the cat walks proudly back to the little hiding place called home and the birds soaring through the clouds and look down to see that a mournful day will come. The sound of clapping rings in my ears as I look around and see all my classmates and teacher clapping for me. A big smile spreads across my face. good job my teacher tells me you succeeded at the playing test. This is the part of school I love the most, orchestra class it's so fun and easy. After a long day at school I finally get to go home and just practice, practice, practice and practice. When I walk through my neighborhood I see the crystal clear blue sky and the warm beaming sun on my face, when I look up I see the birds in my vision earlier. The music starts in my head again, a melancholy solo on the E string plays softly as the cat climbs the tree tops he notices the bluejays soaring through the cotton candy like clouds. Why don't the blue jays blend in with the sky so they can hide from the devious cat? The sight of the mother bird helping her offspring fly in the near maple tree trigger a sense of a soft solemn vibrato that rings through my ears. Soon the vibrato fades out into the distant void, and a active yet soothing solo soon comes at a stop on the A string as the mother bird and her offspring take off through the sky into the cotton candy like clouds. My daydreaming fades out as I have made it to my room and practice my violin. I will soon write again tomorrow diary. 

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