Dragon Witch: Shadow of the Past

Leila tries to live her life as normal as possible- well, normal for her kind. Her past is rocky, but she has found friends she considers family and is finally forgetting and moving on from the weird past she had. However, when a mysterious warlord appears and her realm's arch nemesis somehow gets inside their borders, Leila is forced to remember the horrific events that torment her and must get down to the bottom of this mystery. However, things are not always as they seem, and there are more forces she did not expect coming; particularly the Great Malevolent Dragon, Abraxas.


1. Friendly Battle

"Remind me again why I signed up for this?" A tall young woman with long slightly curly chestnut hair in a knee length strapless forest-green dress, grumbled as she struggled to haul a bale of hay across the barn floor, she looked up to see her friend in the hayloft. "Khila?" She asked, questioningly. "Khila- oh, right. You're deaf." Looking around, she found a pebble and threw it at her friend.

"Ow!" Khila Oliver gasped as the pebble hit her shoulder. She turned and glared down at Leila. "Really?"

"Would you rather I pulled your hair with my telekinesis?" Leila smirked, returning to her original question. "Remind me why I signed up for hauling hay?"

"Because you wanted to help me get my chores done faster?" Khila replied, reading Leila's lips. "You know what my mother said."

"But why do these bales have to be seven hundred pounds?!"

"Who knows?" Khila shrugged. "But, you know the rule! No powers!"

"Easy for you to say, you've been doing this your entire life!" Leila called, turning away from her friend. Sometimes communicating was difficult because of Khila's deafness, but the girls made it work. All they had to do was face each other nonstop while chatting and everything would be fine. Or they would sign to each other.

"Poor baby," Khila taunted, laughing. "Would you prefer the Royal treatment?"

Leila glared at Khila, and then used her telekinesis to pull on Khila's hair. "Ow!"

Leila laughed, and then finished pulling the bale into the corner. As she walked out next to a large hay pile, Khila jumped off the loft, knocking Leila down. "Oh, that's it!" Leila growled, punching her friend in the arm. She then got out of the pile, just as Khila started throwing some hay at her.

"Girls!" Jenna, Khila's mother, called as she stepped in. "What have I told you about playing when you're supposed to be working?" She was also signing so that Khila would catch what she had said.

"Not to," Both girls said.

"Right," Jenna replied firmly, shaking her head. "No offense, Leila, but I don't want a barn fire."

"It's fine," Leila replied. As Jenna turned to leave, Leila turned to Khila and started to sign. How did she know?

She's telepathic, remember? Khila signed back. It's so annoying!

Just be happy you don't have a sibling who is telepathic, Leila signed. It's worse.

"I know you two are signing about me," Jenna scolded. "Knock it off."

Khila scowled, and Leila guessed Jenna spoke to her telepathically what she was telling Leila verbally. She knew the exact feeling.

After finishing in the barn, the girls walked into the small house. Jenna came out with a several glass bottles of milk and put them on the cart. "I thought we weren't going to market until tomorrow?" Khila asked.

"There's been a change of plans," Jenna replied with a sigh, putting the last of the glass bottles on the cart. "Krifton demands his payment early."

"Who's Krifton?" Leila asked, looking at Khila.

"Dragon Faerie, he supposedly protects us from the outsiders. In reality, he just counts our money." Khila replied.

"Why didn't you mention it to me?" Leila asked. "I'd be happy to help you guys out."

"You know what mom's like," Khila said. "She'd rather deal with the problem herself then being a damsel in distress."

"If you two are done talking," Jenna called, "I could use some help with selling the merchandise."

"Coming," Leila said, climbing up to cart. Khila climbed up after her. They sat just behind Jenna as she got the horses trotting.


"And when we're through, I'll be there for you!" Leila and Khila finished singing at the top of their lungs.

"Do you two ever stop?" Jenna asked rolling her eyes.

Leila signed to Khila since her mother wasn't facing her. Both of them shrugged and giggled. "Nope!"

Jenna rolled her eyes and continued watching the road. She suddenly started to look around drawing the horses to a stop. "What's wrong?" Khila asked.

Jenna held up her hand, remaining still. Leila heard thundering hooves not far behind them, and she didn't take it as a good sign. "Jen?" Leila asked, looking behind them. She could see four horses galloping toward them.

Jenna stepped down from the cart and stood at the side. "Stay here and don't get involved," she ordered looking at both girls firmly before walking to the back.

"What's going on?" Khila asked in a quiet tone.

"Don't know," Leila replied, indicating the horses approaching from behind.

"Krifton," Jenna said, crossing her arms.

"Jenna," Krifton smirked, dismounting. He was a tall muscular reddish blonde man with piercing gray-blue eyes. He looked up to see Leila and Khila in the cart. "I see you have your daughters here."

"One of them is mine," Jenna corrected. "The other is her friend."

Krifton chuckled, still gazing at the girls, before turning his attention to the shorter brunette. "I've come to collect my payment, Jen."

"I don't have it," Jenna replied. "I was on my way to market when you conveniently spotted us. I'll have it by sundown."

"Now, Jenna," Krifton replied mockingly. "You know what will happen if I allow you to pay later than everyone else."

"You'll be seen as someone who gives mercy?" Leila called, looking at Krifton disdainfully.

Krifton laughed. "I'd keep my mouth shut little girl," he said, stepping closer to Jenna. "This is adult business."

"What's going on?" Khila whispered to Leila.

"Krifton and some thugs are here," Leila replied, watching as a few more horses arrived. "Do you have your knives on you?"

"Of course," Khila replied. "Don't you have your bow and arrows?"

"Actually, I left them at your place."


"I didn't think I was going to need them," Leila hissed. "And we can't call our bonds."

