Shut your mouth

Hey, I'm Lee and I am in highschool and... In highschool no one, I mean no one keeps their mouth shut.


4. What happened to you?

Hey again! Here is another chapter of  Shut  your  mouth, I'm sorry how  the  last chapter  was  wrong  at the end but, that is  how it ended up being. 

Lee's P.O.V 

I woke up with  a  weird feeling, I have no idea what it meant but it was really strange. I stared up at my blank roof. It was still dark outside, so I got up before anybody else. I searched for some clothes, I found my green day shirt and another pair of skinny jeans. I chucked  them on. I found my bag and stuffed it with all my stuff I need for today, which was writing stuff, my phone, headphones, hair ties, Homework and blah blah blah. 

I rustled around for other stuff like, random albums, food (Wait, what?) and random stuff. I then stuffed most of it into my bag. I ran downstairs for some breakfast, and I mean I sprinted downstairs and falling over at the bottom of the stairs in that time frame. "Damn it". I moaned. I got up off the floor rubbing my elbow. I picked up my heavy bag off the cold floor and put it onto the bar stool next to me. 

I went into our really 'posh' kitchen and straight away I opened up one of the top cupboards, I didn't realise that Mom had already done the shopping for food this week. I saw more food than ever!!! I saw pancake mixture sitting there at the back of the cupboard, Mom knows she can't hide anything from me. I snatched the mixture and dropped it onto the marble bench, I opened up the fridge, there was so much milk. Well, I do drink about half a litre a day so we needed it. 

I grabbed the first bottle of milk I saw and put it next to the pancake mixture. Then I went into one of the bottom cupboards under the marble bench, I searched around under there for a good 10 minutes. I couldn't find a pan but I did find... A Waffle maker. 

"Change of plan, pancakes". I whispered to myself. I lifted up the waffle maker up onto the bench next to the milk. Then I collected the eggs and that was all I needed. I plugged in the waffle maker first. I didn't turn on the maker, who would be dumb enough to do that? Well... Me! 

I started mixing the 'waffle' mixture in a bowl with the milk and eggs. And soon enough there were uncooked waffles right in front of me. I stared at the bowl for a few seconds. Then my head turned towards the clock. It read... 6:08 

Wait, so I woke up really early today. I shrugged off the news of it being really early still and started making the first waffle for my breakfast collection this morning. 

*1 hour later* 

"Where the hell is the golden syrup in this house!" I complained. I gave up on finding golden syrup so I just took 5 waffles and sat on a stool waiting for everybody else to wake up. I stared out the window for a bit. I saw someone that looked like Ashton, skipping down the street. "Uh, that's nice". I smirked to myself. I decided to go and knock on the window to him. 

I ran over to the front window beside the on of the front doors. And I knocked on it. At first he stopped and stared around on the other side of the street. Ashton is so THICK!!!!!!!!!!! I knocked again, almost breaking the window. He FINALLY noticed me and waved. Is that all? A stupid wave. So I went back to eating my plain waffles. 

Then I finished my waffles quickly after I saw Ashton, skipping along the street. I am scarred for life (again by Ashton). Then I heard yelling, screaming and swearing coming form the front lawn. At first I ignored those weird noises. But then they got louder, so I went and investigated it. I opened to front door slowly, like there was a psycho out there with an axe. I looked over at our bin, there was random legs wriggling around out the top of it. I started laughing, then I walked over to what I think is Ashton. 

I pushed the bin over so he could get out. "Thanks Lee". Ashton lay on the grass staring up at me. "So, how did you get in my bin?" Ashton kept staring at me blankly. "Oh, how did I get into you're bin, well long story. I was skipping along the street, and I saw you waving at me through you're window. Then when you left to go eat you're breakfast that was when I didn't see you're bin and I ran straight into it, and here I am". After he said that he went back to staring at me. 

"I have also got another question?" I said. Ashton nodded. "Why are you staring at me? And where on me are you staring?" I raised an eyebrow at Ashton. "Uh... No where, you think I'm staring at you? I was staring at a random person over there called Bob". Ashton lied. "Ashton, you're such a pervert!" I punched his arm. 

"OW!" Ashton yelped. "So do you want to walk together to school today?" Ashton asked holding his arm in pain. "Uh, sure. I'll go grab my bag". So that was what I did. I walked back inside to grab my back pack, while I only looking for my back pack I heard Mom's voice. "What do you think you're doing?" She said. I spun around to face her. She was holding my back pack in one hand. "Walking to school, how else am I going to get there?" I said back to her. "Since you got detention you can't walk to school any more!" Mom crossed her arms. "What! So I can't go to school! Unbelievable!" I yelled at her. 

"No, you're coming with me!" Mom said calmly. And she walked off into the garage. I sighed and kicked the floor angrily. "Damn it!" I shouted. Then the car horn beeped and then Mom brought the car out of the garage. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I have to tell Ashton I can't. I went outside and walked up to Ashton. "Where's your bag, Lee?" he asked puzzled. 

"I can't come because my stupid Mom said so". I sighed and crossed me arms. "Well, then I'll see you at school". And he walked off. I walked off to Mom's car and jumped into the back seat. Mom hates people jumping and shaking the car when they get in. "How many times have I told you, don't jump into the car!" Mom growled. I put my seat belt on making it click. Mom says seat belts don't click unless you make them but, that's how you tell they're belted up right. Mom is so stupid. 

"Lee, I know you're not happy about coming with me to school today but, you don't need to be angry about it". Mom sighed. Then she started up the car and drove off down the street to my school. 

"So who was that boy, is he a friend?" Mom started asking private questions. "No, he's an ass". I mumbled. "Okay, so if you hate him why were you talking to him?" She winked at me through her mirror. "None of you're fucking business". I mumbled again. 

"Young lady what have I told you about swearing!" Mom glared at me through her mirror this time. Then Mom pulled up outside of my 'new' school. She pulled down the window. "Remember you've got detention today, so go there after school". And Mom drove off. I pulled the finger at her as she went down the road, and she pulled it back at me. We both laughed. 

Then I turned around to see someone staring at me holding a note. It was Michael. "Hey Michael, what's up?" "The sky". He answered. "Michael, never say that again, it's getting old!" 

"Okay, I was wondering if you will join the music club with Ally and the rest of us. It will be great practice for you since you're now in a band". Michael handed me the form. It said. 

Music Club- For everyone who wants to learn an instrument or is already musical 

On: Thursdays and Fridays during lunchtime 

We also have many bands in this club so you're free to create one with you're mates 

"Cool, I'm in". I handed him the note back. "Lee, you have to sign up at the bottom". Michael pointed to where you have to sign up, then he handed me a pen. I snatched the pen and wrote my name in big, Bold letters. It took up at least three spaces. Then Michael took the note back. 

"Thanks Lee see you at Lunchtime". And Michael walked off. 

That was another weird chapter of Shut your mouth. I hope you enjoyed it. 

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