Running Into You...Literally

Taylor Roth is not usually one for winter sports. But when her best friend Kaeli drags her on a skiing trip, she can't say that in the end she was disappointed. She literally runs into none other than Calum Hood from 5 Seconds Of Summer. She easily keeps her cool in front of the dreamy boy that she has only seen in posters. But what will happen when Calum falls for her? They live in two different worlds, Calum in the beautiful Australia, and Taylor in the dreaded Ohio. See how things work out in... "Running Into You... Literally."


3. Chapter 3: Heart Breaker

Taylor's POV:

"Calum, you are such an idiot!" Luke said. I was lying in bed, pretending to be asleep, listening to their conversation.

"I know, Luke, but I didn't do anything bad. She ran into me and sprained her wrist. So I decided to help her out..." Calum said, trying to defend himself.

"Yeah, you helped her alright. But why did you kiss her?" Michael asked. "I don't know..." Calum replied. "Cal..." Ashton started. "You've probably gotten this girl thinking that you've fallen in love. You go and kiss her, and BOOM! She's in love with you. Calum we are leaving tomorrow for Ohio. You're only going to break her heart..." I pursed my lips.

"But, she lives in Ohio..." Calum tried. "Oh, so you get to spend a couple of extra days with her?" Luke asked. "Yeah, but Ohio is our last stop for our tour..." Calum said, I got a little bit excited. "Cal, you got it wrong. It's our last stop in the USA. Then we are moving on to Europe." Mikey said. My heart sank.

"What about after that? We will have the entire summer then!" Calum said. "Ok, what about when we go on tour again starting the March after summer?" Ashton asked. "I don't know, that's still more than a year away though. I will work it out. Please just let me give it a chance. At least we can start out as friends, until summer. Then we will see what happens?"

Calum really wanted to try with me. It was so cute. I loved the idea of just starting out as friends. "Ok, but if you end up breaking her heart, it's just going to break yours too. I hope you know that..." Luke said. "Thank you guys, so much! Don't worry, I will work it out!" He said, excitedly. They ended the conversation, just going off and doing their own thing.

I waited for about 10 minutes before officially 'waking up.' I opened my eyes and rolled over onto my back. I looked around the room at the boys. They all had innocent smiles on their faces. "Good morning love, how is your wrist?" Calum asked.

I moved it around, flinching a bit. "Erm, it still hurts..." I said quietly. Cal pursed his lips. "Sorry, oh! I almost forgot. This is Luke, Michael, and Ashton." He said, introducing me to the boys. I smiled at all of them.

"It's nice to meet all of you. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I am starving." Everybody else was hungry too, so we all walked down to the lodge to get breakfast.

We sat down in a booth and just started talking about random crap. After about 5 minutes I heard someone calling my name. "Taylor?! Oh my god I have been looking for you everyw... Is that 5sos?" Kaeli asked while walking up to us.

I laughed. "Uh, yeah it actually is." I replied. "Oh, anyways I've been looking for you everywhere! You had me worried!" She exclaimed. "Well, I'm fine." I reassured her.

"Ok, do you want to go skiing with Chris and I?" She asked. I shook my head. "No, I hurt my wrist yesterday. I think I'll just stick with the boys." I replied, while smiling. "Ok, remember we are leaving tomorrow morning!" I nodded my head. "I know, don't worry." She nodded her head while walking away.

The waiter came over to our table as soon as Kaeli left. "Hi! What can I get for you today?" The guy asked us. Calum looked at him. "Well we are going to share the unlimited pancakes. I'll take a chocolate milk. And everybody else can get their drink of choice." He said cheerfully, the waiter writing everything down. "I'll take an orange juice please." I said. All of the other boys ordered their drinks, and the waiter walked away.

About 20 minutes later we were finally eating. I grabbed about 4 pancakes and put them on my plate.

After eating what felt like 57 pancakes, I was finally done. I went to go take a sip of my orange juice and I realized that it was gone.

"Awe, I'm out of orange juice..." I said sadly. "You can have some of my chocolate milk." Calum offered.

