Different (Murder Mystery Solving Team)

A group of advanced crime solving teens, age 12-19, work together to solve mysteries with the FBI. while solving these side mysteries they are trying to figure out who the main character is, she hides her real identity from her team.


6. A New Day Cont.

I need a strand of your hair to show you how to properly identify someone by their DNA." "Oh, ok..." I pulled a single hair out and handed It to him. He took it and put it under a microscope. "So tell me how you identify evidence." He asked after he turned around. "Well most commonly it's a finger print from a, not so cautious, person. So I would look and first of all look at the weapon or surrounding surface it was on, for example a gun. Then I would see the size of the print, most often if you see the print size you can tell if it's a girl or boy. Women tend to have smaller fingers. Then once I figure out everything I can from that print I let the police take over and look at the dead body for more clues." "Smart, but what if I told you that I could show you how to identify the print by yourself and trace the person by their heat signature." "I'm listening." "Well once you look closely and you know do the finger print scan and figure out who it is. You can then do a heat scan and have the heat pattern from the print match the heat signature of the person. You can follow their heat signature right to the person. For example, say I'm the killer, you scanned the print and knew it was me. You can use my footprints to trace my path with a special camera." "Wow, that sounds really cool." Then Jay showed me how to use the camera and scan fingerprints, then I went to Darka who was right down the hall. "Ok, now that you have the techniques from the other three members, I want to give you some practice. I've created a few mock crime scenes to get you started. I even have a few actors to do the parts. Let's get started. Here is your mock report." She handed me a file. "Ok, let's do this. Think of this as like a crime movie, only I'm not giving you a script, just the report." "Ok." "You ready?" "Oh fair warning, you might have to fight some people, but the weapons aren't real. I know you trained with cat so I'm sure you'll be fine." I smiled and then she left. I read the report and then it started. I saw the body of the "dead" teenage girl, she was sixteen when she was stabbed inside her own house. Which is the scene were in. I knelt down next to the actress and saw the size of the cuts, the knife was small so they made multiple stab wounds. They were made bet a steak knife. You could tell since the cut was so small. I walked around looking for evidence. There was struggle from the girl, there was broken glass and vases everywhere. Then, I saw a small tiny bit of a harboring on the door frame. I knew it was the killer since the victim never made it to the door. I took a sample and used the information from Jay to find out who did it. It was a girl, about the same age as the girl who was killed. I walked out the door, then heard the front door slam. I ran down and saw her silhouette run by the window, it was dark out so you couldn't see facial features. I ran after her trying to imagine how they managed to fit such a large space downstairs in a house. Then the girl suddenly stopped, she turned around and looked at me, the knife still in her hand. She walked closer to me and I knew I was going to have to fight her. "Now it's your turn." She ran towards me now with the knife held above her head ready to stab me. At this point I forgot this was fake. I did a spin kick and knocked her to the ground. She dropped the knife as she fell and couldn't reach it. Then she got back up and I kicked her again. She stayed down this time. "I know why you did it, your boyfriend was cheating on  you with her and you needed her out of the way, oh and I know your name too, Mary Shayfield, you go to Northwood high school and your boyfriends name is Todd, have fun in jail." Then the lights turned back on and my team was clapping. "Nice job, it only took three in a half minutes, that's a record. You guys can go now." Darka said to the actresses. They nodded then waved. "You may be smarter than we took you for." Cat said with a smile. "Well guys, that's lunch." I followed everyone to the kitchen and we had soup. Then I was to do what I wanted. I decided to go surfing, I knew since my dad taught me when I was younger and lived in Florida. I found a massive wave and rode on it then came back to shore. 

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