Running Into You...Literally

Taylor Roth is not usually one for winter sports. But when her best friend Kaeli drags her on a skiing trip, she can't say that in the end she was disappointed. She literally runs into none other than Calum Hood from 5 Seconds Of Summer. She easily keeps her cool in front of the dreamy boy that she has only seen in posters. But what will happen when Calum falls for her? They live in two different worlds, Calum in the beautiful Australia, and Taylor in the dreaded Ohio. See how things work out in... "Running Into You... Literally."


6. Chapter 6: Skype Date

Tay's POV:

I was sitting on my bed in my room, reading the quotes I had on my wall. Suddenly my laptop went off. Somebody was trying to Skype me.

I sat down in my chair and squinted at the screen. It was Calum. I smiled as I accepted it. His cheeky face popped up on my computer.

"Hi, love!" He exclaimed. "Hi Calum!" I smiled. "Are you wearing your contacts?" He asked. He must have noticed that I was squinting.

"No." I shook my head. "Where are your glasses?" He asked. I pointed towards my nightstand in my room.

He sighed. "Put them on. You can't just go blind. Plus, you look really cute in them."

I smiled as I got up and walk towards my nightstand. I picked up my glasses and put them on.

I sat back down and looked at Calum. He smiled. "Much better. Now you can see my sexy face." He winked, making me roll my eyes.

"Whatever, so how were the first two shows of your guy's Europe leg of the tour?" I asked.

He shrugged. "They were the usual. The fans were amazing, we sang, etcetera..." I nodded.

"I'll be right back, Tay. I gotta go pee." Cal said. I laughed. "Alright, I'll be right here!" I replied.

As soon as Calum was gone, Ashton poppped up from only God knows where.

"TAYLOR!" He shouted,making me scream and fall backwards in my chair.

I hit the groud with a loud thud. "Mother pancake, that hurt!" I squeaked out. "Tay?" Ash asked. "Are you alright?"

I sat up in my chair and scolded him. "You scared the crap out of me!" I yelled.

"Sorry..." He pouted. "I need to talk to you before Calum gets back!" Ashton said, suddenly back to normal. I motioned him on.

"Calum misses you like crazy! He..." I cut him off. "It's only been a week..." I pointed out. He sighed.

"I know, but he misses you so much. You are all he talks about. And he isn't his noraml self at the concerts. You need to come and see him!" He pleaded.

"I don't have any money though. And with second semester starting, I don't know where I'll find the time. I only have this coming up weekend free."

"I already have a ticket waiting for you at the airport. This weekend is as good as any weekend. Please come." My eyes widened.

"You bought me a ticket already?" He nodded. "So, will you come?" He asked. I nodded enthusiatically. "Where will my destination be?" I asked. "Mexico." He started, then suddenly jumping.

"Crap! Calum is coming. Do not tell him about this, ok? This is supposed to be a suprise. I'll see you tomorrow." I nodded, and before I knew it, he dissapeared off to the same place he came from.

Calum came back and sat down. He gave me a strange look. I realized that I was probably smiling like an idiot. "What's up with you?" He asked.

"Oh nothing..." I shrugged. "I am just happy to see you." I covered. He winked at me.

"CALUM!" I heard Luke yell in the background. Cal's eyes widened. "Um, Tay...I gotta go. I'll skype you tomorrow. Ok?" I nodded. "I'm coming Luke! Bye sweetie, I'll talk to you later." He said before ending the call.

As soon as he was gone, I jumped out of my chair and ran to my closet. I pulled out my duffle bag and threw it on my bed. I gathered a bunch of clothes, and the usual girl necessities.

I zipped up my bag and put it by my bedroom door. I flopped down on my bed and closed my eyes.

Just as I was about to drift asleep, my phone buzzed. Calum texted me.

CAL: 'Sorry I had to end our call so early, sweets. Luke wanted to show me a picture of a baby penguin -_- I miss you bunches. I wish we could see each other soon ;( I love yew! <3 Sleep tight.'

ME: 'Haha! It's fine babe. Baby penguins are very important! I miss you too, and I'm sure we will see eachother sooner than you can imagine! I love you too! Nighty night :) xx'

I put my phone on my nightstand, took my glasses off, and then fell asleep.


I had the same dream that I had a week ago. You know, where I found Calum cheating on me? Yeah, I have been having that dream every single night since that first time.

I woke up sitting straight up, sweating. It took me a minute to convince myself that it was just a dream.

I got out of bed and got myself ready. I grabbed my glasses, my phone and laptop, and my duffle bag. I bounded down the stairs, feeling extra happy.

"Mom, dad, I'm spending the weekend with Kaeli. I'll be home sometime on Sunday." I told my parents, hoping that they would believe me. I had already talked to Kaeli about it, so if they call her, she'll cover for me.

My mom smiled. "Ok honey, have fun!" She said happily. My father just smiled and nodded. I let out a small sigh of relief.

I walked out the front door and immedietly felt the cold air hit my face. I got into my car and drove off to the airport. I gathered all of my stuff and walked inside. I went to the front desk, where sure enough, there was a ticket waiting for me.

The plane was schedualed to take off at 12:00 p.m., which was in 5 minutes. The plane was already boarding.

I quickly found the correct gate number, and I got on the plane. I sat down and pulled out my laptop. I plugged my headphones in just in time for a Skype call from Calum.

Stupidly, I answered. "Happy Friday!" He said immedietly. I smiled. "Happy Friday!" I replied.

He looked behind me and gave me a strange look. "Uh..are you on an airplane?" He asked.

Oh crap. Think of something.... Bingo!

"Oh, yeah. I am on my way to California to check out a college." I said. "I thought you were doing homeschooling college?" He asked, confused. Crap. "I was thinking about it, I just wanted to check this college out."

He nodded, his brain slowly processing what I was saying. "Listen Cal, we are about to take off. I'll text you when we land, ok?" I said, just wanting to get away from the conversation.

"Ok Tay. Have a safe flight. Bye!" I waved goodbye, and then ended the call.

I took my headphones out. The lady sitting behind me tapped my shoulder. "Um, sweetie? This plane is going to Mexico, not California." She said, worried for me.

I nodded. "I know, I'm suprising my boyfriend. He is in Mexico with his band."

She smiled. "Awe, how sweet. I hope he will be suprised." She said before sitting back down.

I laid my head back on my seat. I'm sure he will be... hopefully.

A/N: I hope you liked this chapter! The past two days for me were extremely busy, but incredibly fun. Won't ever forget my experience! I'll update again soon. -Tay xx

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