Different (Murder Mystery Solving Team)

A group of advanced crime solving teens, age 12-19, work together to solve mysteries with the FBI. while solving these side mysteries they are trying to figure out who the main character is, she hides her real identity from her team.


2. Backround Story

Syn' s p.o.v (she's six)

"Mommy why are you picking me up early?" "I'll tell you in the car baby." She picked me up and placed me in the car and buckled me in my seat. "Baby, your daddy isn't with us anymore." "But where did he go, on vacation?" "No, well not really sweetheart, your father was killed." I felt  warm tear slip down my cheek. "Who killed daddy?" "They don't know baby." "I think it was uncle John, he never liked daddy." "Well maybe, for right now we just need to plan the funeral."  "No mommy, I want to find who did it first." "Well baby, that's going to be too hard, let's just get out and go to the grocery store." "Ok." 

They got out of the car

My mommy got me out of the car and held my hand. We walked into the store and I saw a guy with a hoodie. "Mommy, why is that guy wearing a hoodie?" "I don't know sweetheart." "Is it because he killed daddy." "Shh, we don't say stuff like that in public." "But he did, look he's scared because someone will catch him. And the police are chasing after him." She looked over and saw the police chasing him. My mother quickly brought me back to the car and drove me home. "How did you know he killed daddy?" "I don't know, he looked suspicious." My mom left and grabbed something then returned. "Who killed this person?" She held up a picture of my grandma. "My grandpa, he got mad and while he was mad he accidentally bumped into his gun and when it fired it hit grandma." "How did you know that?" "Because grandma is lying in a pool of blood, obviously from a bullet wound and in the background you can see grandpa on the ground with the gun next to him." My mother looked amazed. "You area truly special young lady."   

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