Khila rolled her eyes, and grabbed one of her knives from her hip and glanced at one of the horsemen.

"Krifton, I'll have your money by nightfall," Jenna said. "Now leave before I do something I'll regret." Jenna warned.

Krifton smirked, and then stroked her cheek, which she pulled away from. "I've heard about what you can do with that pretty little mind of yours," he replied, chuckling. "I'd hate to see what you'd do to me."

"Then you'd be wise to leave before you experience what I'm planning on doing to you in my mind." Jenna warned darkly.

Krifton nodded and backed up to his horse. When his gang galloped off, Jenna returned to the cart and started the horses off again. "You two can relax now," she said.

The two girls looked at each other, and then shrugged. "What was it that you told Krifton?" Khila asked.

"That if he didn't leave peacefully, I would gut his mind to bits," Jenna replied verbally as Leila signed. The girls shuddered at the thought, and Leila made a mental note to really steer clear of her bad side.

As they approached the village, screams filled the air. Jenna pulled the horses to a halt, and jumped down. "What's going on?" Khila asked, confused.

"Screams," Leila replied, looking at her friend as she climbed down as well. As they ran out of the trees, blinding glints of light caught their eyes; making them squint.

"Leila, are those your guards?" Khila asked, squinting.

"No," Leila replied, noticing how some galloped on horses and they wore chain mail. "Those are Knights!"

"What?" Khila asked, not catching what Leila said.

"Knights," Leila repeated, looking at her friend. "Call Seraphina and stay close."

Christina, got some bucket heads for you to take care of, Leila called out with her mind as she raced down a hill. She may not have had her weapons, but she did have a few tricks up her sleeve. The village was in chaos as men and women fought against the Knights by using whatever weapons and powers they had- if any. The first Knight she saw closest to her charged; she easily knocked him back with her telekinesis. Two more Knights charged at her, a smirk crossed her lips as her wings sprouted from her back; she jumped into the air- using her wings for an extra boost- and the two crashed. An arrow nicked the top of her left wing as she landed; causing her to gasp and then look at the direction it came from.

The Knight was behind a fence by a house with a crossbow, and it was reloaded, about to kill his quarry. Unfortunately for him, Khila had seen what had happened, and quickly took action. Jumping onto his back, she slit his throat before he knew what had hit him.

'Thank you!' Leila mouthed; looking up as another Knight ran toward Khila from behind, screaming a battle cry. Leila shot a stream of flame toward him- as well as accidentally hitting Khila's left arm as she dodged. The Knight cried out in pain as he fell.

"Watch the fire!" Khila growled as Leila jumped the fence and caught up with her friend.

"Would you rather I let you get killed?" Leila asked cooly, briefly looking at the wound. "You'll live. Just have Sera breathe on it and you'll be good as new."

"Speaking of dragons," Khila said, looking around, and throwing a knife at another knight, piercing his heart. "Where are they?"

A loud roar sounded, making Leila look up, and see a greenish blue dragon fly by them; but was quickly shot down by an unseen archer. The dragon's body landed at the center of the village, where the chaos was the worst. Leila hurried to the fallen dragon and removed the arrow, seeing a black liquid substance at the tip. Touching it, she dropped it and gasped as her finger stung like crazy.

"What is it?" Khila asked, noticing her drop the arrow, and then throw a couple more knives at some Knights before turning to her friend.

"Dragon Bane," Leila replied, taking a deep breath and shaking her head as she took out her own dagger that she kept on her right thigh. "It's alright," she said in Dragon Tongue, a language she learned when she was younger. "It'll be over in a minute." She stabbed the suffering dragon at the point where the skull and neck connected. The dragon let out a strangle screech that was cut off as she removed the blade.

Christina, we have a problem... she called again.

Dragon Bane?

How did you know? Leila asked, confused.

We ran into a couple of juvenile dragons who were fleeing because of it, it's why we're not quite there, Christina replied.

Be careful, Leila warned. I can't lose you. Breaking the connection, she looked and saw a knight going for a helpless little girl. Using her telekinesis, Leila knocked him down and raced to the little girl's side. "Are you alright?" She asked, looking down at the girl.

The little girl nodded hesitantly. Another Knight charged at the two, but he was stopped by a stream of flame. The two looked up to see a small red dragon struggling to carry a quiver. "Pipsqueak!" Leila cried, happy to see him, but at the same time she wanted to scold him and tell him to take cover.

Taking the quiver, she put it on her back and took out an orange crystalline sword. Two large shadows flew across the village, roaring in warning.

Several archers pointed at the sky, and Leila quickly thought of something. "Sugge Avis flamma," she whispered, creating a large firebird instantly; shielding Christina- a beautiful red fire dragon with a golden underbelly, flaps and eyes- and Seraphina- a large midnight blue Water dragon with red eyes- from the arrows.

"Retreat," a commander called. "We've taught these demons a lesson!"

Leila grabbed her bow and an arrow, and then shot it at the commander. It struck his back, and he fell off his horse. His cries of pain told Leila a couple of horses trampled him before they could stop. Leila turned back to the little girl and waved Khila over. "I need you to go with her, okay?"

The little girl nodded, but Khila was confused. "What am I doing again?"

"Take her somewhere safe," Leila replied, making a self-conscious effort to look at her friend. "The trees would probably be a good idea."

Khila nodded and guided the little girl in the direction the women had come from. Leila, on the other hand, walked over to the one of the guards that Khila had killed, and looked at the crest. Anger coursed through her veins and she incinerated the body with a fireball. They had found a way into Gondra. That was not supposed to be possible, but they managed it somehow; and the memories of what had happened so long ago would resurface... Camelot would be driven out of it was the last thing she did.

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