I shook my head. "Thank you Calum, but I can't have milk. I'm lactose intolerant." I said. "Oh, I'm sorry." He pushed the milk away from him. "Calum would give milk up just for her!" Luke whispered to Ashton. Calum blushed, which made me laugh.

After we were done eating, we all went down to the arcade where we spent the rest of the day.


The next morning we were on our way back to Ohio. Once we got there, I would meet Calum at the local mall, and we would just hang out.

"Ready for your date with Calum?" Kaeli asked me. "It's not a date! We are just going as friends." I said.

"Hmm, ok. What's going on between you two anyways?" She asked. "Nothing. Nothing is going to happen between us for a while. He's going off to Europe in a couple of days. Then he is coming back at the beginning of summer." She smiled at me.

"What's going to happen then?" I sighed. "What is this, 20 questions? I don't know what will happen. We may just stay friends, or..." She cut me off. "OR YOU TWO COULD DATE!" She shouted. "OH MY.... HYPERVENTILATION MODE ACTIVATED! You would be dating a celebrity then!" She screamed.

"Kaeli! Calm down! I'm not into him because he's famous. I like him for who he is." I said. "I know, but still!"

I just rolled my eyes, staying quiet for the rest of the car ride back to Ohio.

When I was dropped off at my house, I ran inside to put my stuff down. I threw my stuff on the couch.

"Hi mom! Hi dad! Bye mom! Bye dad!" I shouted. "Woah, wait, where are you going?" My mom asked. "I'm going to the mall with some friends." I replied. "So my daughter finally gets home, then she is leaving?" My dad asked.

I pouted. "Come on, please?" I begged. My mom waved me on. "Oh, go on. Have fun!" She said. I screeched. "Yay! Thank you!" I ran out of the house and jumped into my car. I put in reverse, then I proceeded to drive to the mall.

Once I got there, I ran inside towards the fountain. That's where we agreed to meet. When I reached the fountain, instead of Calum, I was greeted by Michael.

"Hi Tay!" He shouted excitedly. Michael and I instantly became friends when we learned that we both loved video games. "Hi Mikey! Where is Calum?" I asked.

"He's on the roof, he wanted you to meet him up there." I raised an eyebrow. "This mall has a roof? Well, I mean it obviously does, but you can go on it?"

Michael laughed. "Yeah. Just get on that elevator over there. And there is a button for the roof." He said, giving me instructions. I nodded. "Ok, thanks Michael! Text me later, ok?" He nodded. "Will do! Have fun!" He winked while I ran to the elevator.

I got in it and pressed the button that said 'ROOF'. It took about 30 seconds for it to finally reach the roof.

I got out of the elevator and spotted Calum. I walked up to him. "Hey Cal!" He turned around. I noticed a single red rose in his hand. He waved to me.

"Hi Taylor. Uh... I got this rose for you..." He handed it to me. "What for?" I asked. "Because I need to tell you something." I motioned him on.

He grabbed my hand, sending chills up my back. "Listen, I know we just met. But I see something in you. Your sweet, funny, beautiful, amazing eyes, gorgeous hair, the list goes on." I blushed crimson red.

"I really hope that we stay friends. Maybe even more than that someday. But for now, I want us to stay friends. Because we won't be able to see each other. It will just be hard for the both of us if we started dating, then I left. It will be easier for us if we are just friends for now."

I was speechless. He just poured his heart out to me. "Please say something?" He pleaded.

I pulled him into a tight hug. "I love the sound of that Calum." I said, burying my head into his neck. "You do?" He asked. I nodded. "But I think it will still be hard..." I started. He pulled back. "Why's that?"

"Because I'll know that my future boyfriend will be out there in the world. Probably forgetting about me, meeting new girls..." He gave me a 'seriously?' Look. "I would never forget about you. And trust me, I'll save myself for you." He said, I saw the seriousness in his eyes. "You will?" He nodded. I hugged him again.

"When do you guys leave anyways?" He sighed, his voice cracking.


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