Shut your mouth

Hey, I'm Lee and I am in highschool and... In highschool no one, I mean no one keeps their mouth shut.


2. You're Highschool is great, ain't it?

I'll get to the point. 

Lee's P.O.V 

The lunchtime bell rang. It was loud... and continuous. Was it even a lunchtime bell. Everyone started to make their way outside onto the quad. That means I should follow, so I did, behind Michael. Then the bell stopped. "What was that Michael?" I asked confused. "That bell is the lunchtime bell, it's has always been like that since Calum and his girlfriend had sex in the room it's been put in". Michael tried not to laugh. "Really Michael, and anyway Who is Calum?"

"Oh he is the guy that looks like an asian, but he is not an asian". "Okay then, I'm confused". I piped. "Oh he's half kiwi and half scottish". Michael continued. "That must explain why he did his girlfriend in a random room". I chuckled. "You've got a cute giggle, please laugh again". Michael asked kindly. 

"Why would I want to laugh for you?" I said back to him. Then Michael found his mates so we sat with them. "Hey". The other three of them said in unison. "Hi". 

"This is Calum, Luke and Ashton". Michael pointed to each of them. "Cool, nice names". I grinned slightly."And that over there is Ally". Michael smiled at her. She smiled back. She seemed very musical, sporty and tough. I went and sat next to Ally. 

"Are you new here?" She asked cockily. "Yeah, I wish I wasn't but I am". I stared at the ground. "Well, I'm Ally. I am in a band, I play soccer, I'm the best female soccer player at this school and I am a writing too". Ally shared with me. "I'm Lee, and I like music, I play the bass guitar, guitar, drums, piano and flute". I shared with Ally. 

"What's you're favourite band?" I asked kindly to all of them. "Mine is Blink 182 or Green Day". Luke said. "I like All Time Low". Calum shared. "I like Paramore". Ashton grinned, and he is still grinning. Now it's turned into a smile. "I like every band that you like Lee". Michael scratched his head. 

Luke brought out his comb, and started combing his quiff. "Please don't tell me there is a vain one in this group of friends". I thought in my head. Then Ally shared her favourite bands. "I like every band in the world, apart from fifth Harmony". Ally smirked at Michael. Michael winked at her. 

"Okay, who are you dating Ally?" I smirked myself. "Oh, I'm dating Michael". Ally smirked back at him. "Okay then". I sighed. 

"Hey Lee?" 


"Do you want to be the bassist in my band?" Ally asked kindly. "Sure, I would love to!" I screamed. Ally clapped with joy. Michael and the others just stared at us with blank looks on their faces. "Okay then, you two weirdos seem to be a lot happier now". Luke said blankly. I just shrugged it off. 

"So, do you want to play a game of soccer?" I suggested. Everyone started cheering. "That has been the best idea of the day so far Lee!" Michael shouted. We all ran over to the field, Calum was dribbling the ball as we ran happily. 

Then we split into teams. "Lee, you decide the teams". Calum protested. "Okay then". And I started splitting everybody into teams of two. "Ashton, Luke and Michael on one team and Ally, Calum and me on the other team. Do you like the sound of that?" I said, grinning.  They all nodded apart from Calum. 

"Why do I have to be stuck with the pathetic girls, Ally sucks at soccer". Calum turned away. "Fine, Michael and Calum can swap. Since Calum is selfish". I sighed. Michael skipped over to our side of the field and Calum skipped over to the other. 

I dropped the ball in the middle, and we all got in our positions. Ally was on goal, and I was on defense. Luke was on goal, Calum on defense, and Ashton and Michael were the attackers. 

"Let's start this game". Luke called out to the rest of us. And then we started to play soccer. 

At first Michael had the ball and he was showing off with his epic dribbling skills but, Ashton got the ball and it was coming for me and Ally. I ran up to Ashton to steal the ball but instead of stealing the ball I foot tripped him. Luke was laughing at his goal. So I made a run for it. 

I passed to Michael and he passed to me. Then I tried to score. The ball flew for Luke, Luke tried to reached out and grab the ball but, the ball went straight into the goal like it was attracted to the net. Luke didn't look very happy that the new girl bet his team in soccer. 

"Yes!" I jumped into the air. "Nice game Lee". Calum came and shook me hand. "Nice game to you too, and I thought you were going to kick the ball and it would fly straight into my face!" I said to Calum. 

Then the bell rang for the afternoon. I ran with Michael to music class, as I got in the door everybody was staring at me with angry looks on their faces. I sat at the back of the class next to Michael and they all turned around in their seats, and stared. "What?" I growled. 

They all turned back around to face the front of the classroom. I sighed. "What's up with them?" Michael whispered to me. I shrugged. "No idea". I replied. 

Then the music teacher came into the classroom with a big smile on her face. And then when she saw me she stopped smiling. "There is nothing wrong with my FACE!!!!" I thought. Michael looked at me, confused. I shrugged again. 

Time went on in the afternoon classes. Music, Japanese, art, P.E and design. And every class I went into everybody had the same angry looks on their faces. I had no idea why but it must mean something. I just kept casual as usual. I sat back on my seat with my feet on my desk when the teacher wasn't looking. And over and over again everybody stared straight at me. 

Then the bell rang for after school. I sprinted for the door but, someone stopped me. They were skinny, wore waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much pink and had the most hideous face I've ever seen. 

"What do you think you're doing". They snapped with their girly but, aggressive voice. I stared deep into her eyes, then her sole then back at her ugly face. 

"Who the fluck are you?" I asked smirking. This random girl was shorter than me but, she definitely made up for that. "Well I am one other than the most popular girl in school". She said happily. "No, I don't care who you are at this school but can you move you're fat ass!" I snapped back at her. 

"Hey, I have a good size butt, and no one can say it's fat. Not even you!" This random hideous chick said crossing her arms. I maybe the new girl here but, I am not afraid to pick a fight. 

"Just move!" I argued. She still didn't move. So I pushed her to the ground, she fell like a pretty, ugly ballerina. I ran for my locker at the end of the hall, opened it up then I sprinted home... 

This was another chapter of Shut your mouth, Hope ya'll enjoyed. 


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