The Bad Kids

"Melissa Mire please come to the office." Well...shit what did I do this time.


1. o n e

Hey guys newest book I know I published one last night but hey why not.


"Melissa Mire please come to the office." Well...shit what did I do this time. I'm not emo I'm just punk rock. I mean yeah I color my hair all the time. I have multiple ear piercings on both sides, a nose ring, lip ring, and belly button piercing. I like punk rock bands like sleeping with sirens, greenday, and pierce the veil. But I am NOT emo.

I hear multiple "oohs" and "what did she do this time" coming from the class. I try to keep it together until Slutty Sofia spoke up,"well miss emo what have you done this time?" "Oh I could ask the same. Who has been down your pants this time?" "Ah! Just shut up!"she shouted. I left the room laughing.

May I help you is the first thing I'm going to hear. Well no shit I wouldn't be coming to the office if I didn't need help. "May I help you?" "No thank you I know where I'm going,"I said sounding innocent.

I walked into Mr. Duy's office. It's pronounced die if you were wondering. I wish Mr. Duy could die. In a fire. Underwater. With no air to breath. What the hell? Stupid inner self. "Ah! Miss. Mire. Your here now let's get to business." Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! I'm getting detention! Fuuuck! Fuck this goddamn bullshit I'm outta here. Shut up! Make me! Fuck I'm crazy. I'm talking to myself inside my head.

"Ok so why am I here?"I asked. He laughs,"you mean you don't know why?" I gave him a serious look. "Oh you really don't." "Um...I might have an idea." "Ok well what's your idea." "detention?" "Do you know why?" "Nope,"I said popping the p. "Ok one: you've started multiple fights in the halls, two: multiple food fights, three: someone reported you smoking pot, four: someone reported you selling pot, five: you flipped a teacher off and cursed at them, six: you have vandalized school property, seven: you have broken into school and have ditched classes, and finally you are disrespectful and a bad influence to the freshmen,"he finished. "So?"I asked "so I give you this,"he said handing me a piece of paper and on it said:


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