balloons ⇒ short story

a letter about a brother bringing a balloon to his sister.

• © r e m e c a n • 2 0 1 5 •


1. || b a l l o o n s ||

Dear Emilia,

Hello dear sister, I came back, haven't I?

I remembered the day I left, you wanted me to bring you a yellow balloon. You said 'Yellow is the color of the sun, the sun brings sunshine, sunshine means happiness; yellow means happy'.

I never knew a six-year-old would think like that.

I have done things that I regret.

I have given sadness.

Sadness to mothers.

To fathers.

To brothers, sisters.

Aunts, and uncles.

I have taken away their sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews.

Some, as young as you.

Whenever I saw them, I gave them a balloon.

Their balloons lifted them up from the air, into heaven.

How did I come back? Did they bring me to you?

Or have they not found me, yet?

How's mother? Is she okay?

How's dad? Is he in his grave?

Will I be next to dad when I come back?


I will be next to dad when I come back.

With this letter, there is a yellow balloon.

You can blow it up yourself, I taught you.

When I come back, blow the balloon, tie it with a rock, and leave it where I rest.

Love, your brother.

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