Different (Murder Mystery Solving Team)

A group of advanced crime solving teens, age 12-19, work together to solve mysteries with the FBI. while solving these side mysteries they are trying to figure out who the main character is, she hides her real identity from her team.


9. Another Hour

I opened the envelope and it was the same cursive handwrrting, it read:

Hello again Synthia,

I smiled a bit when I saw you trying to beat up my men because I knew you had no chance. I would have had them kill you, but I though it would be more fun to just kidnapp another friend of yours. Let's just say that your friend isn't as good at martial arts as mine are. I left you another present in the car that my men left, have fun.


I ran to the car completely for getting Tony was right there and looked in the window. I saw another box identiaal to the other one. "I have to get that box out, cat's life depends on it." Tony gently pushed me aside and then punched the window and broke it. I reached in carefully and got the box. I opened it and found a boat key with the number 13 and a picture of cat tied to a tree on a tiny island. The water was at her ankles, but it was going to cover her soon. "We need to get to the boat dock fast." I went and got two more bus tokens and hopped on the nearest bus. It dropped us off about a mile from the dock so we ran as fast as we could to the dock. I found boat number thirteen and we both jumped on. I started the boat and drove really fast so we could find the island. It was really far out from the dock, but we made it just in time. I got Tony to drive while I untied her . The water was at her chin which meant I had to dive to untie her. I found the chain's and realized I didn't have a key. I swam back up. "I don't have a key to the chain's." "Just find something sharp." "Oh wait." I took a Bobby pin out of my hair and dove again. I picked the lock and by about this time the water was at her mouth. I quickly pulled the chain's off and pulled her into the boat. I checked to make sure she wasn't dead or injured, she was fine when she woke up. "Where am I?" "Safe now, we had to save you from drowning." "Oh, well thanks, can we go home?" "Yeah, I think so" I went to sit down, but found another note on my chair. It read:


I hope you enjoyed your swim, I love how you were later than I expected and had to dive under water to save her. I decided to give you the night off since its getting late and I need rest, but be up bright and early tomorrow for another game of survivor. Good night, oh and check in your pocket.


I reached into my pocket and found a tiny box which contained a piece of broken glass. I put it back in my pocket and couldn't wait to get home. I still haD no idea who this J. guy was and I wasn't going to be able to sleep until I did.

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