Lost (book #1)

Book #1-Lost
Book #2-Found
Book #3- Lost & Found

Book #1-
a young-adult she-fox who has lost her senses in a accident and has no fox senses.
she cant sense which people are werewolves(or anything were) and humans and cant smell, see or hear them and rogues.
she lives with her mum and has no mate.
or so she thought.


1. Leo the soon-to-be-Alpha Rogue

The name's Melanie Bailey. I get called Minnie for short. I have brunette hair, blue eyes and im 19, going on 20, years old. I live with my mum Sandy and my dog Bruno. i did have a brother but he died 2 years ago in the car accident i was also involved in. Ben, my dad, was driving and because he hated me, because i am a girl and a girl cannot be an Alpha, also because i am a fox not wolf, he tried to kill me by making the car swivel my side into the tree. His plan backfired when the tree came down on his and John's side. John and Ben both died but somehow i managed to survive, but loosing my werefox senses instead. i cant hear like a fox, smell like a fox, sense movement or danger like a fox and i can't even connect with my fox. i feel useless and weak. i am to be Alpha when i find my mate. i was supposed to on my 18th birthday but i didn't find him. i feel like someone will have to take my Alpha place if my senses don't improve or come back or if i don't find my mate.

Right now my uncle Felix is Alpha due to him being Ben's brother. If i don't take the Alpha's place Dex, Felix's son, will take it and i have a feeling that's what will happen. And if it does i will be happy and support him. I know he will make a great leader. right now Dex is just the beta but he is doing a great job. He is like a brother to me, only he's my cousin.

"Minnie, Bruno wants to go for a walk! can you please take him? im have work to do!!" Mum yelled from down stairs. "Ok mum!" i yelled back and went downstairs to see Bruno holding his leash in his mouth, sitting in front of the door wagging his fluffy tail. I laughed and latched his leash onto his collar and opened the front door. he jumped up and down and we ran out the door, me shutting the door behind us.


1 hour into the walk and my legs were sore and Bruno was puffed. we had walked around our neighbour hood, jogged around the lake and run up and down the street where the shops are.

i stopped to catch my breath when Bruno started acting funny and started barking. i looked around but couyldn't see anything. i sighed when i remember i didn't have my fox senses. i can shift into my fox but i cannot connect with her.

i felt something or someone touch my shoulder and i tuned around about to scream when a hand went over my mouth.

i looked at the mystery person and sighed in relief. Carter. My gay best friend.

"haven't i told you not sneak up on me?!" i growled at him. he laughed. "i know I'm sorry. love ya". he winked and stole Bruno's leash out of my hand. Bruno barked and jumped excitedly and ran all the way back to my place.

"you stayin' for dinner?" i asked him. he nodded and opened the front door, taking Bruno's leash off and hanging it up.

we walked into the kitchen and as we did, Carter stiffened. i looked over at him to see him staring at something outside. i looked but saw nothing. suddenly something came running out of the trees. a rogue. i growled.

by the time it reached us we were standing at the back door. it bowed its head and turned around and shifted, putting a pair of basketball shorts. i gasped. "L-Leo?"He smiled and walked forward. Carter, being the protective prick he is, stepped in front of me and growled at Leo. i push Carter out of the way and growled at him. he bowed his head and stood behind me. "Leo what are you doing here? shouldn't you be with Gwen since your a soon to be Alpha?" he shrugged his shoulders. "Gwen and I are fighting so i needed to get away from there. How are your fox sense and fox?" he asked in a sad tone. "they're not improving at all." i sighed. he nodded and pulled me into a hug. Carter growled loudly and stepped forward. "Carter stop! he is my friend!" i growled at him and dragged Leo by the hand inside the house. "so you wanna stay for dinner? i think mum went back to the office for a few hours." i asked grabbing 3 cans of coke out of the fridge. "I'd love to and could i be a pain in your furry ass and steal your couch for the night?" i laughed and nodded, handing him the drink and sat in the middle of him and a tense looking Carter.

Suddenly, a question popped into my head. "How are you and rogue but a soon to be Alpha?" i asked Carter. "I'm a rogue until Gwen and I are mated, then i become Alpha od Sunnyside Pack. make sense?" he explained. "but how are you to be an Alpha?" i asked. "Dad was an Alpha. i left the pack when Eddie(older brother) became Alpha. He is kinda lagging nowadays so as soon as Gwen and I are fully mated we take over." i nodded and drank the rest of my coke.


At 7 i made us Risotto for dinner and mum had put a large bowl of German Chocolate putting in the fridge, along with a carton of custard. when we finished we watched some tv then went to bed. great. school tomorrow.

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