Different (Murder Mystery Solving Team)

A group of advanced crime solving teens, age 12-19, work together to solve mysteries with the FBI. while solving these side mysteries they are trying to figure out who the main character is, she hides her real identity from her team.


7. A Mysterious Presence

A week later

I couldn't sleep so I decided to go  out to the beach. I found myself there quite often. I sat watching the moon, and listening to the waves hit the shore. Then I heard someone come outside, I figured it was Jay since Tony and I weren't exactly best friends. I turned around and sure enough, there was Tony. "Hey, you know your going to have to sleep eventually, it's this thing we humans do to keep Sane." "I know, but it's not something I ever really thought I needed. I haven't slept in ten years, I think I'll manage one more night." "We all have our stories, and we all have a reason to stay up all night, but you'll find that soon enough, depriving yourself of sleep really isn't worth it. We all learned it, but until than I'll be happy to keep you company." "Thanks, being alone with my thoughts is pretty dangerous." "So what's your story, how did you become a crime solving teenager." "Well, when I was six, my father was murdered on his way home. The next day my mother took me to the grocery store and I discovered the man who killed him. I was only six so I didn't realize what he did, I just knew who he was. Then the police captain looked me up and I started working with him. When I was ten my mother was killed by a relative of someone that my team arrested and since then I lived woth the police captain. I've never slept another night without having nightmares of someone stabbing my mother ten times over, or my father helplessly standing there as someone puts a bullet in his head, so I just don't sleep." "I'm sorry, my father disappeared years ago and I haven't seen him since. I can't tell you how many nights I  would stay up and look through his file over and over again, hoping I would find something and didn't. I would hope and pray sometimes that he was dead, just so I knew where he was." "I understand, that happened to my best friend, the police captains daughter. She disappeared and a couple years later, actually it was last month they found out she was dead. It was then that I realized I could never have anyone, have a family or friends without them being killed or Kidnapped." "That's not true, you have us. You have me." "I always thought you hated me." "Maybe that's because I couldn't stand the thought of another heartbreak walking through that door. I Dated darka once and she tore my heart out and threw it away. She didn't care who she had to step on to get what she wanted." "But she's so nice." "That's what she wants you to think." "I understand, I used to date a guy who only dated me to get to the top in the police squad. He ended up getting fired because the captain didn't like him." "Hey do you see that glowing thing out there?" I looked out and saw something hovering over the water. "What do you think it is?" "I don't know, let's just keep an eye on it." "What if it's deadly?" "Then I'll protect you, you have no idea some of the things I've had to defend people from." "Well it's a good thing I trust you then." "Yeah, I guess so." He grabbed my hand while I was watching the ocean. Then the glowing thing was right in front of us. He pulled me away from it, but it kept getting closer, to me, it didn't seem to care about Tony. Then it turned into a glowing person. "Stop crime solving synthia, or your friends will pay, everyone you hold close will pay. move back home and forget the life you've lived all these years or you'll never have anyone ever again." Then it turned to fire and disappeared. Tony pulled me into a hug and comforted me. "It'll be ok, well figure this out." He whispered into my ear. "But what if it's not, what if I do stay, I won't see you or cat or darka or Jay ever again and God knows what this thing might do to you if he got you. I don't have a choice, I have To go back." I started walking, but he grabbed my hand. "Look, this can't be a ghost." He brought me to the tracks the ghost left. "Go get Jay and tell him to bring his equipment.             

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