Different (Murder Mystery Solving Team)

A group of advanced crime solving teens, age 12-19, work together to solve mysteries with the FBI. while solving these side mysteries they are trying to figure out who the main character is, she hides her real identity from her team.


5. A New Day

I got everything unpacked and had Merdel order some paint for my room, light grey, and she had me order a comforter, chevron, white and light blue. I got in bed and laid down since  it was time for bed, but I couldn't sleep. Since we lived on a beach, reserved, I decided to go and sit on the shore. I watched the moon reflect on the water. It was about three in the morning by the time I actually decided to  go out. I tried to sleep but had another nightmare about my father. I listened as the peaceful waves crashed against the shore. I felt a hand softly touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw Jay. "Hey, can't sleep?" "Nightmares, though I can't say it's unusual." "I'm sorry, do you want to talk about it, after all, were all supposed to be a team." "It's just an image of my father being shot over and over. The man who killed him threatened to one day come back and kill me too. I doubt he's smart enough to get out, but lately I feel like someone is following me." "So you came out here alone?" "I never said I was afraid." "That's true, but you really should be careful, almost everyone involved in crime is out to get us. I would hate to see someone as pretty as you get hurt." I smiled. "I can handle myself, I just can't think straight lately. It's probably the lack of sleep I've gotten in the past ten years. I've gotten used to it, but as a teen we need more sleep. Anyway, I can't believe I just said all that. I've never talked to anyone about this." "It's ok, I can help. If you want I'll sit by your bed until you fall asleep, it worked for cat." "Cat had the same problem?" "Yep, it's pretty common with people that have had tragic things happen in their lives." "Yeah, I can see that. And thanks, maybe I'll take you up on that offer tomorrow night, for now I'm going to shower and get ready for the day. It is five thirty after all." I smiled and he helped me up. I went and showered and got dressed. The only other person up other than Jay and I was Tony. While I was sitting in the kitchen he came downstairs, looked at me, groaned, and went back upstairs. Jay came down right after he went up. "Does Tony not like me?" "He doesn't like anyone." "He seems to get along with you guys just fine." "Yes but we've known him for a year at least, some of us more." "I guess." "Don't worry, he'll warm up to you. Anyway, I was told by Sierra, since she won't be here today, to give you a schedule. Your supposed to train with cat, she's going to teach you basic self defense. Then Tony is going to work with you on cold cases, cases that were never solved, I get to teach you about DNA sampling and using the tiniest shred of evidence to solve a case. Then Darka is going to take you downstairs and give you theoretical scenarios and have you try and solve them." "That's a lot for one day." "Don't worry, you'll only have each of us for About an hour, it's just to get a taste of each of our skills, normally you will just have one of us for the whole day." "Oh, ok." "So go head down to the gym with cat and get started." "Ok, the gym is in the basement?" "Yes, just be careful because we have a gym and a gym crime scene. The real gym has a door." "Thanks." I went downstairs and it was huge, there were probably twenty different Mock crime scenes, a gymnasium, a lab and a library . It had everything, even a small swimming pool. I walked into the gym and saw cat warming up. "Hi cat." "Hey Syn, ready for some training." "Um I heard you killed someone trying to train with them." "Oh don't worry, I know your not ready to fight me so I won't take it hard on you. We're just learning the basics." "Ok." "Lets start from the very beginning. Do you know how to properly punch someone?" "I punched a kid last year, but my knuckles bled." "Ok, I can teach you how to do it without hurting anything major. Also today we can learn how to box. It's one of my favorite things to do." Cat taught me all she could in the hour she had me. When i walked out I knew how to properly punch, do a spin kick, knock someone out by just pinching their shoulder, and how to train with a punching bag. Then I realized, next was Tony. He made me uncomfortable just because he didn't seem to like me. In fact he acted more like he hated my guts. I walked to the library where all the cold cases were held and he was waiting. Your late." "I'm sorry, I couldn't find the library." "Ok so this library has hundreds of cold cases, dating all the way back to hundreds of years ago. Well start you off easy." He handed me a folder with the date December 5th, 2013. "I want you to read it and try to figure out who did it." "Ok." I read the paragraphs, it was about a man who had been killed by his crazy ex girlfriend. It was a stab wound, multiple in fact, I know it was done by a dagger, they didn't say that in the information, but I knew. I also knew that she was a brunette, one of her hairs was lying next to him. You could barely see it, but it was there. Also I knew she had to have really small hands because there was a blood hand Mark right next to him on the floor from her trying to get up. "How am I supposed to tell you who did it without a list of suspects?" "Turn the page." I turned the page and saw pictures of about ten different women. I studied each one. "None of  them did it, the girl who did it had small hands and was a brunette. She had a dagger and all of these women had knives." "Not bad red, the women who did it was named Lisa Johnson, brunette, used a dagger, blue eyes, and was very small. She was his ex girlfriend, any ideas why she killed him?" "It would have to be big, she looked like a sweet girl and she wouldn't have done anything unless she felt threatened. I think he threatened to kill her new boyfriend. He was so jealous that he actually attempted to kill him and failed. So she killed him knowing her ex wouldn't give up. It was all she could do." "Good answer, I don't know how you knew, but you did. Your not bad, how long have you been crime solving?" "Since I was six. My father was murdered and they couldn't figure out who did it. Then the same day I saw a man in the store and knew it sandals, ever since I've worked in the crime solving business." "Well you did really good for your first cold case, I look forward to having you again next week." He half smiled and then told me to go to my next class. Then I went to Jay in the lab. "Good your here, give me a strand of your hair." "Hugh?" 

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